Ah it actually goes like this, Edd stayed at Eduardo’s house for few nights so Jon would get use to Eduardo again (bonding) and for some reason when jon possesses Edd, Eduardo feels more tension from Edd than Jon so he ended up having a liking towards Edd

Jon doesn’t mind Cuz he sees Eduardo like a dad or boss or something and he’s just really happy to see his friend again, Edd would come back once a week to check on them until Eduardo and Edd became really really close like they stopped fighting and so the story goes on :’), I’m a terrible writer I dunno how to write a story

Fun fact: Tom Hiddleston is the first guest in the current Reasonably Priced Car to get a ’Very Wet’ note on the leaderboard.

And then there’s the Top Gear team blogging afterwards: ‘possibly our wettest celebrity lap of all time’…

You cheeky bastard.

EDIT: Some lovely folks have pointed out to me that he’s not the actual first one ever, but he is the first since the new RPC came on. My apologies & post amended.


I saw this beautiful post and couldn’t stop thinking about a China AU, or Mari suddenly being asked to model clothes… and I JUST NEEDED IT, OK. PS hair things are hard.

Also today I learned that men tying up their hair is totally my thing, because I saw this post of Nath putting his hair up, and thinking about it gave me heart palpitations. So yeah.