Imagine going on a supply run with the boys
  • Dean: What else do we need? *pushes the shopping cart*
  • Sam: Vegetables, cheese, and some bacon.
  • Dean: Okay, I'll go grab your rabbit food *goes away with the shopping cart*
  • Sam: *Rolls his eyes to the back of his head* When will you stop this joke?
  • Dean: *Returns with Sam's rabbit food and tons of cheese and bacon and five pies inside the shopping cart* Never *Grins*
  • Reader: Too many pies, don't ya think?
  • Dean: Love me some pie *Winks*
  • Crowley: *Returns with two bottles of Scotch* Hum, they don't have Craig. *Places them in the cart*
  • Balthazar: That will be fine *sighs*
  • Gabriel: *Returns with arms full of candy and places them inside the cart* Sweets. *eyebrow wiggling*
  • Jack: *Returns with hands full of nougat* Some nougat too.*Throws the nougat inside the cart*
  • Chuck: *Returns with a bottle of maple syrup* What else?
  • Cas: *Returns with a pillow* I like to sleep, I need to sleep.
  • Reader: *Takes a look at the list* Toilet paper *Starts walking*
  • Cas: Urination. I understand that.
  • Chuck: *Quickly follows the reader* Hoard the toilet paper, you understand me? Hoard it. Hoard it like it's made of gold. Cause it is.
  • Cas: *Picks a roll looking at everyone*
  • Reader: *Picks a pack* What I've done so wrong, apart from letting them join me? *sighs*

50 Roommates/Apartment AU Prompts

Because cohabitation can be wild and quite the unexpected adventure

  • “Don’t start that shit with me.”
  • “You’re shitting with me, right?”
  • “Buying nothing but canned soup doesn’t count as grocery shopping!”
  • “What the hell are you listening to!?”
  • “What the hell are you watching!?”
  • “You went shopping…without me?”
  • “Cool find, would’ve been nice if you told me about the garage sale.”
  • “So I saw your Netflix profile and I have to ask, are you okay?”
  • “Look, I’m all for this DYI stuff but there’s a limit.”
  • “Last I checked, pranks are meant to be funny, not scare the living shit out of people.”
  • “Excuse you! Language! There are children here.”
  • “You’re in a cult, call your dad.”
  • “Sure, let’s tamper with supernatural forces. What could possibly go wrong?”
  • “That doll is terrifying, do us all a favour and put it in a box somewhere, wrapped in chains with a padlock. In the woods.”
  • “I get it, you’re obsessed but this is getting out of hand.”
  • “Alright, spill it.”
  • “Alright, what did your inept coworker do this time?” 
  • “Alright, what did your rude ass coworker do this time?”
  • “So besides coffee, what else did you consume today?”
  • “Did you forget to eat again?”
  • “A nap, that’s what you need. A goddamn nap.”
  • “What did I say about watching scary movies at night?”
  • “What time did you even go to bed?”
  • “Have you slept like at all?”
  • “Do we even have toilet paper?”
  • “I know you’re hoarding toilet paper, we’re not savages!”
  • “I’ve got a nasty hangover and you drank the last Gatorade, I’m only sparing your life so you can go buy a pack.”
  • “Are you eating my chocolate/candy?”
  • “Those are my chips!”
  • “I made too much of this, so we’re set for the week.”
  • “No sweat, I packed your lunch already.”
  • “I took pity on your plain baloney sandwich and made you a home-cooked meal.”
  • “When you said you were doing laundry, I wasn’t expecting this.”
  • “Did you lock yourself out again?”
  • “That’s it, I’m enforcing a pants policy. Shorts are okay but no short-shorts.”
  • “Dude, stop feeding the squirrels.”
  • “Why are there squirrels in the apartment!?”
  • “I got to work late because the squirrels recognized me and harassed me for nuts. I didn’t ask for the life of a Disney princess so please stop feeding the squirrels!”
  • “Why are you cleaning the place at this hour!?”
  • “What do you mean you borrowed?? You took it without asking!”
  • “So…you planning on living through boxes or are you going to actually sort through this mess?”
  • “I get it, you’re a night owl but can you take this to your room? I’m trying to sleep.”
  • “I’m this close to giving our upstairs neighbours a piece of my mind.”
  • “Merry Christmas! I bought you some towels.”
  • “Dude, since I left this morning, have you moved like at all?” 
  • “This cheese is definitely expired. No, I’m not smelling it.”
  • “Dude, did you pay the heating/electric/internet bill?”
  • “I’d ask how your date went but I heard everything, so…”
  • “And you were going to tell me about this party that’s going on in our apartment when??”
  • “Since when did we have a cat/dog/other animal?”

Whosoever fills any of these prompts, kindly tag it as #battyprompts so that I can see them. I’m curious to see your creations <3

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Endverse always makes me emotional...

I think that was a big Destiel episode, mainly because it showed that even 5 years in the future, after all hope is lost, Castiel still stays behind Dean, and he will until the day he dies

Don’t forgive. Don’t forget.

I sometimes wonder if people remember what it was like before, back when we didn’t have to stand in line for hours to get a sanctioned amount of milk. Back when going outside past five didn’t mean getting robbed. Back when the sight of somebody in military uniform didn’t make me want to hide. Back when we could go to sleep safe in the certainty of our own homes. 

I remember. I remember and I’m not that old. 

I was six and my parents had just bought me a new bike. Dad took me outside our house, in a tiny speckle of a city called Maturin, and I rode the skin off my training wheels until 11pm. Things were ok.

I was seven and going in for eye surgery. I wasn’t too scared. I trusted my doctor. I trusted that she had the resources needed for this operation. I trusted the system. Things were ok. 

I was eight and my mom took me around the commercial center of Caracas. My little pink purse dangled from shoulder and fell. A stranger picked it up and called after us to give it back. Things were ok.

I was ten and things had changed.

I was eleven, twelve, thirteen and the earth spun slowly and the world shifted and things were still changing, but everything was quiet.

I was fourteen and robbers tried to get into our house three times on the same night. We called the police. They didn’t find anything. The robbers tried again.

I was eighteen and people were making jokes about hoarding toilet paper, because they heard it was becoming scarce. We better get in line for chicken! Who knows when there’ll be more!

I was twenty-two and a patient can’t get her blood tested because the lab simply doesn’t have the solutions anymore. We’ve run out, we can’t do anything. The CT machine is broken. The MRI machine never worked. We don’t have enough beds or IVs or personnel. People are being turned away, dying.

I am twenty-four and I fear for my family. I fear for my country. 

I fear not the oppression, which is a terrifying monster on its own. 

I fear complacency. I fear the people who stand in line for milk and eggs like it’s normal, like this is the way it’s always been. I fear the hearts of those who still believe this is the path we should be on, who point fingers at other countries for refusing to entangle themselves with us. I fear the voices that drown reason. I fear the masses. I fear what we’re becoming.

I fear the minds of those who forget.


anonymous asked:

hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa taking care of mc while they dealing with a cold

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for sending in our first request.(*^o^*) Mod DK and I were so excited to see this! We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing yet but we’re giving it a shot.

(No one asked for them but V and Saeran are under the cut.)

Zen -    

  • There was one time where you caught a cold and Zen had no idea what to do.
  • Since his body recovers at inhuman speed he’s gotten over the cold in like 2 hours.
  • He frantically messaged everyone at 3am asking what he should do because, “ GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MC IS DYING.”
  • Someone help this poor boy.
  • After getting some useful advice from the other members, i.e. Jaehee, he went out and almost bought all the medicine he could find at the pharmacy.
  • After raiding the store he busted through the front door exclaiming that “ZEN THE KNIGHT IS HERE TO SAVE HIS PRINCESS!”
  • He was actually really sweet and caring though.
  • He clung to you like a Koala bear, constantly cuddling you and giving sweet kisses making sure that you were always comfortable.
  • During the nights where you would have nightmares induced from the fever he would gently sing to you and play with your hair until you went back to bed.
  • After you recovered he forced you to start eating better, take multivitamins, and work out with him.
  • His reasoning was that although he enjoyed playing the part of your knight in shinning armor he never wants to see you in pain ever again .
  • Now who would be able to get mad at that? Although you hated it, you haven’t been sick.

Yoosung -

  • You had once gotten sick from someone when buying groceries.
  • This boy has a 6th sense for this kind of thing and noticed the signs that you were sick before you did.
  • Because Yoosung has a little sister he is used to taking care of people and is a natural when it comes to nursing you back to health.
  • He called his mother the day you were sick and asked for her famous chicken noodle soup recipe and made it for you that night.
  • Yoosung is constantly there for anything you need, it was kinda freaky.
  • He’d be minding his own business, playing LOLOL, and before you even spoke up he would be by your side handing you more tissues or getting you something to drink.
  • You swear he has super powers.
  • Because you didn’t want him to get sick you insisted that he wore a face mask whenever he was around you
  • He still ended up giving you small kisses whenever he got a chance because he couldn’t help it, you are so damn adorable.

Jahee -

  • Mama Jaehee to the rescue
  • The first time you even sneezed she was by your side tissues in hand checking your temperature.
  • She wore a face mask all the time because she could not afford to get sick, not with her work piling up since Jumin decided to open up a new cat toy business.
  • Every surface of the house was lysoled and every four hours on the dot you were given your medicine.
  • Does not matter if she was at work or not she would call you and stay on the phone till you took your medicine.
  • When at home she was always mothering you, making sure you drank enough liquids, slept a lot, and changed the cooling pad on your head.
  • In order to cheer you up she would bake your favorite cookies and bring you the coffee she knew you adored.
  • “Coffee cures everything” she said with a completely straight face, to this day you still cannot tell if she was joking or not.
  • She wasn’t joking.
  • When you couldn’t sleep at night she would stay up with you no matter how tired she was and you two would talk till morning about your future plans and dreams for the coffee shop.
  • After you fell asleep she gave you a small kiss and told you to get better soon.
  • Jaehee is careful but efficient, within two days you were completely healed and you still have no idea how that happened exactly.

707 -

  • One day you had to call into work because you were feeling under the weather and could not leave the bed without passing out.
  • Seven understandably freaks the fuck out.
  • He first gets really angsty beating himself up for not noticing that you were sick until it was too late.
  • The minute you start having coughing fits all these negative thoughts fly out of his head and he is by your side in an instant.
  • The next thing you know you are covered from head to toes with band-aids looking like a poorly concealed mummy with a runny nose.
  • Since he has looked after himself for a while he has no idea what to do because, “The famous 707, defender of justice, never gets sick.”
  • His first solution was to feed you Honey Buddha Chips and let you drink PH D. Pepper because this heavenly combination can cure even the sickest people.
  • Everything is not going according to Keikaku
  • Authors Note: Keikaku means plan
  • When that obviously doesn’t help and the shock wears off that you were not instantly cured, instincts kicked in from when he had to nurse Saeran back to health when they were kids.
  • He does a 180 degree change and is actually feeding you soup and giving you tea with lemon and honey.
  • He refused to leave your side no matter what. Anything you asked he would get it for you in a minute.
  • He moved his computer to your side and worked while you were sleeping and gave you small kisses even though you got “mad” every time he did.
  • Before bed he would stop work and you would talk for hours about your future wedding at the space station.

-Mod DK

Jumin -

  • If you even so much as cough this boy is on the phone with the doctor.
  • He researches exactly what to do for a sick person.
  • Rich boy always had someone taking care of him when he was sick.
  • Jumin’s probably the type to send home sick people from work.
  • Get your g e r m s out of his workplace.
  • It’s a whole different story when you catch a cold h̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶g̶l̶u̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶i̶d̶e̶.
  • “Jaehee, cancel all of my meetings, MC just sneezed.”
  • He’s totally not worried about getting sick if it’s you he catches it from.
  • Sends the chef home and makes chicken noodle soup ,by himself, just for you.
  • It is surprisingly delicious soup.
  • Always has a hot cup of tea ready for you.
  • He makes the best tea.
  • Will draw you a bath and wash your hair for you to help you feel better.
  • Cuddles you forever.
  • checks your temp like three times an hour.

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some odd dragon hoarding
  • dragons that hoard toilet paper because they think it feels nice, and it just KEEPS COMing. trying to roll it up, and not having much luck, so repeating with another roll. toilet paper nests
  • dragons that hoard feathers from various birds and creatures. but never killing them first, only collecting the ones that they find. they especially like to put them under their friends noses so they sneeze
  • dragons that hoard scented candles without jars because they melt together in such a gooey fragrant mess thats nice to lie in
  • dragons that hoard beautiful china and keep them neatly on shelves because they don’t want anything to break and they’re just so pretty to look at. so delicate
  • dragons that hoard doors and place them around their caves imagining each door leads to a different place
  • dragons that hoard mirrors so they can see themselves whenever they turn, i mean, they have scales that are just radiant when they hit the refleted light just right
  • dragons that hoard socks because they look great on talons and are ideal for spikes. especially when it starts getting chilly. also very comfy to sleep on
  • dragons that hoard books, and rip out all their favorite pages because they enjoy being surrounded by words
  • dragons that hoard unused batteries (like the HUGE ones) so they can lick the side that will shock their tongue because they like the tingly feeling

Oh my Chuck 😂😂😂

So I’m watching Supernatural with the brother and we’re up to 5x19 Hammer Of The Gods (which is a lot easier for me to watch now I’ve seen 13x13). It’s the first time watching the show for him and he said “I hope we get to meet God at some point. Perhaps Chuck knows where he is.”

I couldn’t control my laughter so when he asked why I was laughing I had to say it was because I had thought of Chuck’s hoarding toilet paper line.

135. We are not allowed to steal all of the toilet paper from every bathroom in the school and hoard it in our room.

The best way to ensure your value is by creating a monopoly in something that everyone else wants. - SB

Well…you certainly found that something. - RL

Did you have to wait to tell us you had taken all of the toilet paper, until after we were all on the toilets, looking for some? - PP

Hey, I shared with you eventually, didn’t I? - SB

After we cursed you. - JP

Which was quite rude to do to the man with the toilet paper. - SB

The Escort Part 6

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: Having to pretend to be an Escort for a case was not your idea of fun in the slightest. However the looks you keep getting from The Boys just might turn out to be a better way to spend the evening than you thought.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 1314

Warnings: Language

A/N Based off of This Imagine.
Keep giving me your opinions it’s truly what keeps a story going! <3333 Give me all your feedback and critiques! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!

Tagging: @jessyackles @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki@flashofawand@itskarenbb@day-dreamer-45@teamfreewilllovesyou @mrswhozeewhatsis@sweetlittlepieandberrycustard@rainygalaxynerd @motherdan @maddy1896@growleytria @justanotherdeangirl25 @plaidandwhiskeydean @i-write-supernatural-things

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Scott led you from the Gala proudly displaying you on his arm, where you bore the most charming smile you could muster. The chauffeur pulled his Limousine around to the front where he once more held the door open for you and helped you in. Once you were on the road you could see a familiar looking set of head lights following you.

You turned your attention to Scott knowing that if you didn’t start actually acting like an Escort he’d start to suspect something was wrong, and until you had your hands on that book you couldn’t risk blowing your cover. You scooted closer slowly sliding your leg between his thighs, your fingers running up the length of his tie. You gave him the best set of low lidded sex-me eyes you could give.

“So are you going to tell me where we’re going or is this going to be a surprise too?” You asked, your voice low and smoky. One of his hands slid up the length of your leg, his other splaying out over the bare skin of your back. You’d wished they were Dean’s hands. A dashing smile crossed his face, his bright blue eyes focused on you, studying your face, like you’d caught Sam doing so many times.

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CHUCK SHURLEY: Some free advice. You ever get back there, you hoard toilet paper. You understand me? Hoard it. Hoard it like it’s made of gold. Because it is. (insp.)

for hoard-all-the-toilet-paper, today's draw in this ((want a url graphic?))