ho w about no


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

  • ATLUS: hey y ou would you like, perhaps, a Persona 5 spinoff?
  • me:
  • ATLUS: u H
  • me:
  • ATLUS: ho W about a... P3 dancing game?
  • me: *gasping* *wheezing*
  • me: *collapses on the ground* please..... im..... so thirsty....
  • ATLUS: what would you like?
  • me: I'll take Shinjiro Aragaki in a pink apron and Minako DLC please. just.... take everything. everything I own

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Name: Ho W aBOut N O :’)))

Nickname(s): Faz/Fazlol (My school “Friends” call me Chris, And that’s only them, and has nothing to do with my birthname.)

Gender: Agender/Non-Binary

Sexuality: Asexual/Aromantic

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5'6 :’)))

Average Amount of Sleep: 8 Hours, and 10 Minutes (I did Th e mat H)

Current Time: 6:55

Favorite Animal(s): Polar Bear (duh), Dogs, Wolves, Octopi, Snakes, Cats, and Hamsters/Mice/Rats. (Have you see N them cuties.)

Dogs or cats?: Dogs, Cats scratch me too much, even if I like it when they leave scars, THe Y Meo W like Spoil Ed sH itS stai nS.

Blog Age?: About 2 Years Old. :’)))

Reason Behind Having a Tumblr: To cope with depression, but even then, I’m still ‘stressed and depressed.’ :’))) 

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*quietly screeches* queerplatonic bakudeku is exactly the kind of thing i never knew i desperately needed outta that ship so much thanks for that




athena: cole!! put me down right now ya big lug !! (’:

blaire: ya’ll are gayer than i am honestly, where tf is the cake????

cole: i’m so proud of you bud (’: 

athena: ho-w about that cake ???? right??? im sure emmett is down 2 be a teen by now!! *blushes profusely bc whole damn fam up in this bitch*

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WE ALREADY KNOW HOW THE TFA BOTS WOULD REACT TO HALLOWEEN *or most of them* HO W ABOUT SOME TFA CONS FOR A CATEGORY ASK *i don't think there is more than ten cons? like 7 cons idk this includes black arachina* Categories would dress up, would celebrate but not gonna dress up who do you think i am?, won't celebrate but as long as you aren't annoying have fun, omg no nope no stop (I have not slept yet sorry for this mess ha h a)

LOL that’s okay!! XD This made me laugh!!! Thanks for sending it, especially as a category ask because you know I LOVE category asks! This is cute and I had fun doing it. <3

Forgive me though because I’m not as good with TFA! I also got rather silly with this. 

Would Dress Up: Blitzwing, Shockwave

Of course Blitzwing is going to dress up! Random DEMANDS IT! Plus look at his face, he was pretty much born for this holiday?? Icy and Hothead aren’t as into it as Random but they can admit it’s fun and go along with dressing up. Hothead especially likes going around and scaring the other cons hehe >:D

Shockwave is the Master of Disguise and apparently this applies to Halloween costumes. So to everyone’s surprise he does get dressed up and creeps around the base in the shadows.

Would Celebrate Only: Blackarachnia, Soundwave

Blackarachnia likes the dark, scary but thrilling vibes of Halloween and plus, she doesn’t feel like as much of a freak on this night. She celebrates on her own though because the others are a bit too much for her. Plus you know, she has an attack on the Autobots to plan!

Soundwave just really, really likes all Halloween music and goes around base playing it constantly through the month of October until all the other cons are annoyed as hell. 

Won’t Celebrate:
Lugnut, Starscream, Megatron

Megatron hates the humans and their silly, pointless holidays but mostly he hates that Blitzwing keeps putting up ridiculous decorations and Starscream keeps trying to scare him to death. Give it up Starscream he’s not going to have a spark attack and die from your shenanigans. Honestly feels like he’s babysitting a bunch of Sparklings during October. Well, more so than usual.

Starscream thinks the holiday is strange (though he does find the costumes amusing) and is too focused on trying to foil Megatron to care. His annoyance with the Earth holiday shall be Megatron’s down fall and then he, Starscream, will lead the Decepticons!


NO NO NO: Megatron

Primus save him from this stupid planet.


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So what if you had a regular human name what would it be? Just for shits and giggles of intercourse?

S OM EONe’s  AUTo CoRR ECT  HaS  a WICkeD SeNSE of Hum OR.

BU T….

Ho W  AbOUT RobeR T GrA Y

okay but what if: medea was the potions teacher in hp!au and she just

she just hATES jason

hates him with a fierce intensity and he can’t work out what he did wrong but sometimes he’ll like, cough in class and she’ll go

“one point from gryffindor”

“…what did i–”

“i’ll take another one if you keep talking, mr grace.”

Harry Imagine for loud-and-random

You met Harry right before he auditioned for the X factor and you two immediately hit it off and became really great friends, best friends to be exact. He was the one you could tell anything too and vice versa. When he left for the X factor he promised that you two would keep in touch and you did. You also then became really great friends with the rest of the boys. The boys were about to leave for their Take Me Home Tour and they were having a huge party. It would the last time you would see Harry and the boys for a while and he was calling and texting you all day making sure you were coming. “Yes, Harold. I’m going to be there. I’m leaving my house as soon as we hang up the phone.” You giggle. “Okay! I’ll see you soon!” He says and hangs up. You giggle and grab your things since you’d be staying there after the party and head out. You get there soon and before you can knock on the door, it swings open and the person wraps you in a hug. “I take it you’re glad to see me.” You say. “Of course. I missed my best friend.” He says and kisses your cheek. You smile. “I missed you too.” You say. He smiles and you both walk in. 

Soon the party starts and you all sort of mingle and dance around and drinking. You were just dancing around when you felt someone wrap their arms around your waist and start dancing with you. You squeal and look behind you and see it’s Harry. He smirks and you both start dancing together. You don’t really remember anything else until you remember you both making your way into his room not breaking a kiss. You both fall onto the bed and you take off his shirt and he does the same to you taking your bra off with it before attacking your chest with kisses. Eventually things go further and you wake up the next morning naked next to your naked best friend. “Oh my god.” You say sitting up quickly. “What? What’s wrong?” He mumbles next to you. “Harry!” You say slapping his arm. “We had sex.” You say. He sits up and looks at you. “Oh, wow, we did.” He says. “This doesn’t. This isn’t going to change anything is it?” He asks. You were a little hurt by that because honestly you had feelings for him, but you knew that he would never feel the same way about you. “No, it’s okay. We were both drunk and obviously lonely so I’m just glad it was you and not some random guy.” You say. “We’ll still be friends.” You say. He smiles a bit and nods hugging you. You both then get dressed and go about your day like it didn’t happened, well as best as you two could. 

A few weeks later, you were starting to become sick and you’ve missed your period. You sigh and get a pregnancy test and take it. It comes back positive. You gasp and tears start to fill your eyes. You know who the father is. Harry is. You knew that you couldn’t tell him because he was finally living his dream and a baby with you could ruin that. Ironically, your phone goes off and it’s Harry calling you. You wanted to so badly to answer it, but you couldn’t. You ignore the call and sit down crying your eyes. 

It’s been almost a year and half since you last talked to Harry. He kept trying to contact you, but you would always ignore it and eventually he gave up and stopped. You were now a single mother to a 9 month old baby girl named Emery. You had some errands to run so you bundled up your little girl and put her in the stroller and walked into the city. Emery had your hair color and Harry’s curls has well as he’s eyes. You knew you should have kept this from him, but you only did it because you loved him and you didn’t want him to lose his dream. Especially, since it was just a drunken hookup between two friends. You were pushing Emery in her stroller and she was giggling and waving her little arms around. She loved the stroller and the little walks you both would take. It started to get a bit cold, so you went into your favorite coffee shop to get warm and get something hot to drink. You were waiting in line when you heard your name being called. You looked around and saw Niall and Zayn walking in. “Oh, um hey guys.” you say nervously. “How have you been?” Niall asks hugging you. “I’ve been good.” You say. “What about you guys?” You ask. “Really great. We just got back from tour.” He says. You smile and it’s your turn to order and that’s when they realize the stroller in front of you belongs to you. “Oh, are you babysitting now?” Zayn asks. “Um. No. She’s uh she’s mine.” You say. “You have a baby?” They both say. “Wow. That’s have we really been gone that long.” They laugh. You smile a bit. “Her name is Emery.” You say and turn the stroller towards them. She looks at them with wide eyes and giggles. “She’s beautiful. ” Niall says leaning down and holding his hand out for her. She giggles and takes it and starts chewing  on it. “You know she could almost pass as Harry’s kid.” He jokes. The boys didn’t know about your hookup with Harry. You choke out a laugh and nod. “Well, it was great seeing you guys again, but I better get going. It’s almost her nap time.” You say. They nod. “We miss you. Harry misses you too. We should all hangout sometime.” Zayn says. “Um. Maybe.” you lie. “Bye.” You say and quickly leave the cafe.

You go straight home and change Emery and put her down for a nap. You smile down at her and kiss her head before grabbing the baby monitor and going downstairs. You sigh and put your hand in your hands. You missed the guys too and you missed Harry. You always think about what it would be like to be a family and raise Emery together, but it’s too late. In the middle of your thoughts, you hear someone at the door. You walk over and open it and see Harry standing there. “W-what ar-” You say, but he interrupts you. “Is she mine?” He says. “W-ho?” You say. “Damnit, you know who I’m talking about. Niall and Zayn said they ran into you today and that you have a baby. They were joking about how she looked like me and I did the math. Now unless you slept with someone else around the same time as we hooked up, she’s mine.” He says. You sigh and nod. “Yes. Yes Harry she’s your baby.” You say. “Why didn’t you tell me? Is that why you ignored me? How dare you keep my child away from me? I’ve missed out on 9 months of her life.” He yells at you. “Harry please calm down. I’ll talk  to you, but she’s sleeping.” You say. “Come in.” You say. You then tell him everything. About finding out, why you didn’t tell him.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” He whispers. “I-I don’t know. Maybe. One day. I just you worked so hard for where you are Harry.” You say. “I didn’t want to take that away from you.” “So, you took away my daughter?” He says angrily. “You know I’ve always wanted kids and yes it would have been a shock and I would have been a bit disappointed that it happened now, but I would have been there for you and her."He says. "I love you! I always have and after that night we hooked up, all I could think about was you and how I wanted to be with you. All those times I called and you didn’t answer hurt me. It hurt to know that the girl I was so deeply in love with, wanted nothing to do with me.” He says and you can see tears in his eyes. “And now to know that the reason is because she was keeping the secret of my daughter hurts even worse.” He says. You sniffle and walk over and wrap your arms around him.“I’m so sorry. I thought this was the best and right thing to do, but it wasn’t. I should have told you and gave you the option on being in her life or not.” You say. “I love you too.” You add. He looks up at you and pulls you in for a kiss. Before things can further, you hear a cry on the monitor. “Would you like to go meet your daughter?” You whisper. He nods quickly and you take his hand and walk upstairs to her room. You pick her up and rock her in your arms and Harry smiles down at her. “She’s beautiful.” He whispers. “Want to hold her?” You ask. He nods and holds his arms out. You smile and place her in his arms. She looks up at him and grabs onto his shirt and cuddles into him. “Hi, baby girl.” He whispers. “I’m your Daddy. I love you very much and I’m never going to be away from you again.” He whispers and kisses her head. She coos and closes her eyes again. He smiles and starts to sing to her. You smile and watch the two of them and even thought you and Harry had a lot of things to work on, you two were going to work them out together and be a family for your little girl. You felt a tear in your eye when you realized that your dream was now coming true. 

Okay I’m just so broken by thiscdam episode bc I was s O HAPPY about the SC coming back but some ho w my favorite part was dADACHA LOV ING HIS BIG BRO JU.S T.AAAAAAAA

now that that’s over, Yumoto where are your parents