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soooo….competitive figure skating Voltron AU? (there’ll be more to come w Shatt, Pidge/Shiro as a duo, coach Allura and PT Hunk! :D)

Almost all of these poses are ref’d from routines of Yuzuru Hanyuu! He’s got such a beautiful style of figure skating, with lots of flair and flamboyance, it felt really fitting for these two ^-^


Like I’ve mentioned before, I headcanon that by the time he’s become pokémanz Master, Ash would have bonded the closest with Ho-Oh, out of all the legendaries o/ I mean, first legendary ever saw, and only one not to meet yet, it’s gotta mean something special 8)

ahhh i marked my two dances on stage today and the teacher that runs the show was like “you don’t need to audition them we know they’ll be perfect” jfkdkdjsjs i feel Loved and Pressured

Protective Nico (Cinnamon roll!Nozomi AU)

A/N: I’m too lazy to give that fancy-smancy summary and stuff. If you’re interested in this AU check this tag out! I really, really, really liked it, and ever since I saw this AU I’ve wanted to write something for it! So, here it is! x’D Have fun reading and, hopefully, I’ll write more about this because, ahhhh, cinnamon roll!Nozomi gives me life at the moment. *swoons* @kuro-kelly it your beautiful au heeehehehehe

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Here’s how I see it: Empathy is the ability to respect and maybe even understand another’s point of view, revealing larger truths about ourselves and others. Exploitation is the use of another’s experience for personal gain. Empathy requires self-awareness. Exploitation is marked by self-interest. Empathy is about deepening connections. Exploitation, about filling one’s pockets, literal or figurative.
Fighters for revolution and liberation must be brave against the intent of the state to crush us out. Revolution depends on the masses of people concretely, and we’re often childish and foolish figures in comparison to the masses themselves. However dedication and immersion into the people, learning from them, and committing oneself to struggle can allow us to help organize and lead the masses against the reactionary classes.

While these three figures [Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, and Yuri Kochiyama] are mere individuals, remarkable figures they’re in history, precisely because of their dedication of their life in fighting colonialism and imperialism concretely. But this means one needs to prepare for struggle and emulate characters by virtue of revolutionary practice, not mere idolization. How many young people we know today who laud these figures but yet actively do nothing with their relative freedom to conduct work for liberation?

This idol culture must be changed and it can only be done so by looking reality in the face with them about our position today. These figures had no special caliber above anyone else and are made of flesh and bone. Ho lived his life in obscurity and in perpetual hiding losing all sorts of privilege to be gained if he simply bought in with colonialism. Malcolm ended up being murdered by the agents of US imperialism and proto-fascists for standing his ground in fighting for new organizational direction of an emerging Black liberation movement.

Yuri Kochiyama has spent all her decades fighting alongside the people, driven by her solidarity with those who face the harsh repression of the state. It is hard to brave such things and harder to stay committed towards transformation which means liberation for the world’s oppressed and exploited majority. There are of course many questions that need be answered; however it is certain that we won’t win anything if we keep to an impoverished line that refuses to ultimately commit to the prospects of losing one’s life in this struggle.

And with those have too much to lose or perhaps are too frightened at the prospect of such things, there needs to be a network of support to those comrades who are ultimately heading towards this direction and already face the state. Revolution is in the end not a dinner party. It is where one class overthrows and liquidates another, how will that happen?
—  Neftali, “May 19: Celebrating the Lives of Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, and Yuri Kochiyama!”