The Author makes his own books and even goes through the trouble of binding them.

Mabel has a billion scrapbooks and never misses an opportunity to add to them.

The Author is not only a researcher, he’s a bonafide artist who has great technical drawings and craftsmanship skills.

Mabel considers herself a visionary, art-inclined, crafty, and constantly flowing with creative ideas. She got mad potential art skills.

I mean I know the twins aren’t “one or the other” because they are their own characters yeah I’ve always got that but WHATEVER THE AUTHOR IS THE “MABEL” TWIN OF STANFORD AND STANLEY YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME THAT THEY AREN’T MEANT TO PARALLEL EACH OTHER LIKE STAN AND DIPPER DO BECAUSE





Last night I had the privilege of seeing Darren take on “Hedwig” and he was phenomenal. I was really blown away by his performance.

About a week ago, I made this post, but by the time the opening chords of Origin of Love were playing, all my concerns vanished. He played her so brilliantly.

She was…bitter. She was angry. She was tired. She was tired of being angry. Every joke had a caustic edge to it. Every time she got angry or distressed, she fell. Literally. She was exhausted. During Exquisite Corpse, she practically stumbled around the stage, shouting the lyrics and collapsing onto the floor.

NPH’s performance was spectacular, and Michael C. Hall’s was a lot of fun, but Darren’s portrayal spoke to me on a deeply personal level. Later, at the stage door, I thanked him for how he played her and told him he was amazing and he said Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it, but I don’t think he, or really anyone, could grasp how much this performance meant to me.

When I first came to terms with my sexuality in ninth grade, I didn’t tell anyone. I indirectly told my best friend and then shut up about it until the beginning of this school year (I’m a senior now). I came out to my dad first, then my best friends, then my GSA. And I hated it. It was awful. Coming out, for me, was an incredibly uncomfortable experience and I hated my sexuality and resented it and I haven’t come out to anyone since September. And I was PISSED. I was really angry at society and myself and the powers that be that I was who I was, that I even had to come out in the first place, that I had to explain to my dad what pansexual meant, that I have to explain myself, that I had to be scared of being rejected by the people I love just because I feel things a little differently than they do. I was ANGRY. I still am. But recently, I’ve realized there’s no point. It’s not accomplishing anything. But I still am, nevertheless. Being angry at something that won’t change is exhausting. I am tired. I’m so sick and tired of being mad.

And Darren’s performance last night really HIT me. I loved the show with all of my heart for various reasons beforehand, but last night was the first time I really, truly felt a personal connection with the show as a whole. And I can’t thank him enough.

Thank you, Darren. Thank you, Rebecca and Lena and JCM and Stephen Trask.

Thank you, Hedwig.


This just proves that Ella is a massive dork. She needs a GoPro for more practices. 


Okay so have you ever played Padiddle in the car? If not, it’s a game when you see a on coming car with one headlight out you hit the ceiling and yell Padiddle! Then there are rules set before hand that anything could happen when one person hits the ceiling first they win and all the other people have to do that something.

Anywaaaaaays when my boyfriend and I are alone in the car we play Padiddle and we jokingly play if you get a Padiddle the other person has to take a piece of clothing off. (It is me 100% of the time)(Which I’m usually driving so half the time I only take off one shoe) BUT HE ALWAYS WINS I NEVER. GET. PADDIDLE. FIRST. EVER.

BUT YESTERDAY I got a Padiddle first for like the first time in 6 months. I was joking around about him taking off a shoe, like I usually do, and all of a sudden he just RIPS his shirt off and just HNNNGG. So I’m trying to focus on the road while simultaneously drooling and playing with his belly. AND THEN. We end up turning onto a bumpy curvy road. HIS BELLY STARTING JIGGLING SO MUCH. ACTUALLY. HIS EVERYTHING WAS JIGGLING. I was dying because you can’t take windy turns with one hand and just hnnnnng. He was just sitting there with the most SMUG smile on his face and STARTS JIGGLING HIS BELLY AND KNEADING IT WITH TWO HANDS. @:#%%#£¥~£\%

So I’m sitting there dying trying not to crash into a tree or something and he’s just sitting there so proud of himself. He has gotten so much more confident lately and it is sexually frustrating 😭. When we got back to his house I couldn’t help but jump on him and just bury my face in his belly 😩

The Hunter: “Oh yeah, I’ve met a lot of people! Like Eileen, Alfred, Plain Doll, Fat-free Guacamole, and Djuritos.”