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sasha is an unstoppable force who will claim the crown and win over the crowd and win the crown too and rupaul will t hnak her for being on her show and being a good sport and eureka will not return for season 10 because shes so ashamed of her actions and needs to calm

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arc: girl with the sun in her eyes

Hey, Hnak, you ask, what is this arc you’ve been tagging things for?
I’m glad you asked because I’m about to tell you.

This arc is Joe’s process of transitioning. This has been in the planning stages since I started this blog and now I’m doing it. Jericho now identifies openly as a woman and will be changing her name to Jasmine.

A lot of the arc will be done via drabbles, heavily featuring Amber (a friend of Adeline and investigator at Searchers Inc), but if you want to get involved more, feel free to message me about it.

I’ll be working on updating pages to reflect the proper pronouns for her soon, as well as (slowly) editing some of the headcanon posts.

Lastly, I will drop a couple of threads that are mostly just chatting, but the ones I don’t drop will be tagged “pre!transition”. Any new threads started, Jasmine will be presenting as a girl.

Anyway, happy trans day of visibility.

Hey friends!

With TDoV (Trans Day of Visibility, in case anyone did not know) coming up, I plan to make simple edits for promos for my own trans/nb characters and if you would like one for your blog, let me know!

– Mod Hnak

Stranger Things| Closed AU

Johnathon Storm was having possibly the most uncomfortable carriage ride in his entire life.

The steam powered vehicle pushed it’s passengers from New York to California, shaking them about continuously. It was a new vehicular design by Reed Richards for military use. It was one of the many miraculous machines Richards had created over the years… or one of the not so miraculous in Johnny’s opinion.

It was Reed’s inventions that had gotten him into this colossal mess in the first place. A flying machine, to be exact.

If men were meant to fly, they would have wings.

Johnny thought bitterly as his mind traveled back to the accident. The craft was designed to be manned by four highly prepared individuals, however when two of Reed’s men were injured traveling to Fort Baxter, located on the peninsula of Florida, Johnny’s dear sister offered herself and her brother to her fiance. After days of arguing on her behalf, Reed managed to convince the colonel that Susan was capable of piloting the aircraft.

As the man of the family, Johnny felt partly responsible for allowing his sister to accompany them on the foolish adventure. At the time however, he was completely excited at the possibility of flight.

So when the three boarded the ship, accompanied by one of Reed’s long time associates, Benjamin Grimm, nobody had any inkling of the terrors that awaited them. At first, it was incredible. The machine lifted off the ground with incredible ease, taking off from the beach and sailing yards above the deep blue ocean waters. They had traveled far out, till the beach had vanished.

Then the machine just stopped. It hovered in the air at a standstill for a moment before plunging into the depths. Johnny couldn’t remember much of the events after, he recalled the stinging cold sensation and bright lights flashing in his eyes as he pulled himself out of the machine’s restraints. Then everything went black. When Johnny came to, he was in a hospital with the rest of the crew. After five days of being missing, their bodies had been discovered washed ashore from the same beach they took off from.

A mysterious occurrence, that only progressively became more strange. After a night on shore, Ben was stricken by an affliction that changed his entire body into an orange rock like material. Susan began disappearing from sight while standing in plain view. Reed began to stretch to fantastic lengths to fix his friends, quite literally, turning his limbs into noodles. Johnny himself, had increased significantly in body temperature to the point of bursting into flames on multiple occasions.

Needless to say, Colonel Von Doom found these developments to be fascinating… and horrifying. He sent out a telegram to a base in California, and found a Doctor for the crew.

So Johnathon storm had to sit next to a giant grump for hours on end. He hoped Doctor Pym could discover what possible chemical or exposure had transformed them… not that he really wanted to change back. But it would be nice to not have to travel with a rocky companion.