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Ummmm please can you separate the names or put them over the characters heads? I... Can't do very well with going left to right .... I'm disbracksic (phonetic spelling because hey who disided to name a leaning difficulty something like that) please and sorry but I really really want to know who is who the shsl sound awesome

No problemo! Here you go, anon!:

Hope it’s easy enough to read! And you don’t have to apologise, I’m always happy to help out.
Anyway, I took these names from Gematsu but I also mixed some of the info from jinjojess in there.
These names aren’t completely official yet so take this with a grain of salt. They should come close to this, but some letters might end up changing. Jess’ll translate the next Famitsu where the character’s names should be more accurate, kudos to Jess for all of this please!
I’ll update this with whatever changes of course.

Larger version: Click!


My 8 year old little brother, Zander, is absolutely obsessed and mesmerized with Gravity Falls and Bill Cipher and drew a comic for @_AlexHirsch on twitter as a thank you for making his “FAV SHOW of ALL TIME!”

He really wants Alex Hirsch to see it, and he will totally cry tears of joy if his idol, and the “dude who does the BEST Bill voice, I only hope I can get that good” saw his comic and liked it. 

See the tweet + comic here, and please retweet it saying “@_AlexHirsch” somewhere within it.

My little bro is at school right now, but if he were to come home to see that Alex Hirsch had not only liked his comic, but possibly replied/etc. I don’t think he’d ever stop smiling and screaming in happiness.


Finally, when conversation settles and their dirty plates are on the coffee table, Joelle works up enough courage to broach the subject that’s been looping through her head the entire night.  

“What are you doing this weekend?” she asks.  If he’s working, then all bets are off.  As much as she hopes that he’s free, she can’t deny the relief she’ll feel if he already has plans.    

“Not too much, I suppose,” he answers, hands coming down to rest atop her feet.  “I worked a double last week for Gage so I managed to score myself a three-day weekend.”  

And there it is.  The perfect opportunity for her next move.  Before she can think too much about what she’s about to ask, she comes right out and says it.  

“I’m going back home to Connecticut this weekend for my nephew’s first birthday,” she begins.  “I was thinking about it and wondered if you’d want to come with me?”  It comes out like a question, and Joelle stares at the socks on her feet instead of Harry.  

There’s a pause, and the both of them sit in silence before Harry answers.  

“Isn’t that something that boyfriends do?”

slow burn chapter 13:  “like fire and ice” coming soon!

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I found this weird looking fruit

Should I eat it :3

ZOMBIE AU — Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. 

Well he definitely looks dead now and since he was dying anyway, why not such a scenario / AU now, where he gets turned into a Zombie from Giselle Gewelle. Still need to think a bit of the design and colors, but so far … I like it, even that the collar is kinda up now. Hope Giselle can approve B’) @zombieqxeen

guess who bought an iphone 5s w/ 32 gb for $270 off ebay

i also communicated to the seller to make sure it was icloud unlock and they assure me it was unlocked. 

does this mean it is? I hope so. But i took a gamble and yeah. They had a 100% rating so it should be all good. if not, well I can always file for a return and junk

Klance (what even are titles??)

“Lance.” Keith’s voice rang out into the otherwise silent room.

“Mmm..,” came the tired reply.

“Lance, let go I have to go train,” Keith said, voice sounding stern.

“Nooo…. stay here a cuddle more..” the taller boy replied, burying his face in the dip between Keith’s shoulder blades. His arms tightened around Keith’s waist, keeping him in place.

“Lance, we cuddled all night long. I need to go train now,” Keith said matter-of-factly.

Lance shook his head. “Nope. Skip it today. You’re mine right now,” he snarked.

Keith sighed in exasperation and turned around in Lance’s arms to face him, looking him in the eye. “Seriously?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Lance nodded. “Seriously,” he said, peppering kisses all over his boyfriend’s face. “One day without training isn’t going to kill you. Stay and relax for a little bit.”

Keith struggled for a few more minutes, trying to get Lance to let him go, but it was no use. He finally gave up with a huff, crossing his arms.

Lance grinned, kissing the tip of
Keith’s nose. “You’re adorable.”

“Shut up,” Keith mumbled, feeling his face heat up as he turned away from Lance again, only to be pulled back firmly against his chest.

They stayed like that for quiet a while, falling into a comfortable silence. Lance snuggled his face in Keith’s hair and smiled when he felt the other boy’s breathing even out again, soon letting himself fall back asleep as well.

I am so tired tbh but I was in a klance mood and my brain wouldn’t let me sleep until I got this out. I know it sucks but it’s late and I’m running on three hours of sleep so sorry lmao, but enjoy.

Color thingy

you are paleturquoise

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You’re smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people’s conflicts well.

Your saturation level is low - You stay out of stressful situations and advise others to do the same. You may not be the go-to person when something really needs done, but you know never to blow things out of proportion.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.

Here’s the link! http://spacefem.com/quizzes/colors/

I was tagged by @binscream I got the same as you haha!

I’m tagging @the-princejinyoung @astrohtheregoesmylife @mini-minies @ambitiousandhappy @sixstarrybabies and @binjinjin Only do it if you wanna but I thought it was fun!!

WCTH Rewatch Schedule

Hey, everyone!  Here is the schedule to follow for the rewatch.  We’ll be tackling just season 1 for now and I’ll post dates for season 2 and 3 at a later date depending on how this goes.

After watching the episodes, please share your thoughts here on Tumblr using the tag WCTH rewatch or send in your comments to this blog.  I’ll be tracking that tag and posting my thoughts as well.

The dates are when the episodes should be watched by.  For example, watch episodes 1 and 2 by this Saturday and post your thoughts about the episodes along the way.  It would be great if we could stay on track, but if you get behind or want to watch ahead that’s fine too.  Please take this as an opportunity to get to know other fans and interact with each other.

  • Oct. 1 - 1x01: Lost & Found & 1x02: Cease & Desist
  • Oct 8 - 1x03: A Telling Silence & 1x04: Secrets and Lies
  • Oct 15 - 1x05: The Dance & 1x06: These Games
  • Oct 22 - 1x07: Second Chances & 1x08: Perils of the Soloists
  • Oct 29 - 1x09: Change of Heart & 1x10: Love Comes First
  • Nov 5 - 1x11: Rules of Engagement & 1x12: Prelude to a Kiss

If you have any questions just shoot me an ask.

((I saw @illtrytobegood start this neat little idea for Flowey elementary school and spent a good couple hours being sad that my Flowey was too old before remembering that I can totally just use him as the age he is in the background comic.

Always let it be known that the mod is incredibly silly.

edit: Updated with mod’s job at the school instead of irl job. >//> ))



So we arrived in Kraków yesterday night and when we got home I went to bed asap so I didn’t even check tumblr. This morning I woke up at 10AM, had coffee and then my parents and I went out to explore the city. We just came back.

All good things first:
1) The city is lovely. I fell in love with it on first sight. It’s big and modern in some places and quiet and country-like in others. We will live in a village inside the city. It’s ~15 minutes by foot to uni. It’s a very green and clean place, it’s literally surrounded by a forest. And if I’ll feel well enough to ride a bike, it’s just 5 minutes to uni! I love this place, it’s like country and city combined. A bit like Cambridge, I guess.

2) My room is small and it will need some modifications but I like it. It’s far away from my parents bedroom and it appears to have a key so maybe for the first time in my life I’ll be able to lock myself and do things without being afraid that my parents may step in at any moment. Not like I’m going to smoke marijuana there or something, just you know, I’d like some privacy, please. Today I’ll be putting on posters and unpacking. Cool. Cool cool cool.

3) Mentally I feel fine. Irritable and slightly tired but better than back in Russia. I got some of my excitement back. I feel positive and hopeful. I realized that I understand Polish much better now. I got to take a look at the uni and it’s beautiful. Our cats feel okay on their new place. We all kinda settled down. I still have five days before first day. I’ll recover, I think. So yeah, life is better than I thought.

But it’s not perfect:
1) Physically I feel bad. Dysautonomia is kicking my ass. My weird joints are hurting, probably because the house is so cold. Like literally as a person who grew up in Russia with cold winters and not enough heating, this is not just cold, it’s advanced cold. I have to wear two layers of warm clothes inside! I slept with two blankets and my warmest nightie and I was still cold. Well hopefully the house will warm up eventually.

But yeah I feel physically bad. The move was difficult. I weighed myself for the first time since July and I lost 2.5 kg since then. Now I weigh 44 kilos which is less than in March when my eating problems were at their worst. Considering that I grew 1 centimeter since spring, my BMI is like 13 now. It’s terrible. I feel very weak and I now that gaining those two kilos back will be a nightmare. I struggle so much with eating my daily recommended caloric intake. Eating even 100 kcal above that is a serious struggle. Hell knows how I will study with physical health so poor… we’ll see.

2) There is no place to put my drumset in my room and I’m super upset about it. In the future we will probably buy a half-bunk bed like the one I had in Russia, with a bed above a free space, and put the drumset there. In the meantime I don’t know where to put it! I’m pissed since I was looking forward to playing again. Also we have no bathtub here, and I love baths. And we have a gas stove and I’m too afraid to use it so I’ll be even more dependent on my parents. So this place could do with some improvements.

But overall:
I’m doing better than I expected and that’s the most important thing, yeah? Thanks for supporting me and wishing me good luck through this. I highly appreciate it. It really did help.

I’m not a stranger in Moscow anymore. I’m a stranger in Kraków!

I’ve touched on how much Shiro dislikes his appearance, though it goes beyond simply thinking he’s a bit off to look at. Shiro can stand to look at his face and knows perfectly well that he sort of has to look at his own face from time to time. He does not mind looking at his face. Though he thinks he has become unattractive after captivity and that his new, tri-colored hair is ridiculous and though he detests the scar across the bridge of his nose, he can look at his face.

It is his actual body, however, that he cannot stand. To stare at his body for prolonged periods of time makes him physically nauseous and disgusted. His body is littered in scars of all shapes and sizes and of different degrees. Some are burn scars, others are shallow scars, others scars that were infected and never quite healed right, and so on and so forth. Along that line of thought, he is absolutely covered in scars. Each scar, even if he cannot remember the story behind them all, holds some sort of unpleasant memory. Some of the stories he even remembers, which is the worst part to him. He finds that the scars are disgusting and mar his body in a way that can never be redeemed.

Looking at his body makes him feel ill, because it is wholly unnatural with its scarring and he knows it’s ugly to look at. What’s more, he also hates his body due to the prosthetic. It’s a weapon and he hates that, hates that he lost an important part of himself only to have it replaced by a weapon. He hates the sight of the scars between the end of his arm and the beginning of the prosthetic.

When I say that Shiro dislikes his body, it is not mild disdain, but a deep hatred and insecurity that leaves him uncomfortable in his own skin.