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In the episode “Black Hole” from season 6, House forces Wilson to buy a piece of furniture that says something about him: Wilson chooses an organ that House absolutely loves. House’s response is, “I like what this says about you.” To elaborate, in previous episodes Wilson got mad with Cuddy for hurting House and outbid her on the loft she was trying to buy. Then he moved in with House. House spent the entire episode pestering Wilson about furniture, going so far as to saying that if Wilson is incapable of buying furniture for himself, he’s empty inside. Cue Wilson nearly driving himself crazy trying to buy furniture and failing miserably; finally, he gives in and uses an interior decorator. The only thing in the whole apartment that Wilson actually manages to choose and buy on his own is an organ, which isn’t even for him, but explicitly intended for House. Implications are clear: House is the only fixed point in Wilson’s life, the only thing Wilson’s absolutely adamantly sure about, and he chooses to honour that. Frankly, this may be the most romantic gesture anyone on this show has made to anyone.

Can we please appreciate the look of shock Spanner gets when Shoichi threatens to start just outright murdering people? When he acts not like the casual nerd Spanner is friends with, but the stonecold Millefiore captain? I think this is somehow worse than the look on his face when Iris told Spanner that Shoichi had OK’d his death. 

And then… when he goes back. 

And Spanner is just laughing to himself because 





idk if i were cynical i’d say 90% of the falsettos fandom is motivated by the Ho Yay of it all and if i wanted to i’d cite the fixation on christian borle and andrew rannells’/ marvin and whizzer’s relationship, the focus on the conventionally attractive andrew rannells to the almost-exclusion of brandon uranowitz, the vague and cursory acknowledgements of its cultural/historical significance, and the complete and total ignorance and apathy about the AIDS crisis the fandom consistently demonstrates

like they’re all children so i’m gonna give them a pass buuuttt

Ponyboy x Johnny

So this is something I wrote sometime ago basically as a deleted scene I think it’s obvious Ponyboy and Johnny where meant to be together, I mean the church scene they were basically acting like a married couple in my opinion. Anyways I thought I might share it.

‘This is my fault,’ Johnny said in a miserable voice. He had stopped crying when I started. ‘For bringin a little thirteen-year-old kid along. You ought to go home. You can’t get into any trouble. You didn’t kill him.’
‘No!’I screamed at him. ‘I’m fourteen! I’ve been fourteen for a month! And I’m in it as much as you are. I’ll stop crying in a minute… I can’t help it.’
He slumped down beside me. ‘I didn’t mean it like that, Ponyboy. Don’t cry, Pony, we’ll be okay. Don’t cry’
I leaned against him and he hugged me tight I then looked up at him and notice his scar, curious to how it feels I gently stroke his cheek his scar feels slightly bumpy,next thing I know I’m moving to his mouth I stroke his lips then with out thinking I kissed him.
‘Oh my god I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry’ I said embarrassed.
Johnny smiled and blushed.
‘That’s the first time someone’s ever kissed me like that’, johnny said still smiling.

‘Aren’t you mad?’ I asked

'Hell no pony I’ve wanted you to kiss me like that for ages, can you kiss me again?’ Johnny asked shyly.

Boruto episode 11 thoughts

Today’s was a better episode than the last week’s.

The animation needs a lot of improvement and the direction can do the pacing a bit better. Really the story is fine but anime needs work.

Sumire and co got rescued by Naruto(’s clone). I get that she was the most injured out of the three but the amount of focus on her is starting to grate on my nerves. Somehow I don’t like her and this is not the Borusara shipper in me speaking because I also fangirl over Borumitsu (mostly brotp but borderline ho-yay). Something is not right about that girl. Either the insane focus is because she has an intentional (perhaps - the poor orphan girl who just wants her parents and the villain took advantage of this to manipulate her - kind of) part in the attacks or this is just for ship war. The former makes sense somewhat because unlike Denki and Iwabe, she didn’t receive a solo episode. The latter not so much because even Borusara (the almost canon ship) itself is in friendship mode right (I mean they are barely 8 right now). That said I have no doubt if it’s the former, she will be redeemed and will be teaming up with Denki and Iwabe in future. If it’s the latter then….meh. In all honesty, I want to see her as a well rounded character and we got a glimpse of that today when she was watching Wasabi and Namida with their families.

Boruto is such a good person. He is really like a mix of Naruto and Sasuke, so protective of their loved ones. Lol at his shadow clones having an attitude. He actually apologises to Sumire despite it being not his fault. He is becoming my favourite character day by day. That said, looking at his “can do” attitude right now, something drastic must have happened between the six months time period between academy graduation and chunin exams to make him become so demotivated that he didn’t even want to participate in chunin exams and later even cheat in it. Because he was just fine until academy graduation where he “couldn’t wait” to become a ninja. Do I smell another arc in making where Boruto goes on an adventure where he gets screwed up badly and loses his motivation?

Borusara moment was all platonic deep friendship. Sarada noticed Boruto is distressed and dragged him out to lessen it. So cute​ and shows how observant she is of him. That’s some deep childhood friendship right out there guys.

Naruto, Sai and Shino being reasonable authority figures. Just them being grownups makes me feel so sad yet proud. Sai being hard on himself because he wants to help fellow Root shinobi while Shino being the proud and involved teacher. Naruto…..you really need to sort out your priorities. Your son needs you more than your friend. And don’t pull your son’s ear. He is being a good boy, you will see. Also we see Sakura.

It’s so cool that everyone joins in the BoruShikaMitsu investigation. So badass of the academy students as well as the mailmen. They even come up with a plan and ambush the masked guy. And teams splitting up was so cool. Even Chocho joins in and gets tired easily. And the fight scene was so cool.

Except Sarada. Where is she? This is not definitely because she thinks this is childish game by Boruto, because she knows about the shadow. She possibly went to a reasonable authority figure. Maybe her sensei? Whoever that is.

Mitsuki definitely knows what’s going on. I think his role is just opposite of Sumire’s. He knows dark secrets but I think ultimately he means no harm. And look at that smirk. And god he is walking on water. Such a talented boy.

Borushika brotp is so sweet. He is definitely Boruto’s elder brother figure just like Shikamaru is to Naruto. Jumping in to protect his lil bro from harm.

Denki finally got to do some ninja stuff while Boruto is using his Hyuga style Gentle fist. Denki and Shikadai high fiving. And Boruto sending in a live kunai at the shadow. Just so good. Iwabe and Boruto joint attack was so good.

Metal Lee and Inojin are quickly becoming another brotp of mine. Look at all that bromance. Inojin’s smirk while drawing his sword and Metal’s sass while calling Boruto and co noisy and then getting knocked out just takes the cake.

Tayori-san and the postal bureau chief were cool while we finally get to see the villain or at least his pawn or agent with a mask. Definitely inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.

This villain is definitely going to affect Boruto’s future. I think the series will become darker from here on. Slice-of-life things will be here and there but I genuinely think Boruto is going to be darker than Naruto.

Preview….Mitsuki has to tell Boruto something. Definitely he wants to confess something about this ghost thing or is going to tell Boruto about the sun-moon thing. Either this or Borumitsu is going to sail.

  • ban ryu: fine, han sung. the stray dog can stay so long as master hwi hwa doesn't catch it.
  • han sung: *hugs dog* yay!
  • soo ho: in the meantime, can someone help me with this math problem? i'm stuck.
  • stray dog: *barks*
  • han sung: ... oh... it says the answer's 4.
  • ban ryu: ... first of all... han sung, how do you understand the dog?
  • ban ryu: second... WHY DOES IT KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO, SOO HO?
House / Ho Yay - TV Tropes
House and Wilson Hugh Laurie agreed when an interviewer called Wilson "the other love of [House's] life". He also famously said he can easily see House getting it on with Cuddy, Cameron or Wilson. Katie Jacobs, executive producer of House, once …

I thought I was over this ship and then I frickin’ stumbled on this

“Yeah, I think I’ve heard of them, too. Are they even real? Like a Japanese X-Files Investigation Team, or a Japanese Fringe Team?”

The Keishichou Seikatsu Anzenbu Yuugeki Sousahan series is composed of two light novels penned by Kouzuki Hinowa, with a manga adaptation of the first novel drawn by Watanabe Asia. It tells the story of the Auxiliary Investigation Squad, a unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department specializing in cases dealing with the paranormal.

The first novel and its corresponding manga, Zenra Otoko to Shiba Inu Otoko (The Naked Man and the Shiba Man), gives us Ishida Tomohiro, a newbie detective in the Shinjuku Police Station, whose life starts to turn upside down when he sees a naked man in his living room who suddenly vanishes. A bizarre incident in the station follows, involving a possessed sword that can absorb the spiritual energy of people nearby and drives the holder into murder. Only Tomohiro is able to go near the possessed victim without any ill effects. This incident brings in the Auxiliary Investigation Squad to the scene, which the naked man, Special Agent Kanze Kyousuke, is a part of. Tomohiro’s actions in that case gets him transferred to the squad, and he finds himself dragged in all sorts of scenarios by the squad’s quirky members, especially Kyousuke.

The second title, Zenra Otoko to Hebi Otoko (The Naked Man and the Snake Man), is…one that I have yet to read, but it seems to delve deeper into the relationship between Kyousuke and his stepbrother, Kanze Kyoaki, a powerful medium who is also part of the squad, albeit only as a consultant.

I really enjoyed reading the manga. The mix of mystery, comedy, the supernatural, and sprinkles of ho-yay was very entertaining. Tomohiro’s reactions to the weird things (and people) around him are fun to watch~

Unfortunately, the series stops at the second novel due to the passing of Kouzuki-sensei on December 2014. The novels seem to be self-contained so you won’t be left hanging, but I would’ve wanted to see more characterization of the AIS members. Still, it was definitely worth the read~

(I’m currently working on the translation of chapter 1 now that I’m done with volume 3 of Kami to Yobareta Kyuuketsuki (it doesn’t seem to be translated yet, nor licensed, so…), and will be posting them here(?) and in Batoto once I get chapter 2 done. I really want to introduce you to Doge!Tomohiro ahaha (´∀`))


‘Tumein tumhari zindagi mubarak ho, Asfand Yar.’

Me when talking to lovely Angie about jetko:

Me: I don’t know what happened to me.
I think it was the ho yay section of the tv tropes avatar article.
I never cared for jet either.
I just think Zuko is … Gay.
Too gay.
Everything he touches BAM gay.
I’m sure druk is gay.
His wife is gay.
His daughter and grandson.
The gaang went queer when he joined.
Ursa left to keep being straight.
That’s the reason Ozai banished him.
Azulon wanted him dead because he was tired of the rainbows in the garden.
Zuko is the culmination of Sozin and Roku’s gay sexual tension.
Korrasami happened after he showed up.
He officiated the Wuko marriage.