hms defiant


megawatchathon 2k16 day three: O Captain My Captain

after which Jen said ok you have to vote for your favourite captain and well I’m sorry, Greg, you’re swoony and adorable but Jack Aubrey is always my fave captain. 

Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951), Master and Commander (2003) and Damn The Defiant! (1962). Hornblower is actually really good, with surprising standards of accuracy for 1950s hollywood (except the ladies gowns, obvs, and what are ladies even doing in a Napoleonic Wars Era Naval Drama ffs, I like my NWENDs like I like my WW2 films: homoerotic). Damn the Defiant features another great Dirk-is-a-sadistic-rotter performance. 

We saw at least two amputations, four masts destroyed, four floggings, three boardings, one wet Greg and a billion husbands-at-sea moments.