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Shingeki no Kyojin OST. - The Reluctant Heroes

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Hi! Just wanted to ask if you're ever going to do another aspects of a domestic cat in black? I didn't have money when you did it first and I'd like it to match my domestic boy print I'm getting😊❤ It's ok of not! I'm just not fan of the blue

there’s still 25 left in stock for the blue variant - I won’t print any more until those are gone

the blue definitely has a different personality, so I can understand why you’d prefer one over the other!

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did jimin really say something about hugging yoongi when hes homesick to make himself feel better??!!! why have i never heard this before now???

i guess this moment is a little fuzzy since it’s been spread around a lot without context or explanation LMAO but what happened is that in a magazine interview jimin said: “well~ when i’m with suga, i think of my hometown” and then nuzzled into his chest

king and queen of the woodland realm

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Nicknames: hmmmmm idk  if I have any, my mum and some of my friends call me nidi and some of them call me nids

Gender: Female

Star sign: Scorpio rawr

Height: i’m short ok i think like 5′1 5′2

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: Slytherinnnnn

Favourite animal: sloths bc i see a lot of myself in them :)))) and they cute don’t fight me on this

Average hours spent sleeping: 7-8 during school days but 10-12 during weekends


Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 but i feel like it’s gonna be 2 soon bc my feeT ARE SO COLD AT NIGHT

Dream trip: Santorini and Laos!!!! and possibly Maldives

Dream job: I don’t really know i would like a job where i can help people and make them feel better, maybe a doctor of some sort??? or possibly a psychologist

When I made this account: like in 2014 or something i dont really remember

Why I made this account: bc one of my old friends told me to and i just happened to have got in to kpop at that time so yeahhhh i made it!

# of followers: I’d rather not say but I’m very thankful for every single follower, i’m thankful everyday ;-)) apart from the p*rn bots plES STOP THnKS

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Your comment about a roll call sheet for keeping track of us reminded me of camp one year where instead of counting to make sure they still had everyone our counselors​ just gave all of us a word or two of a song lyrics and if we got all the way through it it meant we were all there maybe that would work better. :P

That plus a head count.

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Literally take 1 look at the Pirate version of mooshu compared to the Wizard version of mooshu and tell me which one looks better @previous anon (hint, it's Pirate cause literally all their graphics are better)

hmmMMM 🐸☕

Hewwo! :3

Good day ladies and gents, boys and girls, tunes and hoo mum beans alike! My name is Mod Bun, and I am one of the two (gloved) helping hands for Mod Sheebs. Like Mod Boris, I also look forward to bringing a little excitement to this blog!

*Looks onto the floor, seeing the dried puddles of ink* Oh my! If we’re gonna have a Bendy and the INK machine blog, we’re gonna need some more ink!

*squeak,squeak,squeak…….click! Hmmmmm…!*

There, much better! :D

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People love mercy cuz shes so easy. "Little tikes first hero" tho cant lie her witch skin is god tier

Hmmmmm Beeva is better