hnnnng are you seeing this shading

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I drew your Chara! I like how in this AU Chara isn’t really the villain (yet?), I feel like that’s a big misconception between Undertale fans that Chara is, like, pure evil and destruction and maniacal laughter.

But in Underline we get to see Chara’s soft side! :) All the characters are so involved! I love it a lot! Thanks for everything!

(Thanks for answering my asks, btw!)

Oh gosh this is so cute and so well done! The shading and lighting is just so gorgeous and holy heck THE EYES!? Like HNNNNG Those eyes are so adorable ♥ Also your style is really cute!! Also the sparkling around the locket is so pretty, I really love it ;_; Thank you so much for the fanart!

* Dusty throws a whole bunch of chocolates at you… They’re from Halloween last year… but there’s some love in there too! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و♥💕💙💗