My View on Racism

Here’s my honest opinion on the crazy amount of racism, I’ve experienced and seen online recently. It no longer bothers me, and here’s why.

A person who goes out of their way to verbally or personally attack someone for the way they were born, is a weak person.   I’ve noticed that every time I outsmart a (Closeted) racist,  I go from being a cool Black Guy to a NIGGA in 3.5.  That person has insecurities and feels the need to broadcast it.

My view about how to handle  these situations have obviously changed, because my first instinct would be to start delivering ass whoopins to peoples door steps, and honestly , that would be way more fun, but the worlds greatest warriors were great because they could not only physically conquer their enemies ,  a lot of times, the simply outsmarted them, and before hand the battle was won.  My point being, don’t let these racists upset you. Outsmart them! Plus…. a lot of police are racist, and won’t mind helping out their fellow Klan member. 

Here’s the big picture:

“Ignorance is its own marketing and promotion team. An ignorant person doesn’t need any help with proving how ignorant they are. Many of them have a Phd in Ignorance, and in their free time, they instruct others on how to be ignorant. These Doctors and students of The Ignorant Curriculum, provide many traps to engage in psychological and sometimes physical combat with the weak. Don’t become distracted and fall into the trap. Remember that you have the power to overlook ignorance, for ignorance is only a small yet consistent element of the bigger picture." 


Let them look like fools…shit, I love me some fried chicken and watermelon, but more importantly I love myself, and I will not waste any energy on someone who doesn’t; which leads to my word of the week!

Word of the Week: "FUCKEM” - originated in The Black Part of Chicago, it means:  Fuck those racist assholes, because I’m the shit. 

-Haile Monster

(excuse the typos mfkaa, if there are any)