Things I’d really love to see in s2:

  • Yuuri winning the Grand Prix Final
  • The wedding
  • Victor knowing how to handle Yuuri’s anxiety
  • Yuuri gaining a lot more self confidence 
  • Yurio’s incoming growth spurt
  • More character development for Yurio
  • More development between Yurio and Otabek (romantic or not, I’m honestly fine with both) 
  • More backstory on Yurio and Victor
  • Domestic Victor/Yuuri moments
  • Maybe a cute new wlw couple??? Maybe involving Sara?? Omg imagine the possibilities~
  • More of Chris, Phichit, and Yuuko

Ah it actually goes like this, Edd stayed at Eduardo’s house for few nights so Jon would get use to Eduardo again (bonding) and for some reason when jon possesses Edd, Eduardo feels more tension from Edd than Jon so he ended up having a liking towards Edd

Jon doesn’t mind Cuz he sees Eduardo like a dad or boss or something and he’s just really happy to see his friend again, Edd would come back once a week to check on them until Eduardo and Edd became really really close like they stopped fighting and so the story goes on :’), I’m a terrible writer I dunno how to write a story

                              THANK YOU !

        After searching through blogs to try and find this to just reblog it, i came up empty handed. so the best i can do is just remake the post and hope for the best.

      But hey, once again I’m gonna post this. This is a super-cool but also pretty lame giveaway where I thank you guys for sticking w/ me and putting up with all my shit and loving me through all my moods and even deleting my fucking blog lm ao. and gosh thank you for spreading the word and helping me gain a quarter of my follows back already ;;w;;

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Examples of blankets under the cut ! They were mostly made for babies, but can obviously be made bigger !

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Artist problems
  • “my music playlist stopped three hours ago and I never turned it back on”
  • “merge the layer Kronk””WRONG LAYEEEEEEEEEEER”
  • “why do I even HAVE that layer”
  • “where the fuck is the hole”
  • “writing action SUCKS”
  • “Hm…if I kill this character I can progress this story how I want it to, but everyone will hate me…”
  • ”…how long ago did I save”
  • “it looked so much better in my head”
  • “i really gotta go to the bathroom BUT IF I GO I’LL GET OUT OF THE ZONE”
  • *posts work on the internet**gets two notes*”all these hours wasted”*sees a picture of a bagel with thousands of notes*”wtf”

Feel free to add more to this list.


I saw this beautiful post and couldn’t stop thinking about a China AU, or Mari suddenly being asked to model clothes… and I JUST NEEDED IT, OK. PS hair things are hard.

Also today I learned that men tying up their hair is totally my thing, because I saw this post of Nath putting his hair up, and thinking about it gave me heart palpitations. So yeah.

T6T Thoughts - Long Version

I’m by no means caught up on all the theories and what not, but I HAD TO write down my thoughts on T6T, otherwise I can’t sleep @_@ (I had written this up earlier but then my laptop froze hnnnnng)

//Sherlock must subconsciously know something’s up with Norbury in the beginning, otherwise he wouldn’t have talked to her like that, however silly the chitchat

//THE NEW INTRO SEQUENCE aslkdjfaslkdjf it’s all about John and Sherlock 💕

//The London aquarium as a setting omg SO GOOD. Lots of water = feelings and also the shark referencing Culverton from next ep. Magnussen was referred to as a shark as well (all connected to Moriarty’s plans always lurking in the bg)

//After that really dark scene with the merchant’s tale, it all gets suddenly very fast-paced and slapstick-y, they’re trying to pull wool over our eyes. >_>

//John is blogging (“221Back!”) but his blog isn’t getting updated anymore at all? I wonder whether that’s because of the fallout, if he deleted drafts or what.

//Sherlock is working like a MANIAC in those scenes. Overcompensation? Trying to distract himself from something or someone?

//John missed FIFTY-NINE CALLS from his highly pregnant wife while out on a romp with Sherlock (more giggling!). CLEAR PRIORITIES

//OK JOHN WITH THE FLOWER!! Listen this is huge, it MUST be a TPLOSH reference. When Watson has the flower behind his ear in TPLOSH, it’s when the whole theatre thinks him and Sherlock are a romantic couple. He dances with women which are slowly getting replaced by men. Later when he confronts Holmes about the rumours (and Holmes says he’s being presumptuous when he thinks there have been women in his life) he STILL wears that flower! Anyway, what I’m saying is the flower is Gay™. So while he sure seems flattered that the lady giving him her number, it’s made clear that his heart is elsewhere.

//WHEN SHERLOCK ASKS “IS IT MY BIRTHDAY”? alskdflasjdflksajdf my poor bb, yes almost 💜

//Sherlock hates Thatcher SO MUCH it’s like his soul leaves his body when he so much as sees a picture of her, it’s amazing. All of these shots of Thatcher being smashed peppered throughout the episode are hilarious to me.

//The effects (like Sherlock/Thatcher mash ups) & scene transitions (Mycroft exploding into pieces lol) are super OUT THERE in this ep, like they actually make you wonder whether it’s real life or not. This means that we’re wearing this whole thing through a heavy filter, whether it’s covered in a thick layer of symbolism (very likely), or hallucinations, a dream, mind palace… or HET GOGGLES? 😏

//Can we take a minute to appreciate how HOT Sherlock and John are in this, holy shitcakes I cannot

//Sherlock taking apart the client with the faded tattoo for shits & giggles, but ACTUALLY kind of talking about Mary? Saying the wife is a spy and linking her to Moriarty? Also when Lestrade is there later and Sherlock shouts at him “SHE’S NOT THE ONE!” while John is standing right next to him? Yeah….. #notacoincidence

//also that lovesick balloon jesus christ John

//UHM JOHN. when he says “Some people […] obsess over one thing and they can’t let it go” and then STARES POINTEDLY AT SHERLOCK

//Sherlock casually telling John “I like you” when they’re waiting with Toby

//Anyone else think the pool fight choreography was super weird? How they kept holding each other under the little waterfall thing? But anyway, wet Sherlock. Feels!

//Sherlock acting like he trusts Mary. Like is it just me?? Did anyone else not believe that for a single second? Or do I have a bias? Idk idk but all that talk about Sherlock’s vow felt very stilted to me and could potentially mean something else.

//Mycroft is so proud of sounding like wikipedia sldkfjsld bless 💛

//THE NIGHTTIME TEXT CONVO. I MEAN. Even when watching this for the first time live, it immediately stood out to me that THERE ARE NO NAMES. This must mean something. I instantly took it to mean that he’s actually talking to Sherlock. Now, the texts are kind of flirty, but not necessarily sexual. I wonder if it’s Sherlock, whether it means something had already happened between them or whether it was just dancing around the subject again, but with them obviously being a lot closer again than it previously seemed? What I wanna know is: In TFP, are we actually gonna see flashbacks of them just making out between scenes or something, I AM DEAD SERIOUS I’M ASKING. Flashback reveals seem to be a thing this series, lolol

//John and Mary sitting on that sofa before the ep’s finale, sitting so far apart. LOOK AT THEM. This is a non-relationship.

//OK SO Mary getting shot. She doesn’t take the bullet bc she loves Sherlock so much (I mean she almost killed him and then drugged him again to steal the AGRA USB this very episode). What she IS doing, however, is burning out his heart. She’s known all along that John and Sherlock are a unit, and probably also that they love each other. She knows that Sherlock can’t function without John anymore. So she makes SURE John will feel maximum guilt over this. First of all, he’s been ‘cheating’ on her with Sherlock, and it has been clear that his heart was never in the relationship. And THEN, in her dying moments, Mary lets loose an speech about how perfect her life was with him, how much she loved him and he was the perfect husband… reaaaallly driving home that guilt. John really badly hates himself in that moment and lashes out at Sherlock, whom he irrationally sees at the core of all of his problems at that moment. Sherlock, who came into his life all cheekbones and danger and he made him love again. Sherlock, who is infinitely more interesting than anyone else he’s ever met, including his wife. And now his wife is dead thinking John was perfect and not knowing he was a cheating bastard. John is FURIOUS with himself and with Sherlock by extension. He thinks their relationship possibly just killed his wife. When he yells at Sherlock about his vow, he’s actually blaming his own inability to be a good husband.