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soooo….competitive figure skating Voltron AU? (there’ll be more to come w Shatt, Pidge/Shiro as a duo, coach Allura and PT Hunk! :D)

Almost all of these poses are ref’d from routines of Yuzuru Hanyuu! He’s got such a beautiful style of figure skating, with lots of flair and flamboyance, it felt really fitting for these two ^-^

I can’t believe it’s already a week since me and @judarchan met Johnny Weir in Wilmington for the Spring Ice Show 2017 ç__ç ♥

He and all the staff of the Skating Club were so kind ;w; “you came from Italy … it’s crazy!” … well indeed it was a little crazy buuut … ♥ ofc we took the best places just right in the front of the rink ♥ it’s amazing seeing him skating live ;w;

me on the left, @judarchan on the right and that cute adorable and super talented cinnamon roll ;w; ♥

ghhhhhh çwç ♥♥♥ he hugged us so many times ;w;

And he also signed our skates ;w; ♥ (with our names too ;w;! ) Sometimes I look at them and .. i can’t believe that it really happened yet ;w; ♥

He is not only an amazing artist, but also a wonderful, kind person ♥


Like I’ve mentioned before, I headcanon that by the time he’s become pokémanz Master, Ash would have bonded the closest with Ho-Oh, out of all the legendaries o/ I mean, first legendary ever saw, and only one not to meet yet, it’s gotta mean something special 8)

Drag Race Predictions

If y’all haven’t watched last night’s episode just stop here, because I talk about who gets eliminated.

So, now that our sweet wailing princess Farrah is gone, (I loved Farrah, and I feel so bad she never got a chance to shine) it’s time to start eliminating some fan favorites. My predictions are of course influenced a bit by who I like, but I’m also trying to keep it objective.

Next week, I think Alexis or Valentina are going home. My money is on Valentina. The challenge is making a TV pilot, so it’s another writing/comedy challenge. Valentina’s humor is relatively one-note, and really hasn’t delivered. Last night’s challenge was rough for her. Her laughs came from the confusing mix of accents and affectations, not really from her wit. Her Snatch Game got me really excited because I thought it was one of the best concepts for snatch game in herstory, but it was really the same joke. She hasn’t really stood out in a while in this competition, yes she was top 3 in 9021-ho, but I was a little disappointed because I felt like she was just doing the valley girl voice she always does in untucked. I’m just not seeing a whole lot of versatility with her, and I think that comes from her limited experience performing in drag. I like Valentina a lot, I just think she’s showed us everything at this point unfortunately. Even the other queens are starting to see Valentina as kind of a place holder. All the reads about just standing there and smiling were telling to me. 

Alexis is my other contender to go home next week. This is a group challenge, and she doesn’t really play well with others. Also, her personality is very diva-esque (she’s a drag queen I know but she goes a bit further than the other girls.) She also knows she only has one win, and was just in the bottom. I kinda predict her making the entire pilot about herself to try to stand out, but as we saw last night when Alexis gives herself a big role she crumbles. Plus, we found out last night, she can’t write for shit, so I don’t actually trust her to come up with a funny role for herself. I’m also pretty tired of her attitude. As much as I identify with the jappy queen from New York, she’s been pretty bratty lately especially when things aren’t going her way. Now things really aren’t going her way since she was on the bottom, so I’m pretty sure she’s sunk.

I think Nina is also in danger, and could be a surprise elimination either next, or in between Alexis and Valentina. To me, Nina doesn’t really seem like she wants to be there. She’s been kind of over it all for a while, and my patience is wearing thin. I love Nina’s out of the box style so much, but she’s got a major attitude problem. Her little tantrum with Shea last night was over the line. Shea has done nothing but help build Nina up, and inspire confidence in her every week, so I think her shitting on her biggest ally was a subtle way of detaching and pushing herself towards the door. She also has done really poorly in the acting challenges. Even when she has her choice of character, she’s so uncomfortable committing to anything other than Nina, and it’s not looking good for her having to make a character after what she tried last night. I honestly think it’ll be her and Valentina in the bottom 2 this week, and I think Nina will survive that lip sync. I also say Nina for top 5 because she’s too good for ratings for the show to let her go any sooner. She’s been the main antagonist, and one of the most talked about queens for a lot of reasons.

That leaves us with a top 4 of Shea Coulee, Trinity Taylor, Sasha Velour, and Peppermint. Who makes it to top 3 is pretty up in the air, but there are a few things to consider. Namely, Shea is the only guarantee right now. She’s never landed anywhere near the bottom, and she’s clearly a favorite for the judges. Even the guest judges have loved Shea with such limited exposure. I don’t think there’s a clearer front-runner, and Shea is easily my pick to win. It’s about time a Chicago girl won, and She has navigated this competition so beautifully that I think it’d be a crime to give the crown to anyone else.

As it currently stands, I think Trinity will be in the top 3 as well, so long as she pulls her shit together. She’s already lip synced once, and got real close this week. She does have 2 wins which helps, but if she’s in the bottom again, I think that’ll hurt her chances of making it to the final 3, especially if Sasha or Peppermint win another challenge. I like Trinity enormously though, which has been the biggest surprise of this season, and I’m kind of hoping she makes it to the final 3, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if she didn’t. 

I think Sasha is in a lot better standing than most people realize. Sasha won “Good Morning Bitches,” and made top 3 in the CUNT pageant, snatch game, and now the comedy challenge. She’s been in the top 3 for literally half of this competition, and I think after 9021-ho she kind of figured out her exact humor wont always work, and learned how to make her style more TV friendly. She’s playing this game really well, and she’s really smart. I think she could easily win another challenge and secure a spot in the top.

Peppermint is the dark horse of this competition. It’s weird to say that, because she’s basically been the narrator all season, so it’s hard to imagine this season without Peppermint. She has the best confessionals, and the most magnetic personality of the group. Another really good one for TV. Until last night, I was convinced Peppermint would make it to the top 4, then get sent home because clearly no one this season could beat her in a lip sync (except maybe Trinity so let’s all hope to god that becomes a legendary lip sync in herstory somehow.) If she wins another challenge, she’ll make it to top 3 easy. I also think Peppermint might pull a Naomi Smalls right now and just start kicking ass at the last minute. I love Peppermint, and it’d make me really happy to see her make top 3. In that case, it’d be whoever doesn’t have more than one win to get bumped from the top.

So, in summary, I think the elimination order is Valentina, Alexis, and Nina for the next 3 weeks. Then, the top 3 will come down to challenge wins. I predict the top 3 will be Shea, Trinity, and Sasha (with Peppermint winning Ms Congeniality) but my ideal top 3 is Shea, Sasha, and Peppermint. I’ve really loved this season, and I’m actually rooting for a lot of the girls which never happens. I just fucking love this show so much.

Pensieri random

Mi definirei una ragazza piuttosto intraprendente, se qualcuno mi interessa particolarmente cerco di farglielo capire in maniera più o meno velata e solitamente questa cosa è apprezzata anche se spesso ho fatto enormi figure di merda perché ho frainteso la gentilezza di una persona per interesse nei miei confronti. In ogni caso se mi piace qualcuno solitamente non me ne sto in attesa che questo si dichiari, perché come ho ben detto spesso non tollero le attese e le cose preferisco saperle subito. Come non tollero le attese, non tollero assolutamente tutti quei giochetti del cazzo tipo: “se gli hai scritto tu per ultima allora devi aspettare che si faccia vivo lui”, oppure tutte quelle questioni del farsi desiderare e far passare le ore prima di rispondere. 

Che poi oh non è che sia chissà che brava con gli approcci e a flirtare, ma onestamente me ne sbatto altamente.

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Lexa has a Litwick

you are 100% right, here’s lexa with her first litwick (knowing her she’s up to 9 of them now and Clarke is trying to tell her to chill on the pokemon hunting) 


we just need to talk about this again, how feminine minho worked this. like.. hips, steps, twirly finger, little coy head movement. like, flawless. like, minho was born to do this but was suppressed all these years… kyuhyun and suho got nothing on minho here. no shame in his tiny body.

the natural femme nature he carries blazes so brightly here. i might need some sunglasses.

Protective Nico (Cinnamon roll!Nozomi AU)

A/N: I’m too lazy to give that fancy-smancy summary and stuff. If you’re interested in this AU check this tag out! I really, really, really liked it, and ever since I saw this AU I’ve wanted to write something for it! So, here it is! x’D Have fun reading and, hopefully, I’ll write more about this because, ahhhh, cinnamon roll!Nozomi gives me life at the moment. *swoons* @kuro-kelly it your beautiful au heeehehehehe

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