hmmmmm better not

Sometimes I wonder if Mark decided to bring Darkiplier back and do it properly after he saw the major success Jack had with implementing Anti and was like “hmmmmm better jump on that there hype train”

Or better yet if Jack fucking texted him not long after the Anti hype started getting huge and was like “BRUUUUUUUHHHHH YOU GOTTA TRY THIS SHIT” 😂

  • Scorp: * calling *
  • Rosie: Hi... * sleepy voice *
  • Scorp: Rosie, hi. Were you sleeping?
  • Rosie: I was trying, but nop. Are you okay?
  • Scorp: Hmmmmm... Yes, definitely better now listening you. And you?
  • Rosie: Yep, I'm fine. * laughs *
  • Scorp: I like when you laugh.
  • Rosie: Scorpie... Why did you call?
  • Scorp: I was wondering if you were doing something, but you're going to sleep.
  • Rosie: Tomorrow we work.
  • Scorp: Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.
  • Rosie: * laughs a little embarrassed *