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I, as a larrie, am proud that DnP beat HnL, tbh. I know my fandom was basically turned into ashes, and DnP are amazing and lovely boys.

i’m sure larry will return from the ashes at some point u just hang in there people

  • HLN: What about you, Theo -- are you an outdoorsy guy?
  • Shailene: You are, in a sense.
  • Theo: I like to drink… not water, just pure alcohol. No, I enjoy that. Shai is very good at that kind of thing. She’s a much better person than me.
  • Shailene: Don’t put yourself down, man!
  • Theo: But you are very good! And she does it genuinely. But, yeah, I’m into adventurous stuff.
Top 15 fics I would sell my soul for to be made into movies/TV

1. Performance In A Leading Role and it’s sequal: Lifetime Achievement by Mad_Lori  

2. The Measure Of A Gentleman by i_ship_an_armada 

3. Just Like That Series by cwb

4. John Watson, Bachelor (Director’s Cut) by Rayonea 

5. At Least There’s The Football Series by sheffiesharpe 

6. Not Broken, Just Bent by Schmiezi 

7. Working On The Edges by earlgreytea68 

8. To The Sticking Place by blueink3 

9. Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid 

10. Wars We Fought, Things We’re Not by blueink3

11. Over/Under Series by khorazir

12. The Tennis Series by Jupiter_Ash

13. Be Here Now Series by Todesfuge

14. LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin

15. Fly Very High by yalublyutebya