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Heaux Fa Sho'...Ho Tactics and other Ho Reads

Pleased to see so many sb’s getting into the swing of things with reading one of my favorite heaux books, Ho Tactics. I have been telling girls to read this book since last summer, but I see some of you ladies just needed to experience the book on your own time. If you haven’t read the book I highly advise you read it. You don’t have to be a Sb to utilize the lessons within the book, honestly I feel all women should have this in their book collection. It is an authentic perspective on how men way too often view women and how to stay steps ahead of the games and manipulation that play.

I think I am most pleased because the book is actually written by a man and he doesn’t sugar coat anything (see what I did there lol). He also has another book called “Solving Single: How to Get the Ring and Not the Runaround”. That is also a great and informative read. If you still need more advice from this brilliant author go over to his blog blackgirlsareeasy.com. He has plenty of posts from dating, breakups, Ho tactics, relationships whatever. If you look close he also has added extra chapters that compliment his books. One is called “Dick Tactics” and runs about $5.99. I highly recommend you purchase and read this as well. If you are new to the sugar bowl, seasoned vet, or just getting back into the swing of the dating world you should read what he has to say. Over are the days of Steve Harvey sprinkling fairy dust in your eyes, get on board with G.L. Lambert a Ho Mentor lol.