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Inktober 2017 #1

He ‘swiftly’ captured my heart 💙


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

someone: um everyone in [insert fandom] cant be gay its not canon this is straight erasure ur being very heterophobic :/

me: oh yeah ???? did i give u the key to the city ?????? i have several phds in Im Gay & Must Create My Own Content & a bachelors in Staying In My Own Lane with a doctorate in If You Dont Like My Content Block Me And Leave ????? also where are ur credentials are u certified who are u how did u breach the barriers of this utmost holy santum security come get this motherfucker


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Degas

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❄️ random Xmas icons: part 1

Season 3, Episode 13: The Fight
  • Percival: No offense, but maybe you think I'm going too fast with Credence 'cause you're going too slow with Newt!
  • Tina: No offense, but I'm going slow 'cause he's going back to London!
  • Percival: No offense, but maybe that's a little bit of an excuse for not acting on your feelings!
  • Tina: No offense, but I don't remember you being the Director of feelings!
  • Percival: Offense! That's rude! I'm gonna go dance. Credence, you're up!
  • Credence: Yay!
  • Newt: Hey, are you OK? I heard yelling.
  • Tina: Yeah, I'm very angry and I'm really drunk. Do you wanna dance with me? Go get me another snork juice.
  • Newt: Oh, that's maybe not the best idea for you.
  • Tina: Forget it! Abernathy!
  • Abernathy: [immediately appears] Yes, I'm here!
  • Tina: Dance up on me!
  • Abernathy: Yes, yes, yes!