Dear Anonymous askers,

I don’t mind the anonymous asks, but I’m getting tired of the same person coming back and asking the same rude thing over and over in different ’internet speak’. So I’d just thought I’d let you all know that this will be my last reaction to a rude anonymous question/statement. Your stupidity will not be posted on my blog and I feel generally sorry that you have nothing better to do but sit behind your computer and say mean and hurtful things that you probably don’t even know. Get some help, because I won’t be your daily dose of hateful gratification anymore. (: 

-Sinceraly, me.  <3 <3 

PS. I’d advice all of my followers who get hatemail from anonymous to do the same. (: Love you guys! 

Dear followers,

Thank you all for following me for whatever reason it may be. I promise that I looked at all of your blogs, and followed those I find to have similar taste to me. I really appreciate all of you. <3