hnnng thanks so much

I’ve been a fan for only about a month or two now. But to show thanks for making me smile I draw you and SkyVixie! I hope SkyVixie gets better from being sick soon!



Thank you for being a fan I super duper appreciate it ;u;

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Can I request Todoroki from BNHA with a flower crown on his sweet little head~? Maybe he could be giving a shy smile cause hnnng my heart needs it.

He’s loving the flower crown ❤ Thank you so much for this ask dear ;o; I hope you like this!

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Hi, it's 3am and I've been crying for an hour, because of how much I relate to your Vague Alex. Like LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I am the breathing-female version. Thank you for writing him. It's seriously helped me so much in my life right now. I don't know if that makes sense, but just know your art/work makes an impact 🖤 ~🦋

you don’t know how much your words shot me right through the FEELS!
i am so happy to hear that! and Thank you so much hnnng come ‘ere and lemme hug you!

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HNNNG OMG thank you so much for following me back! I’ve been silently reading your HSJ stories for a while now and you’re one of my most favorite writers ever! \(//∇//)\ Hope you’re having a good day so far! (´;ω;`)

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Oh my goodness my dear! Thank you so much for sending this message to me! It is my pleasure to follow YOU and I am truly honored that you enjoy my stories! I am so sorry I missed this post until tonight. I had internet issues and missed it! I am super thankful for your support and I squealed at being your favorite author! How beautiful you are to share such a sweet thought with me!!! I will work very hard to be worthy of that designation!!! MMMWAH!


I finished my part of our art trade. A little Sonic for you, I hope you like it! (ovo)/

It’s perfect!! I love it so so much!!! ♥ Thank you!!!

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Hey There! I was wondering if you could do Charlotte or Elfie in the Pixel Brush Style? I love how you make those characters so Maz Adorbs! Especially the pixel brush makes everything so much more adorbable! (Or whatever FE Fates Character you wish to do ATM.)

aaah HELLO and alsdfkjs thank you so much for your kind words !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
hnnng I’M SO GLAD TO HEAR that you like the pixel brush !! i tried doing a real quick charlotte tho i drew a skirt because i couldn’t resist aha; hope you like it and THANK YOU for stopping by ~~ ♡

//weeps also sorry i’m doing these requests a bit out of order ; o ;

I thought I’d make a bit of fan art for this blog!

I hope you like it!


AHHHH Thank you so very much!! This looks so amazing!!♥ HNNNG Both DT chara and normal chara! Your style is super cute! Even on DT Chara :D and I love the veins and lighting <3 hnnng so nice~

*Dusty braids your hair and uses love to tie it 💘💗ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ💟

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*bursts in* Are you still sad? If so do this: say beep bop over and over, cuddle a toy, eat a tasty snack, watch a funny YouTube video, do some blood rituals, or maybe take a nap!