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My brother needs all your duaas

The whole situation with my brother I need you guys to understand that he has no shame. He looked my mother dead in the eye and said “I do drugs, I will always do drugs until I no longer want to do drugs and if you don’t like it I don’t care. You guys(talking about my sister, mother and I) mean nothing to me.” These drugs and alcohol and shaitan friends have literally taken him over. All of his dreams, goals, wiped away because of his inability to take responsibility for his actions and to correct his actions.

He wants us to be okey with him not praying and be okay with the fact that he does drugs and drinks. When we said that we couldn’t, he said that WE were RUINING his life. He truly believes that there’s nothing wrong with drugs or his lifestyle and friends. His mind is so twisted that he can’t think clearly. I’m scared that he will be killed by one of these fools or be arrest for a drug related crime.

My mother did not come from our country to have her youngest son do drugs, drink alcohol and ignore the deen. She cries everyday. She can’t sleep properly. He’s stolen thousands of dollars from us to feed his addiction. My mothers mental health will be in jeopardy if he doesn’t get his life and Deen back together.

So please just pray for him and my mother. Pray that he stops doing drugs, pray that he stops associated with these shaitan boys, pray that he returns to the right path. And pray that my mother finds sabr and that allah eases her worries, pray that Allah protects her from his vile and evil words. Pray that she keeps her sanity. Please just pray for my brother and mother!

Title: For You, I Will Fight 
Summary: Sakura Haruno was finally happy; the war was over, her best friends just got married, Sasuke Uchiha was no longer a rouge nin, and she was continuing her work as a medic but an expected suprise threatens to burst her euphoric bubble and she will soon begin a battle that she must face alone and no amount of ninjustu will help her win.
A/N: This is my first ss fanfiction ever, it’s exciting but scary haha but be warned I havent finished Naruto so it might not be exactly canon. I hope you all enjoy c: (read on ao3 here

Chapter 1: 4-6 weeks 

She was counting backwards in her head, it had been thirty two days, there was no way but it had been over a month now but only by two days and it was just two measly days.

Two days ago Sakura was laughing and celebrating with her friends at Naruto and Hinata’s weeding but now she was sitting in bathroom at work trying to count how many days it had been since her last cycle.

And by her calculations, she was two days late.

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My father just opened up a pharmacy in Somalia. I’m happy for him, truly happy for him. I hope that it prospers and that Allah rewards him immensely for opening up this pharmacy to help our people. Please make duaa that Allah makes this pharmacy a success. Pray that my father gets rewarded for providing medicine to those who need it most and can barely afford it. Please pray that Somalia becomes a country of peace and stability. Pray that my people no longer sleep hungry, pray that Somali children can play outside without fear of being bomb. Pray that Somalia prospers and pray that my father’s pharmacy becomes a success!

There’s something different about you. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me want to change every bad thing about myself.
—  K.A. Robinson, Torn 
Duas need

Please pray for my brother. He’s friends with this shaitan of a person. This boy ruined my brothers life. He introduced him to drugs and alcohol and persuaded him to drop out of college. We’re at out wits end. Please, we need duas. I need my brother back. I’m tired of crying everyday for him. He’s literally ruining his life here in the dunyia and his life in akhirah. If you know the pain of having to see a person with a drug addiction please pray for my brother and please ask that allah gives strength and sabr to my mother. She didn’t come all the way from Somalia for her son to do drugs and call her names and disrespect her. She cries everyday and her life knows no peace. Please, we need your duas„I want my brother to get away from these shaitans and I want him to succeed in life. I’m afraid that one day we’ll get a call that he’s been arrest, killed or died. He had aspiration of becoming a business man and was pursuing a degree in computer science and business. Now that’s all gone and he wanders from house to house. This shaitan of a person ruined his life and subsequently our life.


 こういうことを、こころの「to do」リストに入れて、

Tôi đã yêu rất nhiều…
Và cũng “ghét” không ít…
Để rồi, sau những vấp váp, sau những ngọt ngào và cả đắng chát, tôi nhận ra, có những thứ cảm xúc trái ngược không triệt tiêu nhau, mà nuôi sống nhau. Như thể, càng cay đắng thì càng si mê…Như thể, người mà bạn nghĩ là căm ghét nhất, lại có thể chính là người bạn yêu thương nhiều nhất…Đề rồi, có những lần tôi nghĩ phải rời xa Hà Nội thì mới sống được - thế mà, dù đặt chân lên không ít mảnh đất khác, tôi lại nhớ về Hà Nội, nhớ quay quắt Hà Nội, dù có thể, đấy là một cô nhân tình hơi đỏng đảnh và khó chiều…
—  Việt Anh
If you’d let me, I’d hold you, not just your hand or your body but also your heart. I’d let you rest on me and you can come to me and relax knowing I will love you and never judge you. I will be your home, if you choose me and I will show you the love I am capable of and more. Arms always open to welcome you in; to welcome you home. I will walk with you, your hand and heart safe in mine.

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Balafre and Spectre (scar and ghost) akakuro of course ^^ (your writing it too good,)

  • Balafre: Scar 
  • Spectre: Ghost

[Akashi POV] 

There is an entity in my house. It is a rather visible figment of a teenager with short hair. It moves about the house and disappears in the morning. 

I’ve been seeing it since my mother passed away but never made an attempt to approach it. I haven’t spoken to anyone about the ghost due to my prior knowledge of what people thought of the supernatural. 

But I feel that this entity is lonely. I know that it watches me. It accompanies me when I play my violin, when I play the piano, when I do my schoolwork and such. Always choosing to be my audience from an acceptable distance.

Was it odd? Yes. But I came to realization that I was no longer in my own solitude. By accepting the entity, I accepted a new friend.

I placed my violin down. And I stared at the ghost behind me. It seemed startled. Perhaps it never knew that I could ‘see’. I smiled at it.

From then on, this ghost followed me everywhere I went. It became a proper audience by watching me play from the front view and it sometimes helped me with my homework (especially History).

I do not know the purpose of this ghost but it had neither spoken nor touched me in any way. That is until—

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