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I think it’s safe to assume that most of the team hasn’t seen snow?? Like:  

  • Lance is Cuban 
  • Keith most likely grew up in Texas/the south 
  • Hunk is Samoan and he also just. Doesn’t dress for the cold lmao. 
  • Altea didn’t even have rain, I doubt they had snow, so Coran and Allura are out.

Pidge and Shiro are the only ones who potentially could have grown up with snow lmao

Inktober 2017 #1

He ‘swiftly’ captured my heart 💙

9 | Tomorrow




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 “-Not guilty.”

Before you had time to react your mother threw her arms around your frozen frame, spinning you round to face her as she pulled you into a tight hug, happy tears flowing down her face. It went without saying that everybody was thrilled, it was exactly the outcome you’d all wanted and hoped for. The jury had ruled off the case as an accidental hit and run, meaning that there was no way you or Jimin would be going to prison. They didn’t have enough evidence against him.

Everything happened so quickly that you couldn’t remember even standing up to leave, you were truly drunk on adrenaline. It wasn’t until your dad grabbed a firm hold of your hand and started walking with you that you realised it was time to leave.
“Come on, let’s get you home.” He said, still keeping his grip tight on your hand.

As you walked down the hallway to the main exit of the building your dad came to a halt, stopping you in your tracks, his face was red with anger and his signature frown was stronger than ever.
“Dad, what’s wrong?” You asked, eyebrows knitted together in worry. But it was only seconds after that you caught a glimpse of the very person you didn’t want to see.

“Y/N… I’m so sorry.” Taehyung sighed, his face weighed with stress and anxiety, his broad shoulders hunched over in defeat as tears pricked at his large feline eyes.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it Taehyung.” Your dad spat as he shifted his weight between his legs in annoyance. “Don’t you ever think about darkening my daughters doorstep again.” He warned as he pulled you outside the building, your mother and friends in tow.
It was heartbreaking to see your father so disgusted in somebody, especially Tae, he had always liked Taehyung and treated him like his own son throughout the years. Even if though he didn’t deserve it.

Without wasting a moment of time several interviewers and cameramen swarmed to your side as you headed to the car.

“Y/N! Y/N! What are your plans now you’ve been rightfully cleared of all charges?” One young man shouted, louder than everybody else. Normally you would tell your clients to keep walking and not spare a moment for the press but there was one thing in particular you wanted to get off your chest.

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The Justice League trailer had me sobbing profoundly while watching it. I can’t believe it’s real. A dream I had as a 7 year old kid is finally coming to life. And of all people to helm that dream, its the visionary king Zack Snyder. I’m so happy and grateful for this??? It’s not only going to be the movie of my dreams, it’s going to exceed my dreams into something I couldn’t even imagine?? I love Zack Snyder and I love DC so much.


Like I’ve mentioned before, I headcanon that by the time he’s become pokémanz Master, Ash would have bonded the closest with Ho-Oh, out of all the legendaries o/ I mean, first legendary ever saw, and only one not to meet yet, it’s gotta mean something special 8)