spiritmonkey14 asked:

Hey new to the blog i came here because of a video on youtube i saw regarding Lapis Lazuli, and they mentioned your blog by name, and I wanted to know, do you havea gemsona?

Hey! I’m guessing you’re referring to @the-a-j-universe​‘s “The Lapis Conspiracy” video? In which case I’m just gonna slap a little link here to the theory that AJ was referencing, just in case that’s pertinent to your interests.

Moving on to the actual question, I…. do not have a gemsona! Ages ago I cranked one out that was a moss agate but as sometimes happens to me with characters, she sort of shuffled away from me and became her own character. I think if I was going to draw literally-me-as-a-Gem, and just going off the castes we’ve already seen, I would probably depict myself as a peridot, because I generally use robots as an extended metaphor to describe my thought process, and also I empathize with Peridot a lot.

I mean, my birthstone is amethyst, but I don’t think I’m quite big and buff enough to be a quartz.

Just picking a random stone, not necessarily if I’d seen it in canon? Uh, not looking deeply into meanings, I still think moss agates are pretty rad, and there’s yellow aventurine, which is all sparkly! Look at it!

There’s also sunstone, which is a beautiful and sometimes terrifying Sauron-rock, but that’s kinda… I’m staying away from that until there is specific evidence that Yellow Diamond is not a sunstone. I blog about YD a lot but I am not insinuating I am YD, mostly because a lot of my theories suggest that being YD right now at this juncture is not incredibly fun.

I have really let the wh0le universal balance thing slip. I am g0ing t0 up my game and really get d0wn t0 breaking things that l00k imp0rtant game up.

… 0r I c0uld keep d0ing what I’m d0ing and enj0y quiet life with 0ne ermine and far t00 many green things.