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Along the way, I found out that I’m the Chosen One, the One with the Power. But I don’t quite understand what that means. I mean what does that really mean? To be the Chosen One? I feel like there are so many questions left unanswered… How did Sarah know who I was? How did she get the locket? What am I supposed to do now? All these things have been plaguing my brain

from the ashes she will rise | clan lavellan | hoa’s family
bà ngoại, chinh (grandmother) helping refugees and being confronted by chantry soldiers.
| thanh vân (former lover; family friend) on the run from the circle of magi in the free marches.
| linh đan (mother), powerful diplomat, reconsidering her political betrothal to human nobility.
cẩm linh (sister), a calculating bard under josephine montilyet and leliana’s tutelage.

Bold what you prefer: HOA edition (vol. 1)

season 1 or season 2 or season 3

airing on nickelodeon or airing on teennick

house of anubis or het huis anubis or das haus anubis

nina leading sibuna or eddie leading sibuna

nina/fabian or joy/fabian or mara/fabian

trudy or vera

rufus zeno & vera or robert frobisher smythe & denby

mick or eddie

mick/amber or mick/mara

mr. sweet or ms. andrews

ms. valentine or mr. winkler

nina & amber or patricia & joy

amber/alfie or amber/mick

season 1 sibuna or season 3 sibuna

season 1 finale or season 2 finale or season 3 finale

season 3 finale or the touchstone of ra

s2 finale group hug or s3 finale firework scene

mara/jerome or mick/mara

mara/jerome or willow/jerome or joy/jerome

fabian/nina or patricia/eddie

patricia/eddie or kt/eddie

nina & fabian & amber or eddie & kt & fabian

joy & nina as rivals or joy & nina as friends

s1 premiere or s2 premiere or s3 premiere

the play in s1 or the play in s3

mr sweet & eddie or john clarke & jerome

jerome & alfie or mick & fabian

jerome & alfie’s goose or willow’s hedgehog

“where’s joy?!” or “my great grandfather…”

amber/alfie or willow/alfie

canary amber or cactus amber

eddie’s s2 hair or eddie’s s3 hair

amber’s wardrobe or patricia’s wardrobe or mara’s wardrobe

kt’s great grandfather or sarah frobisher smythe

the eye of horus locket or the keys

the basement door or the secret kitchen entrance

the elixir of life or the mask of anubis

the season 1 prom or the season 2 masked ball or the touchstone of ra dance

poppy or piper

amber/jason winkler or patricia/jason winkler

the hopscotch task or the chasm task or the potion task or the spiderweb task or the senet task

joy in sibuna or jerome in sibuna

mick in australia or amber at fashion school or nina with her gran

fabian’s uncle ade or nina’s gran 

the living room in anubis house or the lounge at the school

the ping pong tournament or the dodgeball tournament

ben or giles

corbiere or vera’s dog

vorbiere or victor/vera

“i’m british. i don’t get your jokes, eddie” or “i’m on a fridge raid!”

“come on you guys, there is no ‘i’ in sibuna” or “it’s time to get the gang back together!”