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Hmn... would you be interested in drawing @unu-nunu-art's Error kitty and Ink dog? (If you're okay with drawing animals that is ^^)

This two cuties, right? They’re truly adorable, it was so fun ♥ I wasn’t expecting it to took that long, sorry!

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I think it's between Hufflepuff or Slytherin 100%. I personally lean towards Slytherin, but I see what you mean about the 'after' thing. I still think it fits though! I mean, the first things Percy ever does in TLT are: eavesdrop on a conversation, get expelled from school, and defeat the minotaur by basically outwitting it. (HE'S TOTALLY QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN & HALFBLOOD THO) I feel bad like I'm trying to convince you when it's definitely all your decision, but pssst his tie would match his eyes.:)

you mean…………like this?

you make a very…very interesting argument….hmn.


Pilot Re-watch (Again) Hidden meaning in the conversation between Ella and Sketchy Byron.

They SHOULD be concerned for their daughter’s friend’s whereabouts but it appears if you pay more attention the concern is for Byron? Why? That poor family, but what about Alison? Hmn, interesting. On its own it might mean nothing but her concern for Byron made me think. Would she not have said Aria, since a missing girl could have been her daughter. Why Byron of all people, an adult male.

If you watch Ella’s body language, I think she knows more than she has let on. I am actually starting to doubt she was passed out all night “that night” as she claimed. 

Iceland, of all places to go on sabbatical. SO far away from Rosewood. WHY Byron, what are you hiding. An affair doesn’t do that, Alison was missing, who was going to tell on you, not Aria? What was your real reason for leaving. What is your SECRET.

I totally missed this before but I am back on a Byron kick wondering if either he or Peter is Bethany’s father so I am watching again.

We have had so many stories with the Hastings, I would love it if is A was a Montgomery (please, but not Aria) it would be very interesting. SO much room for plot, because that is where the holes are. 

That damn photo album Byron had, who was in it. That has always driven me nuts.

And then there is the nut-bar Meredith. Who knows where she is.