ho hum look at me getting all teary eyed over my boys

Sí, Papi

Alright so me and my boy @mcschwifty were talking about gross old men dirty talking into smol boy’s ear in Spanish. And GUESS FUCKING WHAT?! I gotta write this shit now because I love the idea of Spanish speaking Rick. FUCK ME UP!

Tags: Spanish speaking, Dirty Talk, Daddy Kink, Thunder Thighs, Google Translated Spanish because I don’t have a beta for it

Morty is like 17 here. So, a junior in highschool. 11th grade for anyone who doesn’t know what that term means. Also, a big HC of mine is that Morty and Rick don’t stutter while they’re speaking Spanish.

Word Count:3381


Morty walked into Rick’s room fuming out both ears. He had slammed the door shut behind him as the smoke built up around his head. He didn’t stop and look up when Rick called his name from across the room. He dropped his book bag with the slump of his shoulder. He then face planted into the military cot and screamed into the soiled pillow, kicking his legs and hitting his shin against the ending bar. He was so pissed about everything and anything.

His anger could be seen from the tips of his ears as red blush traveled over his body.

“M-OUR-orty, Morty, what are you doing in here? D-Do I come into your room unannounced,“ Rick asked as he walked the length of the room to his bed.

A muffled “Yes!” was his only response.

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