It was a fine sunday afternoon when the discussion of their daughters future summon came up.

‘‘Fine snake.’’

‘‘Absolutely not!’‘

‘‘Why not?’‘

‘‘I got my fare share of snakes since the forest of death!’‘


‘‘Don’t hn me!’‘



‘‘Very ladylike Sakura.’‘






‘‘Sakura ‘‘

Sasuke got up from his chair and walked slowly towards Sakura while maintaining eye contact.

Clear amusement shone in Sasuke’s eyes while Sakura’s eyes  held a challenge in them.


‘‘Are you going to stop?’‘


Sakura backs away from Sasuke as he gets closer.



Sasuke smirks at his wife’s antics as her back hits the wall,he puts his hand on the wall beside her,cornering her between his arm and the wall.

Sasuke’s gaze meets Sakura’s as if daring her to continue.

‘‘Last chance.’‘ Sasuke warns,a teasing edge clear in his voice.


Sasuke’s smirk widened as he picked Sakura up and carried her over his shoulder to the couch where he got on top of her.

Sasuke  leaned his head towards his giggling wife,who looked torn between amusement and annoyance.

‘‘That was your last chance.’‘ he whispered against her ear as she raised her hands to push him off.

‘‘What’s wrong?’‘he said as his smirk widened.

The women didn’t answer she just kept trying to push him off of her,if she was actually trying he’d be buried in the hokage mountain,but she wasn’t.

Normally Sasuke would stop at any sign of discomfort from his wife,even if she didn’t tell him,but he wasn’t planing on stopping until she gives up.

‘‘I warned you.’‘ He said as he his lips grazed the side of neck


  Sasuke grabbed both her hands with his own and put them over her head as his hands moved towards the buttons on dress and her hands tangled in his hair.




‘‘Mama, papa uncle Naruto taught me how to summon toads tod_’‘

Sarada stopped in her tracks when she saw the site of her parents in the living room.

Her mother was laying on the couch,her face the same shade as her hair,the top of her dress was unbuttoned,and her father was on the other side of the room,looking startled and a tinge of redness on his cheeks while his normally combed hair was all over the place.

Sarada’s face turned from surprised to repulsed.

‘‘Eww you guys get a room.’‘ she said as she marched towards her own room.

Both Sasuke and Sakura froze in their places, Sakura got even redder.

After a minute Sasuke spoke

‘‘She said Naruto taught her how to summon a toad.’‘ Sasuke said, breaking the silence.





‘‘Ughh! fine you win!’‘