hnr things

Drawing him didn’t take long.
Doing that little animation thingy with his eyes and making the gif took forever…

(and I couldn’t even do it properly… ya’ll with animation majors are crazy.)
(and I still don’t know how to make gifs properly so yaaay for that stupid watermark on the bottom right corner lolz.)

This is a Hirunaka no Ryuusei Week!!

As you may have seen/noticed I have posted hnr caps every day ( one or two posts per day) and so I’ll be posting till the end of this week. It’ll be mostly one character or pairs ( mazume, shizume etc.) and also some things that I like about HnR in gerenal /blushes, scenes, speaches, friendships etc./. Also this might last a bit longer or shorter than a week, considering my status [ Semi Hiatus and stuff, it all changes quite fast ]

[[ Note: This isn’t a general thing, I’m just doing it by myself cause I want to and feel like it. It’s not something to participate in / of course, if you want to you can do something like this by yourself, idk/ . It’s just for my own entertainment and also for my followers. And… because I’ve reached 1k+ followers, so consider it an event to celebrate it! ]]

Here are the caps I’ve made so far:  HnR things