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I have made a remastered version of the tarot cards I have made up to this point. Here’s half or so of them. The others will appear soonish!

Basically what has changed is that I increased the saturation and tweaked some of the colours here and there. I hope you like them!

Ho-Oh - The Hanged Man

Latios and Latias - The Lovers

Kyurem - The Fool

Jirachi - The Star

Xerneas - Justice

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - The Wheel of Fortune

Giratina - The Devil 

Celebi - High Priestess

Yveltal - Death

Mewtwo - Judgement


Upcoming Drama: Missing 9

Release Date: January, 2017 - Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00 
The drama will be set in a deserted island and cover all the things that happen when a plane crash lands there, inside carrying a fallen boy band member dealing with a plagiarism scandal, a girl group, an actor, a bodyguard, an entertainment reporter, and a flight attendant. They will have to deal with how they survive in the wild, and through the adventure and adversity they learn the meaning of love.


Baek Jin Hee as Ra Bong Hee
Jung Kyung Ho as Seo Jun Oh
Chan Yeol as Lee Yeol
Lee Seon Bin as Ha Ji Ah
Choi Tae Joon as Choi Tae Ho
Ryu Won as Yoon So Hee
Oh Jung Se as Jung Ki Joon 
Kim Sang Ho as Hwang Jae Kook
Tae Hang Ho as Tae Ho Hang

The Freshman Book 3 Episode 4 Summary

Why is Sebastian still relevant?

In case anyone was worried, barista boy is still cute.

I never hated Leila for getting in the way of Tyler and Abby hooking up but I will not forgive that bitch for siding with Sebastian.

Sex on school grounds, what-what!

I have zero fucks to give about this book I have to write and James’ play. Good luck in Hollywood, bye dude.

Why the FUCK is that horsey ho asking Kaitlyn to hang out just the two of them?

Do you want to know something about me? I am an incredible sucker for gore and violence. 

Imagine SKULL during The Purge.

I speculate that they would completely let loose and get into as much trouble as they could—with a gang mentality, they’d be terrifying, an extreme menace, and a group that nobody would want to deal with. Guzma would be gung-ho himself, hanging out of vehicles and screaming at the top of his lungs with his ride or die, shooting down anybody that got in his way, breaking into homes and robbing stores so that he’d be nice and FAT the day afterwards. (Not to mention this song right here gives me the imagery of them all howling and getting ready after the commencement.) They would all travel together Mad Max Fury Road-style, ready to just destroy EVERYTHING.
hanging out // zachanne

Roxanne made her way into the common room when she spotted a familiar face. She sat down next to him on the couch and smiled at him. “Hey Zach. Wait, is it okay to call you Zach or do you prefer Zachary?” She asked.

Hanging Out || Macy & Jared

Jared smiled as he pulled onto Macy’s street. It was nice to be out again. Especially at night. There was something about night driving that just felt great and calming. He walked up to the door after parking his car and knocked.