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Since you are sick (and I hope you get better soooon) I thought I should tell you how much I freakin-frack love your art and your art style. Its. All. So. Wonderful. And as a suggestion for what to draw I have literally had this idea FOR EVER. And I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this but in my eyes it's PERFECT. Okay. Okay. But just imagine. Hinata. As Peter Pan. If you hate it that cool but YACHI COULD BE TINKERBELL OR WENDY OR KAGS COULD BE WENDY AND

Thank you very much! And thank you for this suggestion - I was very taken with it <3 Hinata makes the cutest Peter Pan! I was going to draw more of him but then my brain kinda went ASDFGHJKL; SEIJOU MERMAIDS and short-circuited…


Juliet (horrified): He has a beard. A beard!

Nurse (chuckling): Oh, nothing wrong with a beard, love… Get one of them rubbing up and down your back…

(from Romeo and Juliet: a Novel , chapter 10)

I wonder…. did David Hewson make fun of us? I bet Richard had some fun, reading this bit and knowing his fandom…

Imagine Carlos bringing Cecil back home with him to visit his family, and Cecil hanging back shyly as various members of Carlos’s family shoot him excited questions in Spanish. All night he answers questions, saying things like, “Yes, it’s serious.”, “I know he’s handsome, but he’s also mine.”  and “He is the sexiest person in Night Vale- just listen to his voice!”, until after dinner when his grandmother asks him about what he really feels.

Carlos looks at Cecil and, in Spanish, says, “He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” and while the whole family coos, his grandmother, a sparkle in her eye, asks Cecil the same thing and without thinking he responds in perfectly fluent Spanish. Shocked, and with cheeks burning, Carlos asks if he’s been able to understand everything they have been saying throughout the evening and Cecil nods, laughing as Carlos buries his head in his hands while his grandmother pats him on the back.


Okay I accidentally designed a new animatronic character and I’m still messing with her design so far

her name is Tamera and she’s a white bat

things might be changed in the future idk yet but aay she’s a cutey at least. I’m still having trouble coming up with a personality for her though hnnng oh well it’s a work in progress