hmmmm which one

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may we know ur brush settings?? :0 i really like the sketchy brush u used in one of ur drawings and the thin one!!!

OH um hmmmm idk which ones u mean but im assuming its these two,

i use this one a lot, its like a soft marker:

this one’s just a thin pen that i use sometimes:

and this one u didnt ask for but just in case, i used this brush to color their hair above:

mostlyphil > dodiesque

REBRANDING kind of. I’m still gonna post phil but less. My blog is going to consist more of dodie now so feel free to unfollow if you don’t want dodie clogging up your feed haha. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now but was scared for some reason haha but whatever. Anyways do you like it ? Let me know :-)

anyone want these 80+ poses of mine to be poselist compatable? 


This was admittedly a challenge for me, but a challenge I was NOT about to back down from. I kept this one pretty light and sweet (and a smidge short omg i’m so sorry), hope that’s okay! Under the cut, some fluffy Delinquent!Jyushimatsu x Reader! 

(also thank you for the love ahhh i’m so happy you enjoy my work, thank you for reading it!)

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//Okay so from what I can gather, or at least what I’m going to call blog canon for my own purposes, It seems as if it’s highly likely that Navori, Galrin, and Shon-Xan are still occupied to this day in the Newest of New Lore, as per the wording in the Irelia bio snippet from the PBE. So I’m going to need to ponder the implications of this for a while, then probably update my timeline.

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I think you are moon and your GF is sun.

hmmmm  well considering which one of us bought pokemon sun and the other bought pokemon mooon… you might be…

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About the symbol of claclass : because it's a glitch, the player is supposed to have an actual classpect right ? I think their symbol would be a glitched version of the symbol of the aspect they were supposed to have if they didn't glitched. For the asaspect they'll have a mix of both of the aspects symbol and a very weird version of the class outfit they were supposed to have with both of the colors of the asaspect.

Ohhh!!! I also like this idea!! Hmmmm I wonder which one I’ll use.

(This one would be a bit harder since I would have to edit the symbols to look glitched, and I’m not sure I would be able to do that with what I use.)

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So the latest S.U. episode?

So, this will be long, full of screenshots and spoilers. I’ve been wanting to write about this, so that’s what I’ll do. You can delve in with me, or you can avoid it. I just wanna get this out of my system.

I wanna start off by saying: This episode left a bad taste in my mouth. But I think despite that, it’s fantastic on many levels. 

Here’s why:

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