ho boy this was fun

Bit by bit, I’ve gotten Link to open up to me…I wish to talk with him more and to see what lies beneath those calm waters, to hear him speak freely and openly.”

A gem fusion collab with the way too incredibly nice @sualne , where we both drew our own interpretations of what the fusion would look like.

I had so much fun doing the colours and design for this! And working with Sully was so great! 

Here is their half of the trade! Isn’t it cool!

P.S: If anyone else wants to do this kind of thing I am all for! Even if you don’t want to draw one side that’s totally cool! Just throw your gems at me and ill draw it!


Zergnan was created @deductionfreak 
Story written by him
Art by myself

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Hi so my sis is redrawing people frisks and she redrew the first panel on page 26! We are in love with the idea of a blind frisk and can’t wait to see how it progresses (especially when the others figure out frisk is blind)


this is such a nice redraw im dying those trees are hard to draw and your sis drew it so well?? 



The entire backstory and even some plot all wrapped up in one looooong update!

Well at least it’s out of the way all in one go, eh? :)

Part 2: Renegade
<Pages 72 - 81>



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GOM and Hanamiya reacting to their S/O dunk slam cam them in front of the whole class for a vine.

I hope I got this right! -T-chan

Kuroko would just smile before he would pull them close and kiss them in front of everyone. He wouldn’t feel embarrassed as he’d actually plan this the moment he saw that his partner has something up their sleeve. Revenge can also be sweet.

Kise would blink all confused before his eyes would widen and exclaim all excited. He’d be so focused on the fact that they dunk slammed that he would completely ignore it was for the vine. He’d boast so much and praise them lots.

Midorima would react a bit indifferently. While he’ll surely be surprised, but once he sees/realizes it was for a vine, he’ll just smile and compliment them.

Aomine would be excited because damn he had no idea his partner could dunk slam too. Like ho boy will he have fun time playing with them. If they’re not that good with the play, he won’t hesitate to help them. Though it would be more likely Aomine would ask them to dunk slam again just to see how they do it.

Murasakibara would be indifferent though if you looked closely his eyes would surely widen. He wouldn’t say anything, but just go back into position and tell them to try again. He’d be tempted and motivated to stop them second time around.

Akashi would be surprised, but he’d already knew they could do something like that. He’d smile and compliment them, perhaps even kiss them since it’s for a vine just to make them flustered.

Hanamiya would just smirk because he definitely didn’t think they could do it. He’d be more motivated to make them see that playing with him is rather not a good idea. But he wouldn’t hesitate to show them how it’s done either. Also, it’ll be kinda hard to make Hanamiya do something where he could be a laughing stock, so unless his partner promised him something, he’d hardly do it.

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Could you possibly draw galra Keith tangled up in yarn? or maybe Altaen lance?

went for altean lance! i wanted to do him for awhile but i just didnt know the timing. and i was planning to draw him just as a sketch but.. ho boy i had fun 

I give up on actually drawing backgrounds lol. Anyways I beat Tales of  Zestiria for the eighth time today. 

Because they sent me a message to welcome me into the fandom I dedicate this to @looveel-realm (looks a little different than the sketch did at first huh? lol!

Anyways thanks fir being awesome and sending me those messages I’m glad to be contributing to the fandom!

So… I binged watched the entire Nanatsu no Taizai anime in one day. (It was yesterday. And I binged read the manga into this morning?) 

Yeah so. Thoughts - I like it. And I am totally looking forward to season 2. 

First, I love how it is made extremely evident who everyone’s love interests are within ONE SEASON. ONE. Most anime don’t even BOTHER fully establishing who the main pairings are until it is too late and any romantic interaction between them is either too little or too subtle. Nanatsu no Taizai? It gives us not one, not two, but THREE FULLY ESTABLISHED PAIRS FROM THE GET GO AND IT IS CLEARLY ESTABLISHED HOW THE FEELINGS REACHED THAT POINT IN THE FIRST PLACE. The manga further develops each and everyone of them, but ho boy it was amazing.

Second, fight scenes are fun!!! Varied abilities are always fun to work with since one can easily counter another depending on how you write it in. BNHA is one example. And Nanatsu no Taizai cinches it as well. 

Third, the amount of foreshadowing in regards to Meliodas and Elizabeth is incredible. I love these two, Meliodas for just being himself, and Elizabeth for always cheering him on. Look. Healer characters aren’t always the best to read about, and Elizabeth is normally the damsel in distress. But damn, when she wants to spare Meliodas more pain does she try her best to pull off the impossible!

Fourth, character interaction. This is a group of people who regardless of their pasts, love so very deeply. Meliodas for Elizabeth. Ban for Elaine. King for Diane and Elaine (and one more I will not say because it is a major spoiler). Even characters like Merlin, Gowther and Escanor all show love very deeply, even if for some, this isn’t revealed until the manga. This why when one is forced to choose between their love and their friendship with each other… they are always so conflicted. Best examples are Meliodas and Ban, and Ban and King. 

This was amazing. I wanted to wait before I watched this show when it first came out. And I was right to do so. This was beautiful, and at some points left me teary-eyed

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This is the anon from last week that was gonna meet her friends bi friend and ho boy it was so fun she's so funny and nice and she complimented my shirt and laughed at my jokes and I made a joke and she said "I love this girl" and when my dad picked me up she told him I was awesome my gay heart is soaring. But she has just a flirty personality so I can't tell if it's just that? I got her Snapchat and wanna message her but I have no idea what to say? Also how long should I wait before I snap her?

Hi I’m sorry I didn’t answer your other message !!!!!! That’s so exciting aw I mean flirty personalities are tough sometimes but I think at the very least you’re off to a good start and if you exchanged social media you should hit her up ! If nothing else she wants to be friends and having friends is a great time, best case scenario she thought you were cute and fun to hang out with and wants to talk to you in that context and either way that’s dope