Ichiban Ippai
  • Ichiban Ippai
  • Ho-Kago Tea Time
  • Unmei wa Endless! - Single

“Ichiban Ippai” - Ho-Kago Tea Time

Good morning, the sparkly morning sun is a golden spotlight on my whole body 
Tehehe, My heart has a premonition of good things to come

How many centimeters is the soul? (I want to know) What kind of shape is it? (Circle, X, square???) 
I dunno, but its the place (a warm place) I feel "love" (Correct!)

So, let's go search for and meet our number one (Let's go) 
School - sound - song - tea - dessert 
Even the hundredth number one is number one 
A full heart, a full tummy (is happiness) to satisfaction, together… we grin

There's isn't just one number one

Good night, goodbye today, the starry sky is an indigo-colored blanket 
Though there's a bit of a painful squeeze inside my heart

The scabs from yesterday (Painful things) May they disappear before I know it (Abra Cadabra!) 
A brand new beginning is (coming suddenly) endless (C'mon!)

Tomorrow too, let's hug with all our might our number one (tightly)

Person - dog - wind - flower - path 
Even the thousandth number one is number one 
With a full heart, toast our dreams (Do your best) Chase after them and you'll be fine even if you fall

(Keep on Keep on Singing Songs) 
(Keep on Keep on)

When you think "The best", you have to feel "the moment", and "now" 
Every one was born to make these things!? To have a heart!!

Always, ICHIBAN is No. 1 We are all No. 1 (Yahoo!) 
We have fun giving it our all 
Even the ten billionth number one is a treasure 
To meet by chance, to come to love someone, (Believe) to hug, to let go 
Ah, (See you, Good-bye) Until we meet again (Hello) it's a repetition of happiness 
No matter how many number ones there are, there's no substitutes for any of them 
A full heart, a full tummy (Thank you) to satisfaction, always, always… we grin

It's infinite, the power of number one 
There isn't just one number one

Lyrics taken from Anime Lyrics.

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“Fuwa Fuwa Time” (live)
Afterschool Tea Time

This video partially fulfills my wish to see Afterschool Tea Time live! I don’t know which is more awesome… the fact that an actual Afterschool Tea Time made up of the voice actresses existed - well, I knew they existed from the CD singles for the series, but there they only sing; here they are actually playing, with “Mio” left-handed no less! - or the size of the crowd who was there to see them perform live! In case there was any doubt as to how big a phenomenon K-ON! is in Japan.

For me, this song sums up everything K-ON! is.

Here are the lyrics.

Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (Eiga "K-ON!" Mix)
  • Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (Eiga "K-ON!" Mix)
  • Ho-Kago Tea Time
  • K-ON! Movie Insert Song Album - Ho-kago Tea Time in MOVIE

“Tenshi no Fureta yo! (Touched by an Angel!)” - Ho-kago Tea Time

If you’re going to write your name
On a piece of memory to store it forever
Let’s right it on something we treasure

Look at all the exciting days we spent together
That filled up all our hearts with your memories
I’ve worn these school shoes 

And this uniform for a long time
And surely I’ll miss the pranks on the white board
But to get through to tomorrow
I seem to have to leave them behind at the door

But hey
We got to meet a wonderful angel
Graduation isn’t the end
We’ll be forever friends

We have photos of all of us
We share the same key-chain
And they’ll forever remain to shine
Just like your smile

The train station, the riverside walk
Even if we’re not together
Let’s look up at the same sky
And sing together

But hey
We got to meet a wonderful angel
Graduation isn’t the end
We’ll be forever friends

If you’ll say that you love us
We’ll tell you that we love you twice
Make sure you didn’t forget anything
We’ll be forever together

Lyrics taken from K-ON! Wiki.

Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days)
  • Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days)
  • Ho-Kago Tea Time
  • Ho-Kago Tea Time II

“Fuyu No Hi (Winter Days)” - Ho-Kago Tea Time

No matter how cold it is, I'm happy
Watching your white breath as you spring into a run

Your hairstyle really suits you
But I want to see how you look with your bangs down

I wonder what I should say
Is "I love you" a good way to start?
The fluttering snow is like my dancing feelings
And somehow I'm happy

On this vivid white, shining road
I want to walk with you; it would be okay if we held hands

Your mischievous smile really suits you
But I also want to see your shy, blushing face

Why is it that no words will come out?
Should I look some up in a dictionary?
The falling snow, like my feelings, won't stop
It's sort of painful

Inside of my heart
I'm taking a deep breath

Even though I feel like the aching in my heart is increasing
I realized it's just because I think about you that often
Just as I thought!

Tomorrow we'll meet at our usual place
You'll be running and I'll wait for you
Just like I'm waiting for the first snow of the season
Run a little faster!

I wonder what I should say
Is "I love you" a good way to start?
My feelings are dancing like fluttering snow
And somehow I'm happy

Lyrics take from Anime Lyrics.

  • Listen!!
  • Ho-Kago Tea Time
  • Listen!!

“Listen!!” - Ho-Kago Tea Time

It’s deep deep, deep in my heart
In the sanctuary where nothing echoed
heat heat, it caught on fire, so I can’t return
It’s shock shock, a shock that I send you
Saying, “Hey, let’s go everywhere together”
rock rock, the storm and tsunami of sound lure each other

A dropped pick, a broken stick
Aren’t problems at all
We’re within the same sound, and that’s actually a miracle

We’ll sing, we’ll sing as long as we feel like it
No matter how quiet it is, it’s our single song in the world
I want to live with all my might
So much that I won’t regret it even if I die today
Release, passionate
This is a PRECIOUS Heart Beat of ours
We’ll sing

Non sweet, sweet, your true nature is more comfortable
Than sweet words, right? Touch of mind, yeah
wit wit, it’d be fun to tell me, always and forever
Non stop stop, because my newborn feelings
Are hurrying faster than light
rock rock, I’ve got to catch them with sound and tell them to you

A running rhythm, a crazed tuning
Are all within my assumption
I’m choosing the same dream, and that’s the power for tomorrow

We’ll shout, we’ll shout even if we’re on an away stage
Because no matter how scared we are, we’re not alone
Even if it’s unfinished, I don’t mind
I really want to play it
Reach, truthfulness
We were finally able to meet, this is our TREASURE Heart Beat

We want to know…to live…to love
The countless prayers-
Make them heard, make them into wings, Can Fly High

We’ll sing, we’ll sing as long as we feel like it
No matter how quiet it is, it’s our single song in the world
I want to live with all my might
So much that I won’t regret it even if I die today
Release, passionate
This is a PRECIOUS Heart Beat of ours
We’ll sing, TREASURE Heart Beat

Lyrics taken from K-ON! Wiki.