Hmong girl in Korea~~~~

So, my one Hmong friend that I have here in Korea came to visit me this weekend. Our goal? Make Hmong food! So, as young Hmong ladies, we may not be the best groomed “Hmong Nyabs” haha, so I attempted to make Kapoon for the first time in my LIFE!

Technically, this is my second time, however the first time I made my Hmong friends do everything while I talked and did nothing. 

Mom sent me some Noodles and Curry Paste a few months back and I finally got around to cooking them. 

To be honest, the taste was pretty damn good! The only downside was the soup was a little too watery. It wasn’t thick enough. But, my tummy felt pretty happy and content!

Tomorrow, we will make Hmong Egg Rolls because the Chinese grocery store downtown had egg roll wraps! I am so excited!  I can make egg rolls, but I always had someone else do the frying. I’ve never done that part, so let’s see how that goes tomorrow! 

Wild Goose Chase

Went to 3 different Chinese stores in Gyeongi-do yesterday that were within 30 minutes from me. No one sold egg roll wraps, or had any idea what they were. 

It was either, go all the way to Daerim station today and risk not finding anything, or suck it up and try to find them online. 

Alas, I was able to find a few online stores that sold them. I bought 3-50 packs. We called, they will deliver by Friday for Saturday’s Thanksgiving potluck! 

Alas, Hmong Egg Rolls will be happening this weekend. Excited for our Thanksgiving potluck. Granted it will be half Asian food half white people food, I have no other way to put it, but if you’re Asian, you know what I mean… so, this will be an interesting combination. 

As long as I can get some rice, I will be happy.