OKAY, SO this is my first time writing one of these things out bUT : would people reblog/like this post if they’d be willing to roleplay with an independent Daiki Mamura blog ( from Yamamori Mika’s Hirunaka no Ryuusei/Daytimg Shooting Star ) ? ? ? I’ve got nearly two years experience writing him, but since I’ve just remade his blog I’m looking for people to write with !



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After months of waiting, doubting, and saving, I was finally able to buy some books and magazines!!!!!!  :D  I got volumes 2, 4, and 5 of HnR, one volume of Tsubaki-Chou, a Margaret Magazine with the memorial illustrations book, and a Hana to Yume magazine with a Fruits Basket clear-file!!! I hope I can get the rest of Tsubaki-Chou and HnR soon  >.<

This is my manga shelf, haha! I just wanted to share my collection (not pictured are the newest Margaret magazines with the super cute furoku! Also waiting on Tsubaki 3 & HnR 2!) I just thought I would share because I really appreciate your scanlations but I also really appreciate how much you push the purchase of manga to support the authors! Creating manga seems like such a difficult task with only small bits of pay off for a single volume so I buy as much as I can (and for everyone saying they are broke, I totally am too and I totally save up too!) my favorite mangaka’s are Yazawa Ai, Yamakawa Aiji, and of course Yamamori Mika (my three Ya’s lol) so now I buy whatever I can, when I can and I’ve just finished learning kana so I can even start reading them too and it’s much cheaper than English copies! 💕💕💕