Seven Minutes {Wonho Scenario}

Could you do a dating scenario with Wonho or really any/all members that you want to cause they are all amazing. Btw I am that anon who wanted to stan Monsta x and well…. they are amazing and I now stan them thanks to you cause it was you changing your blog name that made me curious about them. So thank you! 

Note: Ahh I’m so happy I got you into Monsta X, they’re a delight, aren’t they. Since you asked for Wonho, is he your bias? Good choice ;) My bias is the maknae, Chankhyun, but Hyungwon likes to wreck me on a daily basis. So yeah, anyway, I’m so glad you like them! did you hear their new comeback yet? it’s pretty amazing ♥

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“I can’t believe I’m sitting in jail space with you, of all people.” You grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest irritably as Wonho shifted himself to move closer to you, relieving the pain of whatever was stabbing him in the side. 

“Don’t be so dramatic, we’re playing seven minutes in heaven, it’s barely like jail.” Wonho chuckled.

No, you’re right. This isn’t like jail. It’s worse. It’s literal hell.” You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You were going to kill Jooheon once you were finally allowed out of the confined space of the cupboard.

You and Wonho were both sat down, crossed legged on the floor with your backs up against the wall, side by side. It was a fact that you had liked Wonho for well over a year now, but that news was unknown to him. But, it was unfortunately known by your best friend Jooheon, which was why you were in this mess.

“Seven minutes, {y/n}, it’s not going to kill you. Plus, I don’t see why you’re complaining, most girls would kill to be where you are right now.” Wonho smirked.

“Aish, you’re so arrogant.” You responded, trying to avoid looking at him, because his smirk is so tempting to kiss, and his eyes are so captivating it’s hard not to get lost in them.

“Just how you like it.” He put his arm around you, and pulling you into him

“What are you doing?” You hissed at him, defensive reflexes jumping into play. The last thing you wanted was for him to find out about your true feelings for him, that Jooheon’s passive jokes weren’t just jokes, but that they underlined the truth of you emotions. The last thing you needed was rejection.

Why couldn’t these seven minutes just hurry up and end already?

“I want a cuddle, silly.” He grinned, putting both of his arms around your middle.

“Did someone put crack in your coffee?” You sarcastically remarked again, making him laugh. That low toned laugh, the one that sends shivers down your spine because oh god, he’s so sexy-

“Do I make you nervous, {y/n}.”

“No.” You respond sharply.

“You say that, but the rest of you says otherwise.” He was close to you ear now, whispering, it was enticing and making the tips of your ears turn red as the hot air of his mouth delicately brushed against it.

“You’re out of your mind.” You reply, voice shakier than you would have liked.

“Out of my mind? Yeah I probably am. But you drive me to it, idiot.” He chuckled.

“I don’t understand-” You responded, but before you could continue, your lips were being occupied in a different way.

He then pulled away, almost as quickly as they’d been on yours. But you hadn’t had enough - not yet. You closed your eyes, not wanting to be placed under his teasing stare before pushing your lips back to where they had been.

Moments turned to minutes, and the kiss didn’t stop. It didn’t deepen either, just stayed small but passionate, you could feel him smiling through the kiss once your breath was finally leaving you completely and you had to pull away to get more.

“Minhyuk was right.” Wonho spoke, it was quiet, a sweet voice, nothing like the patronising one he’d used earlier.

“What are you talking about?” You asked.

Wonho simply grinned, “You do like me, and it is pretty obvious.”

You blushed, “It’s not. You didn’t notice.”

Wonho chuckled, “I don’t count, I was in denial about it. Getting rejected would ruin my reputation, you know, I can’t just go around confessing to anyone and everyone.”

“Asshole.” You responded, but smiling playfully.

“C’mere.” He laughed, pulling you into his arms and hugging you close.

As he was pressing a kiss to your forehead, the cupboard door opened, revealing a smug looking Jooheon.

“Shut up.” You snapped, blushing. Jooheon didn’t have to say ‘I told you so,’ the look was enough to speak the words for him.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You were thinking it.” You hid your face in Wonho’s chest.

Everyone laughed, hearing the news so obviously.

Needless to say, Wonho was right, those seven minutes weren’t quite so bad.

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Consider this: Mafia RFA

mafia RFA does not let anyone get within five miles of MC without a full background check tbh

like omg just trying to think of yoosung as a mafia member is making me giggle.HES SO MUCH LIKE A PUPPY HE COULDNT DO THAT KIND OF WORK but then again yandere yoosung oho ho ho im into it

thinking about it now thats actually a really cool idea lmao??? like ooo im probably gonna think about this for a while, i might do a full hc list later

«Ho sempre creduto nei numeri, nelle equazioni e nella logica che conduce al ragionamento. Ma dopo una vita spesa nell'ambito di questi studi io mi chiedo: “cos'è veramente la logica?”, “chi decide la ragione?”. La mia ricerca mi ha spinto attraverso la fisica, la metafisica, l'illusione e mi ha riportato indietro e ho fatto la più importante scoperta della mia carriera, la più importante scoperta della mia vita: è soltanto nelle misteriose equazioni dell'amore che si può trovare ogni logica. Io sono qui stasera solo grazie a te, tu sei la ragione per cui esisto. Tu sei tutte le mie ragioni. Grazie.»
—  A beautiful mind

Ok but can we talk about how cute was Jung Kyungho when he said that he only listens to Girls’ Generation’s music these days(because he’s dating Sooyoung ofc hehe)? and the cute way he reacted when he saw sooyoung’s pic on the wall? omg, I ship them so much. I wish them all the best, they’re one of my favourite couple in the Korean entertainment industry. ♡♡♡♡♡♡