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Main three and astronomer s/o


-Constantly takes them stargazing

-Wants to learn all the constellations

-Actually succeeds

-S/o is very impressed, because someone as forgetful as him managed it


-Finds it incredibly cute

-Often organises dates that involve astronomy one way or another

-Takes s/o to the observatory a lot

-Loves watching s/o’s eyes sparkle when they talk about it


-Isn’t too interested at first

-But gradually grows interested after hearing s/o talk about it often

-Really likes cuddling under the stars

-But to tsundere shy to admit

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Just wanted to confirm~ Do you update His on Mondays PST(/HNP) and Three's a Crowd on Fridays PST? If that is the pattern, can I ask why Three's a Crowd latest chapter isn't out today (Friday PST)? Thank you and I love your stories. They're amazing!!!

I update His every Monday but I don’t really have a specific time. I just update on that day. With TaC, I don’t really have a day or time for when I update it. I just update that fic whenever I can. Thank you for enjoying my stories!😁😁😁

Human neural progenitor cells stained with RFP, MAP2, and DAPI.

I’d been taking pictures of this line for hours—this particular line seemed to pick up the RFP staining way too much so it was obnoxious to get good pictures. I finally took a break from my actual task and took to idly zooming around the slide at 10x magnification.

The results were breathtaking.

Happy New Year ! ♥

Sorry, LQ. -_-“ Btw, Happy New Year ! >:D<

I wanna experience new things this next 365 days of my life. ♥ ♥ ♥

Idon'twannafeelthefeelingthatIthoughtI'dforgotten.Iwannamove-on. :)

*shocked* Wow, ume-english. HAHAHA ! NewYear na dw kasi ehh, Pagbigyan birthday ko din nman sa Tuesday ehh. XD