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dating daveed headcanons

daveed is definitely the reserved kinda guy right but with you he’s the opposite

  • he tells you everything like is ideas, his problems, about his days etc
  • which helps a lot with the relationship ig cause you guys are really close because of it 
  • basically he would trust you with his life

he gets flustered very easily alright its adorable

  • usually when you compliment him on something
  • like “you look great today” or “that was adorable” or something like that
  • and he blushes and laughs and its so cute i could go on


  • listen he’s ok with you talking to guy friends if he knows them
  • ie he doesnt mind if you talk to anthony, oak, lin, etc
  • but as soon as he sees you talking to someone he doesnt know his ass goes on jealous mode in a sec
  • and he goes to stand at your side and introduces himself bc he’s lowkey extra
  • and he’s like “i’m daveed, (Y/N)’s boyfriend.” and seeing him jealous is actually kinda funny

which brings me to the fact that he would fight someone for you

  • listen if a guy ((or girl)) was making you uncomfortable or making you upset/scared etc he would punch them without a doubt
  • once he punched a guy who put something in your drink
  • but its all because he loves you and wants to keep you safe

“i love you” 

  • alright he would tell u he loves literally once every ten minutes
  • he just wants you to know alright 
  • and you would jokingly roll your eyes and tell him something like “you’ve told me that three times already”
  • but in reality you love it when he tells you 

i was tagged by @milklattaes to do the 10 most played songs tag,, love u <333

1. save me - bts

2. shell across the tongue - drowners

3. mama - bts

4. dope - bts

5. interlude: wings - bts

6. cypher 3 - bts

7. russian roulette - red velvet

8. 7th sense - nct u

9. silver spoon - bts

10. ginger - the front bottoms

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from me to you.

I can’t believe it’s already September!! we survived another month, guys!! cheers!! x 🤧💐🌻🌼🌷🌸 I don’t really have a proper tag, but if you guys ever need some positivity, you can check out /tagged/foryou (the link’s in my description, too; under sunshine). that said, I hope you guys have a wonderful week!! I appreciate every single one of you!! be kind, stay strong!! we’ll get through this month together!! hmu if you ever need anything!! (someone to talk to or just want to share a photo of cats!!) hugshugs 🙆🏻💕💖 

I was tagged by @vulpi-xing (thank you for the lovely questions this took four years lol)

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1. Quick, there’s a zombie apocalypse! Which three idols/celebrities are in your survival squad?
um probs jungkook, inseong (knk) and jinyoung (bc like i need ppl who are rational and serious but also some1 who’s strong lmao or else im DEAD)
2. A song for a rainy day?
don’t wanna cry by seventeen or between the bars by elliot smith
3. Favorite childhood cartoon?
4. If you were a dog, what kind would you be?
probably some lazy one like a bulldog lmao
5. What album would be the soundtrack to your autobiographical film?
EXIT: E by winner
6. What would be your career if you weren’t held back by financial reasons and you could literally do anything you wanted?
a manuscript writer/ cinematographer/ director
7. Milk before cereal or cereal before milk?
8. Favorite meme?
9. Favorite ice cream flavor?
um chocolate but im more of a sorbet person tbh
10. Would you rather know everything on one topic only or know only a little bit about every topic?
ahhgg i guess a little about every topic?? i would def get through school easier lmao
11. You and your favorite group/band are grouped together for a science project. How screwed are you guys? How does that go?
wow ok… so im grouped together with bts (lmao i have a million favs but yeah lets go with them) and since namjoon is a goddamn genius he’ll probs go to work right away??? i mean things will go fine until SOMEBODY (namjoon) fucks shit up and accidentally destroys the entire solar system (bc thats what we’re doing). now jin is screaming and jhope (aka the sun) is a lil sad but anyways meanwhile yoongi has gone to sleep and he’s gone (rip). meanwhile meanwhile tae’s trying really hard to fix namjoons mess but he somehow makes it worse bc he actually have no clue what we’re doing…. so anyways everything ends up working out in the end bc the golden maknaeTM solves everything just with his presence. 

11 questions (i suck at this lmao)
1. Favourite song atm?
2. A line you always sing along to?
3. If you could have a superpower, which one would it be?
4. Where in the world would you wanna travel the most?
5. Whats your favourite sound?
6. How would you describe a perfect day?
7. Favourite season?
8. Whats one word you use all the time?
9. Are you a cat or dog person?
10. Pizza or hamburger?
11. You’re trapped on a stranded island. Which group/band/artist would you bring and why?

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hi uh … I don’t know if you knew this but I … really like Akaoi

art time

hello buddies i should be workin on a logo commission rn b u t while im workin on that i also wanna practice drawing different faces and body types n stuff SO

ill be doin some sketches for practice rn!! ill draw you or your oc or whatever rlly (these arent shaded but the ones im gonna do will prob be a lil shaded) - its basically like a free sketch commission!!

all u gotta do is be following me and rb this post. then submit a picture or link me to one and ill draw the person/character in that picture and tag u!!! 

(((i dont kno if ppl will actually want this or not but if i get too many then ill make a post sayin not to send in any more)))

basically everybody wins bc i get more practice and u get a free drawing so hmu!!! 

!! i was tagged by @minkibread who is super cute wth??? it was “post a moodboard of your wanna one bias” and the one w/ your bias not in wanna one buttttt,,,i’m too lazy rn lol

and how do people make moodboard uhm

anyways!! bless snow for blurring my skin LOL (their filters are !! so cute!!) and make sure to tag me so i can see your beautiful faces!! so i can spam u and hype you up bc i bet u guys are all beautiful!! even if we aren’t mutuals, hmu so we can be friends!

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i was tagged by @kangyungbrian thanks!!! Hmu if u wanna I love brian sm (and also im terrible but i love these things so here we go)

rules: using only song titles of one artist/band cleverly answer the questions and then tag ten people

artist/band: BTOB

what is your gender: my GIRL (lmao)

how do you feel: I’m bored

if you could go anywhere: Paradise (sungjae’s solo but still)

mode of transportation: stand up (and walk bc save the environment kids)

your best friend: WOW

favorite time of day: I don’t know

if your life was a tv show: Why (a question i ask myself EVERY DAY)

relationship status: You can cry (bc it’s fucking sad)

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do you have any blog reccs?

sure i do

talented, beautiful beings i love and also bother with my bad sense of humor on more or less daily basis:

@creamphilled ( my angel ) @heckdan ( my rat ) @giantdorktrash ( my dad )

some amazing creators i admire; nice, funny ppl that you really should be following:

@phiru @softphl @acephan @tan-howell @shoujodan @hobbithair @demonphannie @fireflyphil @danrat @pseudophan @rosylester @btsphan @lesterie @snowylester @ratinof @fuckinlester @bitesizedhowell @softlester @lesbiandnp @starlesshowell @greyphan @marvelphil @oops-phan @fringecringes @danschode @espadaroja @theaterdan @flowerless-lester @cheekboneslester @philsnose @librarylester @lungwort @howellsome  @articulatehowell @cloudshowell @petalphan @lattehowell @howelljesus @theanomex @howelllll @dangoghst @danthelgbticon @dantlers @mrphilip @nailpolishlouis @dollhowell  @animatedlester @rooibxs @danandphilbakes @heckphil @danjlester @phillesterdaily  @liguorihowell @brumousdan @howelter @rebloggingphan @closetphannie @shibeinuhowell @byedan @danhowellgifs @arcticlester @artsyphil @treephil @fariland @faephilly @cringe-attacks@vodkagirls @nasameme @calmdan @prettydan @snugdan @glitterdan 

there were like 200 more mutuals i wanted to @ but it would take hours one day i will make a proper follow forever  and this supposed to be a little rec list,,, so sorry ;;; i love you all and appreciate everything you do to make this hell site a better place, ty 

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oh um i dont want 2 disappoint u im really just a random bithc i think i followed you today (was it today? I dont kno i have memory issues) because i thought your url was hilarious

Omg i meant that as a joke u rly didnt have 2 but i THINk i know who u r now? (I had like 2 or 3 people follow me yesterday i think? im gay and i cant conceptualize time or numbers)

Also bc im on mobile and cant add tags 2 asks: u can always hmu in dms!!! I luff talking to people ^-^

heyho, hi y’all ! i’m in a shitty tz jane ( she / her ), 20, certified garbage for dua lipa and several shows & here to bring u my not so trashy child nicolina. tbh i’ve had my eyes on this rp ever since it hit the tags which .. u all know has been a While. anyhow, if you want to plot just hmu or like this and i’ll come to u !

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@ireallylovehalloween tagged me to list 10 of my favorite characters! oh man oh man oh m

  2. edward midford
  3. francis midford
  4. kagamine len
  5. judgement boy
  6. nico yazawa
  7. duke venomania
  8. crona gorgon
  9. chika takami
  10. yumeno kyusaku

this wasnt in any specific kind of order btw !!! i just. lvoe these nya’s

im gonna tag @mlmbf @halloqueen @charac @49thstreet @heals @popiarst !!! u dont have to do this if u dont want to tho

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nicknames: ash or Andy (I don’t really have a lot tbh)

gender: female

Hogwarts house: I have a confession to make… I’ve never read or watched anything from the Harry potter series… though I’ve been told I’m a hufflepuff

favorite animal: cats or penguins (I used to know all the different species of penguins o my)

average hours sleeping: it used to be 5-4 when I was in high school but now that I’m in college it’s like 8-9

dogs or cats: I like cats more just bc dogs kinda scare me. I have a story where my dogs attacked me once and ever sense then I just don’t fuc with them

number of blankets I sleep with: 1 or none it’s heckin hot in Cali rn

dream trip: I always wanted to go to mexico or Puerto Rico, that’s where my family is from, but Japan or Thailand would be amazing

dream job: makeup artist

when I made this account: well I’ve had a Tumblr since like 2012, but this account is not even a year I think?

why I made this account: to get into the kpop fandom lmao

Oh uhh tag drop for some quality relationships though

ooc ; since it’s sunday & my dash will be full of blacklisted posts anyway ( tag ur n/sfw kiddos !! ) I’ll be staying away from here for the day & run some errands, clean, game for a bit etc. u can catch me on discord tho! hmu if u want my discord.