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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people

1. Wu Tang Clan-Tearz

2. Rush-Witch Hunt

3. Nine Inch Nails-The Downward Spiral

4. Pitchshifter-Please Sir

5. Busta Rhymes-Ill Vibe

6. Ho-kago Tea Time-Don’t Say “Lazy”

7. Mad Capsule Markets-Asphalt Beach

8. Clutch-Burning Beard

9. Death Grips-Known for it

10. Maximum the Hormone- Johnny Mamamiya Karifonia (Johnny Tetsu-Pipe 2)

I would make a playlist but tracks 6, 7 and 10 aren’t on youtube. Also I did this from my desktop rather than phone since I have more albums on there. This proved to be a bad idea as I apparently have an install of Half-Life in some random folder (which means I had to skip through random voice clips before reaching a song).

I’ll tag @doggo-goddo, @givemenewthingstofangirlover, @kagxme, @gorillazdongs and @gottahaveguts


“NO, Thank You!” (TV size)
Afterschool Tea Time

K-ON!! Second ED sequence

Inexplicably cropped to 4x3 (WHY??!!), thus losing important parts of the picture, but I’ll share it anyway because I really like this mock music video and I can’t find a proper 16x9 version.


Another fantastic song from K-ON!. In particular, I absolutely love the vocal harmony and progression starting at :49.

Watch on inthewired.tumblr.com

“Utauyo!!MIRACLE” (“Let’s Sing!!MIRACLE”) (TV size) by Afterschool Tea Time from K-ON!!
Second opening sequence to K-ON!!

A cheerful, energetic song as one would expect from a band of high school girls, but the thing I like most about this opening sequence is the little dance Yui does in the stage scenes. It’s the cutest thing ever.