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I did a redraw thing of my MirrorSans blog’s icon.

The old one was very very outdated, kehehe. Iffff the transparency doesn’t work i'ma have to repost this and hate tumblr, but if it does, cool, but I still have to change it for MirrorSans’ icon, because tumblr Hayes me I guess.
Raven X transparency is it’s least favorite ship.

markhamillz  asked:

Okay, I don't know if you saw Zootopia, but if you have, imagine a Royai AU of it.

Oh gosh I’m trying to imagine but I’m having trouble thinking what they’d be?? Like I feel like they’d both be predators but that’s just me. Maybe Roy’s a panther? Oh gosh I haven’t thought much about this AU but now I’m curious because??

anonymous asked:

The library picture was only distraction, changing the focus of the fans from him and MM in the weekend she arrived back in Scotland to spend some days with him.

Ummmmm…lol…okay….hmmmm.  I had to really give this one some thought Anon,  and wasn’t going to bother at all but it’s just too rich to ignore.   So, (haha)   let’s think this through.  

So okay, she is Sam’s new gf.   Well, he’s never actually called her that or actually touched her or anything and he refuses to have his picture taken with her but she knows in her heart that she is Sam’s gf because she read it in the news.   She’s not supposed to give away their little secret because  Sam and that silly privacy thing of his blah blah blah so she just hints a little, you know, no harm done, on IG.  Well waddya know, don’t the fans go all ballistic over it.  Some are nice to her and sing her praises even though they’ve never seen anything she’s been in but there are lots of nasty ones too, flinging hate everywhere.  She leaves the hate there for all to see, except for the ones that insult Cait.  She deletes those.

Now Sam is taking his new gf as his date to the baftas.  She flying all the way to Scotland and it’s going to be a very public event, lots of big names there, red carpet and all, and it will be recorded for all to see.  But Sam wants to hide the fact that she’s in Scotland?   Not inviting her would have been my method of choice, but whatever.  No, Sam chooses to throw us off the scent a few days in advance by posting a glamorous shot, no caption, no tags, of him in a coupley, real-life, not in-character pose with his gorgeous costar.  I guess when that sucker hit over 80,000 likes and got all those hundreds of shippery comments, that’s when he knew his plan had worked.  No one would ever guess now that MM and not Cait was the one Sam has the chemistry with.

Yeah, if my husband’s company had written their hate for me all over the staff room bulletin board and he threw them off course before the annual Christmas party by hanging a glamour shot of himself with a pretty coworker, I’d laugh and laugh and think, Oh you cheeky monkey.  I’m so lucky you’re mine.

RWBY V4 Ep.5 Thoughts

>So menagerie is basically like those Native American reserves
>Oooh i’ve been noticing this but blake seems a bit more tanned compared to her previous model :O nOICE
>Wow blake’s house…. I’m getting ATLA vibes from this
>Aww blakes mom so nice, almost thought it was bethany who was voice acting her
>Blakes dad tho…. hmmmm Tai u got some competition
>So wait is blake’s dad’s faunus feature his chest hair? what a josh flannagan 
>Blakes mom is a black sun shipper kekkeke
>Blakes dad probably for bumbleby then kekeke
>Shady assassins creed faunus hoes
>So white fang has different factions which are under different control…. interesting, i wonder about the OG white fang
>Blake’s dad was the leader before, and he is also out of the loop
>Who this sienna khan who they??
>Shady assassins get shadier e_e gonna abandon the OG to follow adam e_e
>This poor waitress, first dealing with raven now tyrian, let her rest T_T
>So blake is the only one in team rwby not with a tragique family
>This ep too short

anonymous asked:

Tell me things no one knows about Alex Fierro? They can be big or little silly or serious or all of the above


(I’m Pan in this gif.)

  • Alex’s dad wasn’t actually a bad person, he just died when Alex was young.
  • BIG NERD. Show nerd, book nerd, history nerd. Just like Magnus.
    • Harry Potter
    • Hobbit
    • and Once Upon a Time
    • And Disney too secretly.
    • BUT only fantasy/supernatural stuff NO sifi.
      • Will fan majorly
  • Romantic-  hopeless romantic.
  • LOVES pastries.
    • Major sweet tooth.
    • But NOOO chocolate.
    • Metabolism of a Gilmore Girl 
  • Is a flirt.
    • Winking
    • A lot of winking
  • Favorite movies and book is Lord of The Rings
    • Has a crush on Legolas.
      • Has a thing for blonds hmmmm? Don’t you Alex?
  • WILL NOT eat veggies.
    • Nope. Not a chance.
    • Acts like a child about it.
  • Is actually BIG into holidays.
    • Never got to celebrate them before.
  • Isn’t just a pottery person
    • Will do any type of art
      • Drawing
      • Singing
      • Acting
      • Poetry
      • The Apollo cabin loves him
  • Actually had good grade in school
  • Love kids
  • One of those people who pretends to be confident but isn’t
    • Like in their talents and body wise
    • That’s why his pots get destroyed sometime.
    • Doesn’t think he’s good enough.
  • Is a total introvert
  • Also a goof ball
  • Just
  • Silliness
  • Sarcasm
  • Yep.

anonymous asked:

Petition to name evil Tyler "Nega Tyler" :^

Hmmmm… Maybe. I’ve said it before, it’s whatever people want. 

I just like things that are like- you KNOW it’s this person. Like, Nega Ty could refer to any Tyler on the planet, you know?

Just my preference tho :o but it seems to be the only sensible thing atm. :P


anonymous asked:

have u heard about oSTEM

aaaah yes!! I really like that such a thing exists (its “out in science tech math and engineering, its a society made for LGBTQA communities in STEM) 

Like STEM fields has gotten a lot better with discrimination on all accounts, but i mean….they were starting from a really really low point so theres still a lot of work that needs to be done. I really love programs like this!! 

its not about LGBTQA rep, but just as kind of a glimpse into what i mean by work needs to be done, in my current higher level calc class, in a class of 40 I’m one of 3 girls. and in the class before, i was one of 2 in a class of 30ish. like when folks say all is right with STEM and inclusion, be it with gender, race, or sexuality, I’m like…..HMMMM