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Hooooooooooo, I love when tumblr give me things too throw at poor writer ! So, “Have you lost your damn mind!?” with Backed Alaska

Yang: Hey babe. I’m ho-OH MY FUCKING GOD! NEO!

Neo: *Neo looks over to her girlfriend before setting down her sledgehammer next to the tied up panda and signed.* What?


Neo: I’m making a panda furry coat for your birthday. Plus, panda meat I hear is good for your immune system. *She signed, not true by the way.*


Neo: Not after I have some taste panda I won’t.

I was  originally going to write something a hell of a lot more disturbing us but I decided I do want to get kicked off of Tumblr.


EDIT: Since I get a lot of questions/confusion about this picture. Each character represents each main series Pokemon game I’ve played: Firered, which was my first Pokemon game, thus I decided to go with Leaf and Charmander to represent the beginning of a Pokemon journey instead of Charizard, Heartgold, Ruby, Diamond, White, X, and Sun. Sorry for any confusion

Ho-oh was like the easiest legendary mascot to draw then they got all exponentially harder OTL

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This is what happens when you fuse all the fire birdies together into one (gen 1-6). I tried to incorporate Ho-oh’s rainbow theme in case anyone is wondering why it’s feathers are glowing in a bluish tone. Btw, I also recieved an insane amount of meassages the past few weeks! I’ve only answered a fourth of them so far, so if you haven’t recieved an answer yet it does not mean that I hate you or haven’t read your message! I’m just really overwhelmed rn!