hot stuff hot pants

Imagine your OTP lying down. Person A lays curled up against Person B, with their head and a hand resting on Person B’s chest. Their other arm is wrapped around Person B’s neck, elevating Person B’s head to a comfortable angle. Person B’s hand is placed gently on Person A’s head. The pair lies like this peacefully for a few hours.

So I really can’t get over Haru having a (lost long) twin, whose the complete opposite of him, like not only could this end fanwars between Rinharu and Makoharu fans (b/c each boy gets one) but juST IMAGINE THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES YOU CAN PLAY WITH TWINS. I MEAN, LIKE THERE ARE SO MANY, LIKE THEY COULD GO ON DOUBLE DATES, OR LIKE HARU AND HIS TWIN COULD SWITCH BOYFRIENDS FOR A DAY FOR A PRANK OR LIKE SDAKSD UGH THEY SHOULD’VE STUCK WITH THE TWIN IDEA. OR MAYBE NOT. I CAN’T HANDLE TWO SMILING HARU’S, GAH.


Sooooo, even though I make t-shirts for a living at my reg’lar old-fashioned day job, I’ve never broken into the online t-shirt market. Until now. Since there weren’t any MacCready shirts out there, I figured I should take a stab at it and see how well I do. I’m really nervous/anxious! I hope someone out there likes it and maybe buys it! 

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