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Hmong or Mong (lus Hmoob / lug Moob / lol Hmongb) is the language of the Hmong peole, who live in of southern central China, northern Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

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In Hmong we don’t say “I miss you” we say “Kuv nco koj” which literally translates to “I remember you” and that’s more than just sad.

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Give Hmong people representation in the media.

I know I’m white and have no place talking about Asian issues but I’ve had quite a few Hmong friends in my life and I don’t see any characters in mainstream media representing them.

They are a large ethnic group where I live and I hear Hmong being spoken in the streets all the time. Let it be spoken in mainstream media too.

There are far too many groups that need more representation but I must say I’ve never once seen a post mentioning Hmong people. They have their names consistently mispronounced and many people in areas where they’re not densely concentrated don’t even know the proper anglicized pronunciation of Hmong.

Point out when Hmong New Years happens. It’s not the same as Chinese. Try going to a Hmong restaurant if you have one in your city. Much of their cuisine isn’t like other Asian food you might be familiar with and it is delicious.

I’m not going to say much more, because like I said I’m white. I don’t know nearly enough about the culture to go in depth and I know if I tried I’d make mistakes. But the Hmong community has had a huge presence in my city for a very long time now and it makes my blood boil that my friends and teachers don’t seem to get representation even in posts that call for more representation.

This is just from what I’ve observed and from my limited experience as a white person living in a diverse area. I apologize if I’ve made any mistakes here or if it isn’t my place to talk about this, but seriously. Give Hmong people some representation in the mainstream media.

Hmong lovers who live far from one another will often communicate over the distance by whistling with leaves.  It’s so beautifully done, their melodic song travels far distances and is full of romance and poetry. In times of war, Hmong people also used their leaf whistling skills to secretly communicate with one another and warn of danger or enemy approach.

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