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:OO can you give me hanahaki lance, but like hes with hunk already and hes poly but he doesnt know what that is so he feels like shit for being in love with keith too and hides both his attraction to keith and the hanahaki until ?? (its too late? theyre just in time to save him?? you decide fam) (also actually the whole time keith liked him too but he was with hunk rip) klunk isnt my thing, but you can do that! or just an open, understanding relationship would be fine too (what i prefer tbh) <3

hmmm, I’ve never really looked into the klunk ship tag before, but I’ve always thought it was a really nice idea, so hopefully, I’ve done this prompt some justice. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this out to you.

Lance loves Hunk. no doubt in his mind at all. he’s so lucky to have Hunk not only in his life, but to be able to call him his boyfriend is the best thing Lance could ever ask for. they’ve gone through so much to together, some of it good, others not so much. Hunk was there when he came out to his parents; Hunk was there for him when Lance had his heart broken by so many before him; Hunk has always been there for him, and Lance wouldn’t want anyone else to be with.

and yet, here he is, heaving into the toilet in the middle of the night alone. throwing up red and white flower petals as the burning in his throat makes it almost impossible to breathe. after minutes of clutching onto the toilet seat, he finally stops coughing out petals and is able to get a full breath into his burning lungs. this doesn’t make any sense; why is he coughing up red petals? he might need to talk with Coran about this, he might know what’s going on.


“ahh! yes, I have heard about this before. it’s called Hanahaki disease. it is when flowers grow in the lungs and around the heart, usually when it comes to unrequited love. lost a few Alteans to it long ago when traveling the universe, although I’m not sure how a human has caught it? it’s quite interesting.”

“Yeah, yeah super interesting, but there’s a way to get rid of it, yeah? I mean, if you’ve lost people because of it-”

“Don’t worry lad, there are ways of curing it. the simplest way is to confess your feelings to the person, but there is always surgery. but of course, there are drawbacks to going through with the surgery.”

“Alright, thanks Coran for the information.”

“glad to help number 3, I hope that your confession is well received and that you feel better soon.” Coran pats Lance’s shoulder before leaving Lance alone with his thoughts.

all he has to do is confess, and then this…hanahulahoop, or whatever it’s called, will go away. except…Lance knows that it’s not because of Hunk. he knows he loves Hunk, and those feeling are returned. but it’s also the fact that…Lance knows who it is about. it’s something that he’s been beating himself up about for weeks on end, and many nights he hates himself because of it.


it’s Keith. somehow that hotheaded, impulsive man has weaseled his way into Lance’s heart, creating chaos for his heart because he still loves Hunk, unconditionally. He wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt him, and yet he’s done the worst thing possible.  he’s found himself in love with Keith as well. And it’s been tearing him apart whenever it crosses his mind. He’s spent countless nights trying to figure out why…why did this have to happen.Lance hasn’t been able to figure out what to do, and now his health is on the line because of the debacle in his heart that has been destroying him mentally and emotionally.

he needs to tell Hunk. it’s unfair to him to keep hiding this from him. but even after everything they’ve been through, all of the ups and down, Lance is scared. He’s scared to tell Hunk, let alone tell Keith. He can’t do that to either of them. He loves both of them too much to bring that kind of pain onto them. Lance groans into his hands, unsure of how to solve any of this mess that he’s put himself in. he just needs time to figure out what to do. Just a little time to sort out his head.

He can hide this for a few days, just until he figures out how to tell the both of them.


Lance is hiding something from him. Hunk is sure of it. Lance has never been good at hiding stuff from others, especially from Hunk. Usually Lance will come to him on his own after a couple of days of trying to hide from him and they’ll talk things out about what’s been bothering Lance.

So when Hunk can tell that Lance is hiding something from him, he doesn’t mind waiting for him to come on his own accord.

But after two weeks of Lance avoiding Hunk and the others, making up weird excuses about why he’s late to training or dinner, Hunk is seriously contemplating about going to Lance and getting him to talk to him. Yes, it will be much harder than when Lance voluntarily comes to him, but Lance is worth it. He’s always worth it.

Hunk walks up to the blue Paladin’s door and gives it a few knocks. But there’s no response.

“Lance? It’s me. Can you open the door?”

There’s still no response. Hunk lets out a sigh and starts working on the panel to try and get the door to open, but finally, he door opens and Lance hangs out of it halfway looking paler than usual.

“Oh. Hey Hunk.”

Man, Hunk is pretty sure that he’s never heard Lance’s voice be so hoarse before, not even when he had to get his tonsils removed because they were affecting his voice.

“Hey, are you okay? You don’t look too good?” Hunk takes a step closer and places his hand on Lance’s forehead, getting a resounding hum from his boyfriend.

“Yeah, it’s just a….cold. I’ll be fine.” Hunk frowns a bit at the hesitant reply but is more worried about the heat coming from Lance’s forehead. “You might have a fever too. How about I bring by some space noodle soup and look after you.”  Hunk is a bit surprised when Lance moves away from him, hiding behind his door more than before. “ no. No, it’s okay. You don’t have to.” Hunk moves closer to the door, trying to get Lance to come back out again. “But I want to. I want to take care of my boyfriend.” Lance shrinks further behind his door, coughing raggedly into the crook of his elbow. Hunk is now extremely worried by how bad his cough is, Hunk keeps following Lance farther and farther into his room, and it’s when Lane tries to say something, Hunk sees the blood stain on Lance’s sleeve. Hunk immediately takes hold of Lance’s arm, his eyes trained on the large blood stain in such horror. How could it be so bad? Why didn’t Lance come to earlier? Why is Lance shaking his head? Did Hunk somehow break Lance’s trust so much that he didn’t trust him to tell him about how sick he was?! No. no, right now he can’t let himself worry about why right now. Lance needed serious medical help. Now.

Hunk is pulled out of his head as Lance starts to hack again, still trying to hide behind his free arm, but the coughing doesn’t stop. It only gets worse and worse with no sign of stopping in the slightest. Lance starts to go down to his knees, foregoing trying to hide the blood he continues to cough up in favor of trying to find a full breath. Hunk watches in horror as he watches the love of his life slowly die right before his eyes. He doesn’t stop to question the flowers and vines being coughed up with all the blood; he doesn’t want to stand by as he watches his boyfriend’s life bleed out of his mouth.

Hunk scoops up Lance and runs for his life for the infirmary. Whispering reassurances and support into Lance’s hair. He can’t lose Lance. He can’t. He can’t think about all the blood on Lance’s floor. He can’t think about how much blood and flowers into Hunk’s shirt. If he thinks about it too much he’s going to be sick himself, and he can’t save Lance’s life if he’s freaking out about how is boyfriend is dying in his arms right now.


Hunk doesn’t want to look down. He doesn’t want to see how pale Lance looks. He just needs to make it to the infirmary. He just passed the main deck, he’s almost there.

“-Hu-cough cough-Hunk…”

Just a little further. He’s almost there now. He barely acknowledges the rapid foot steps behind him. Just get to the infirmary that’s the only thing on his mind. Just get to the infirma- a weak tug on the collar of his shirt finally makes look down at the man cradled in his arms. Blood and red-ish petals sticking to his mouth. He looks so fragile, and yet he’s still trying to smile up at Hunk as if nothing is wrong in the world. But everything is wrong. Lance is dying and he doesn’t know why or how it got to this point.

Lance weakly reaches up and rubs at Hunk’s tear stained cheek. He coughs up more blood and vines into his lap, but he still somehow smiles up at Hunk.

“-unk, I’m so-sorry. I nev-cough cough-never wanted to hurt you.”

“You’re going to be fine Lance, I swear! We’re going to solve this like we always do. Together. Just hang on a little longer.”

Hunk practically runs down the doors of the infirmary, the rest of the team just behind them. Hunk looks around, not quite sure what to do now that he’s finally there. Coran doesn’t miss a beat and gets a pod setup for Lance.

“Hu-Hunk. ‘m sorry. I…Love you.”

“I love you too Lance, so don’t leave me yet. Please. Just hang on a little bit longer.”

“Hunk! The pod is ready!”

Hunk doesn’t waste any time and places Lance into the pod, the glass appearing between them and Lance as they watch with bated breath. Hunk praying to whatever god may be up there for Lance to be okay. For any sign that Lance is going to make it.

Just to even hear his heartbeat on the holographic monitor.



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Bitty’s Favorite Peach

Find it on Ao3

3.8K Words

Warnings for Brief mentions of anxiety and animal abuse. Don’t worry though it’s SUPER fluffy

Summary: Jack and Bitty get a house! But Bitty gets bored and lonely while Jack’s gone, so he volunteers at an animal shelter.

Bitty sat restlessly on the couch with the TV on watching the Bruins play the Habs. He had no real interest in the game, it was late November, still early in the season. 

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Yes, no, maybe
  • Scene: Naruto and Sakura sitting on a bench. Without warning Naruto busts out a ring.
  • Naruto: Babbles incoherently
  • Sakura: ......
  • *Quiet settles in*
  • Naruto: Is that a yes?
  • Sakura: have to ask me a question before I can give you an answer.
  • Naruto: I thought I just did...
  • Sakura: No, you kind of just....I'm not sure what that was but it was sweet.
  • Naruto: Let's start over.
  • Sakura: Okay wait let me help. It's got to go like this. Naruto will you marry me?
  • Naruto: Yes, of course
  • Sakura: See? It's that easy
  • Naruto: Maybe too easy, have you done this before?
  • Sakura: No, it's my first time. Some people are just naturally talented at getting others to say yes. If I wasn't so good at medicine I'd be a world class merchant.
  • Naruto: Talented and humble.
  • Sakura: Is that why you want to marry me because I'm so humble?
  • Naruto: Who said I wanted to marry you?
  • Sakura: That ring in your hand can't keep a secret.
  • Naruo: Oh this old thing? I brought it for myself. I think it really matches my eyes.
  • Sakura: It does their colors really accentuate each other
  • Naruto: I thought the same thing when I brought it
  • Sakura: It's too bad your fingers are so muscular. That ring will never fit.
  • Naruto: You think so?
  • Sakura: It'll definitely be a tight squeeze. It might even cut off the circulation of blood to your finger.
  • Naruto: Well you are the medic you would know what's best. So what am I going to do with this thing?
  • *Gently takes Sakura's hand and slips on the ring*
  • Naruto: Hey will you look at that it fits you!
  • Sakura: How convenient!
  • Naruto: It's yours, if you want it?
  • Sakura: The ring?
  • Naruto: The ring and me and my love they're all yours if you want them
  • Sakura: So the ring comes with a price?
  • Naruto: Oh yeah! It's packaged deal. Lifetime guarantee too...
  • Sakura: Hmmm So I'll get to see your face every morning
  • Naruto: You'll hear me snore every night.
  • Sakura: *laughs* You're an honest salesmen. You won't get too far in this business.
  • Naruto: I believe in my product. And I promise it'll make you happy for the rest of your life.
  • Sakura: I am quite happy right now to be honest.
  • Naruto: See I am already keeping my promise. So what's your answer?
  • Sakura: What's the question?
  • Naruto: Will you marry me Sakura?
  • *Sakura leans over and kisses him, lightly at first, then she pulls him closer, and their lips melt into each other's*
  • Sakura: *When kiss breaks* I love you.
  • Naruto: *smiles mischievously* Is that a yes?
  • A quick story to get myself back in grove for the oncoming April 3rd holiday. Let me know if you like it
To Have and Have Not Part 1/11

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Chris x Reader, Seb x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Reader is Seb’s best friend and comes to Atlanta to help him through a rough time. On the way there she meets Chris Evans and they instantly hit off. Seb quickly sees what he has been missing.

BE NICE!! I have only ever written one other story about Seb and this is my first Chris story. Also their real life girlfriends don’t exist in this story so there are no hidden feelings or opinions about their current relationship status’.
Feedback is always appreciated.

Here you go @viophelia just because I love you so much!!!

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11

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okay so I'm obsessed with pink tequila it is so beautifully written, like take your time writing it because you're worth the wait! the literal only way I'm getting through the emotional angst of LE is knowing that they're gonna be together 5ever, so I want to know: what are some of your older mitjo head canons? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME LOVE <3

Gosh thank you so much for this, I know it’s taking quite a while for the next act but I promise it’ll get finished, I have high hopes for that.


Since they’re a lot more open and comfortable when they’re older…

- Silent communication becomes a thing. Like just giving each other A Look and understanding what it means, if that makes sense?

- They never grow out of rough housing!! and it’s something they like to do! Either winds up to cuddling, laughter, or *coughs* y’know

- Both of them aren’t Amazing cookers but Jo can follow recipes while Mitch wings it. Surprisingly, Mitch can do some weirdly good meals for the both of them.

- After long days of work (usually from Jo only) there’s just a bunch of cuddling and napping at home

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How about Thilbo for the ship thingy?

  • How did they they meet?

well as we all know! their first meeting in bag end 

  • Who developed romantic feelings first?

i tend to go back and forth between who i think developed romantic feelings first but i would like to say thorin. we know bilbo has trouble with his own feelings and naming them, so i think he probably doesn’t understand/realize his feelings for thorin at first. meanwhile thorin is already head-over-heels for his grump

  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”

ooh hmmm just by far, the company all together. theyre relieved the day bilbo and thorin finally get together 

  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

i wanna say their first kiss is like one of those ‘oh god youre alive’ moments, where just like theyre so overwhelmed seeing that the other is okay and they end up kissing. like. mid-battle field even? yes

  • Who confessed their feelings first?

i like to imagine it kind of happens at the same time?? where they just both plan to do it around the same time and its one of those ‘i have something to important to tell you’ at the same time, interrupting each other and its a back and forth of ‘no, you go first’ until one of them finally just says it. i feel its bilbo though. hes just like ‘alright we are getting NOWHERE’ 

  • What was their first official date?

hmmm going with a middle earth everyone lives au while answering this so… idk they go on walks and stuff, they spend a lot of time together pre confession, so maybe their first date is a simple walk around erebor! 

  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

they would definitely go on double/group dates with other dwarf couples around! but it just sort of ends up like theyre hanging out with all their friends 

  • What do they do in their down time?

since thorin is super super busy kinging, they dont have much down time. thorins ‘down time’ is usually doing extra paperwork while bilbo makes him tea and tries to get him to go to bed 

  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

WELL. their parents are… all dead? as far as we know. but maybe if thorins mother was alive they could meet and she just loves bilbo, they have tea all the time. also i love AUs of Thrain surviving (shoutout and rec to That Which Begets Affection (Is Silent) ) and loving Bilbo too 

  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

*side-eyes the whole Arkenstone fight* thats my only answer but i imagine it is something they spend time working on and regaining trust with each other 

  • Which one is more easily made jealous?

i dont really think either of them, thorin is confident in their relationship. if anything, bilbo is a little wary of the dwarves that probably faun over thorin as king but hey… hes king, its gonna happen

  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

oh together i guess?? thorin will eat whatever bilbo makes, or at least he TRIES to… hes not a big fan of the greens but he wants to make bilbo happy and food is one way of doing that. 

  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

thorin is a cuddly monster and he just loves to wrap around bilbo, spooning him basically. bilbo sort of rolls his eyes when it happens but hes secretly super happy about it. he also likes to hold bilbo in his lap 

  • Are they hand holders?

mostly in private but yes!!!! thorin likes to hold bilbos hand a lot and bilbo doesnt mind when he reading to hold thorins hand and just have him there 

  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

im assuming this is meant to be sexual, probably so… i say it takes them a while to get to this point, like they share a bed a night long before they ever actually engage in it. and i think it just happens. there isnt any big reason for it really, no special occasion. 

  • Who tops?

my personal opinion is that theyre super versatile so there really isnt particular roles. but you all know i love thorin bottoming the most 

  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into?

probably the Arkenstone thing… 

  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?

mostly Bilbo. i think thorin sometime will do the shopping but he just doesnt always have the time to stop at the market and bilbo is a better cook (thorin can make a variety of dishes well but hes just not as talented as bilbo) 

  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

hmmm i wanna say thorin. we have seen bag end post quest and its kinda messy (its actually fairly messy before the quest, theres just books everywhere in piles) 

  • Who proposes?

similar to the confession, it happens at the same time. theyre both planning some sort of event with separate groups of dwarves and they dont realize until its too late! so bilbos trying to propose at the same thorin is and they keep interrupting each other until they see whats happening. 

yes i love this trope a lot 

  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

im just trying to imagine bilbo baggins at a bachelor party sorry its just really funny to me. i think they probably dont care but the dwarves would throw them separate ones

  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?

oh gosh well thorin’s best man would probably be dwalin?? and i guess bilbo’s would be bofur! but just probably imagine the entirety of the company is involved in the wedding party (and frodo is the ring bearer– sorry this is a terrible joke–)

  • Big Ceremony or Small?

erebor wise it would be big since thorin is the king and i imagine that dwarves throw huge parties. the shire would be big too! hobbits love parties. 

in an alternate, they have a tiny ass marriage ceremony while theyre traveling around arda 

  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?

they probably couldnt in an au where thorin is king but i always like the idea of them taking a holiday to explore the world 

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fanfic where im happy with who i am

Hmmm. You know, I think I can actually do that one.

It’s a Saturday evening, warm enough that the breeze through your open window feels nice, but cool enough that the wind is not a saving grace. It’s unnecessary, but it’s nice; sometimes, that’s all things have to be.

You glance up from your computer after a slightly stronger gust of air, and catch a glimpse of your reflection in the glass. You don’t judge it one way or the other- you simply regard it for a moment, and then smile at yourself. Your reflection smiles back. It may be beautiful in the traditional sense, or it may not. It doesn’t really matter. The point is that it is beautiful in its own way, that reflection, because a thing that smiles with kindness is never ugly. 

You look back to your work. You made a mistake, a typo in a post you already published, and everyone has seen it. You feel no anxiety over this, though. One mistake in a cascade of perfectly written words is nothing to feel bad about. Everyone does it, and you would never scold someone else for a petty mistake, so you don’t scold yourself. You simply edit the post and correct the mistake, so that the right thing will be there in the future. 

It was an odd feeling at first, the feeling of self-acceptance. At first, you felt guilty about it. How can I be okay with myself, you thought, when I have so many bad things about me? But an important truth settled into your mind after a while- 

You can love a flawed thing and accept it in all of its beauty and brokenness, while still striving to make it better.

You can love yourself while not loving everything you do or are. That’s a lesson you learned the hard way, but once you learned it, you felt much more peace. After all, you reason, a painting by Van Gogh can be cracked, ripped, and broken. The frame could be too large, or the paint has faded in spots, or you can see the places where mistakes were made and the artist changed his mind. But, at the end of the day, it is still a Van Gogh painting. Nothing will change that. You can help it reach its full potential, though, by doing some restoration work.

And that’s what you’re doing to yourself. Loving yourself does not mean you condone all of the bad things you have done. Trying to fix your bad habits does not mean you don’t love yourself. 

This is a thing you know now, and that knowledge is precious to you. You stopped viewing yourself as an enemy. The only person you compare yourself to is you, the vast, sprawling infinities of you, and as long as you are better than you were the day before, you know that you are doing okay. The stars that created you did not waste their stardust on forming you as long as you keep progressing. 

Some days, you slip up. That’s okay, too. On those days, you think of all the stardust inside of you, and you do your best to stand up and keep glowing. This is still a form of progression, and the effort does not go unnoticed. 

You close out of your computer and slip into bed, your thoughts lulling you to sleep. No, you don’t dream, but you don’t have any nightmares, either. You are simply resting, and sometimes, that’s all you need to do.

Everything will be okay, lovely. Take heart.

Have You Ever Been In Love

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they are much older, graying, with grandkids, that kind of thing. One night, they go out to a restaurant, and their song comes on. The reader makes Spencer get up and dance with her in the middle of the restaurant. The requester said the song choice was up to me, so I decided to go with Have You Ever Been In Love by Celine Dion because I could listen to that shit every damn day. @coveofmemories @hanny-bananny


How had the time flown by so fast? There was no way you were 75 and Spencer was 79. You couldn’t possibly have three grown children and (almost) 8 grandchildren. But you did. And tomorrow you’d have been married for 50 years - the golden anniversary. You’d been lucky enough to live this long and remain in love with the man you married every single day. As a matter of fact, if it were possible, your love for him had only grown over the years.

“There’s no way we’ve been married for 50 years, right?” he laughed, his voice still soothing after all these years. It had grown a little more shaky with age, but his mind was still as sharp as a tack, and he still sounded like the man you’d fallen in love with so many years ago. “We can’t possibly be that old?”

“I’m afraid we are,” you chuckled, linking your arm in his as you walked into the restaurant. “But through it all, we’ve had three beautiful babies and now we almost have 8 beautiful grandbabies.”

“I can’t believe Diana is going to pop again in two weeks.” Diana, your youngest, was 38 years old and just under nine months pregnant with your eighth grandchild, her third and final, according to her. Your two others, Walter Spencer Reid, was 48 years old and had two children of his own - Walter Jr., 12 and Illaria, 10, and your middle child, Alexandra Jennifer, was 43 and had three kids of her own, all boys, Spencer, David and Morgan. Your BAU family reached through many generations of your own. 

Diana already had two children, Emma, 8, and Faith, 4. The little one yet to be born was a boy and he would be named after your son-in-law, Michael. So many little ones to love, especially since you’d retired from the Bureau a decade earlier. “It’s insane. But I can’t wait to hold a baby again. You remember what it was like when you first held ours?”

How could he not? Those three days had been some of the greatest of his life. That and the day they were married. After going through so much, he found happiness with one of his best friends and created the life he’d always imagined himself having. Somehow, time had flown by and now they were here, being seated at their favorite restaurant the night before their 50th anniversary. Tomorrow was technically the big day, but the kids and grandkids had planned a special dinner at Walter’s house for your actual anniversary. “I’ll never forget.”

The Italian place around the corner from your old apartment had been your favorite for more than 50 years. It changed hands within the family that owned it, but the menu never changed and you always got the same thing, normally ordering before you were even seated. Chicken Florentine for you and Eggplant Parmigiana for Spencer - every single time. “So what do you think the kids have planned for tomorrow?” you asked.

“Well,” he laughed, “I imagine Walter was in charge of the playlist. Diana was probably responsible for nothing. If she was, then we have to smack Walter and Alexandra on the backs of the head. And Alex is probably cooking dinner…I suspect that chocolate raspberry cake I love for dessert, and dinner…hmmm…”

You hoped it was Alex’s chicken marsala. She was the queen of that recipe. Spencer mentioned the chicken marsala. Probably because he was reading your mind. “I know they were planning the whole thing, but I hope they made a point of calling Morgan, JJ, Emily, Penelope and Luke,” Spencer said. Although they had a family of their own, their team was family too, and they hoped that the remaining members could be there. 

“Me too,” you replied. “I think they probably called them.” Just as your food came to the table, you heard a familiar tune float through the restaurant. 

Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart’s shooting stars
You’re holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been so in love

A small smile crept its way onto both your faces. It was the song you’d chosen for your first dance. “Did you tell them?” Spencer asked. But you hadn’t. It was just an amazing coincidence. 

To Spencer’s surprise, you stood up and held your hand out for him. When you were younger, he would’ve shied away from such public displays of affection, but at this age, neither of you cared what anyone thought anymore. “Dance with me,” you whispered. As you looked into those light brown eyes, you nearly started to cry.

Have you ever walked on air
Ever felt like you were dreamin’
When you never thought it could
But it really feels that good
Have you ever been so in love

Spencer wrapped his arms around your waist, which had expanded a bit do to age and babies, while you snaked your hands around his neck, playfully tangling your fingers in his hair, which was now more gray than brown. “I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else,” you whispered in his ear. “To many more, okay?” Both of you smiled from ear to ear as some other diners looked on. A young couple, probably about the same age you and Spencer were when you started dating, looked on in awe. 

“Is this your wedding song?” she asked, her eyes wide with joy. You nodded as Spencer gently twirled you around. Now the entire restaurant was watching.

Have you ever said a prayer
And found that it was answered
All my hope has been restored
And I ain’t looking anymore
Have you ever been so in love, have you

“Married for 50 years tomorrow, sweetheart. How long have you been with your boyfriend?” you wondered. She told you they’d been dating for less than a year. 

“You should ask her to marry you,” Spencer said, much to the surprise of the boyfriend. “You look at her the same way I look at her,” he smiled. “When you find it, don’t let go.”

The time I spent
Waiting for something that was heaven-sent
When you find it, don’t let go,
I know

As the song came to a close, Spencer dipped you as much as his aging body would allow and brought you back up for a kiss as the restaurant patrons cheered and clapped. When you sat down, you made a point of turning back toward the young couple. “My genius husband here is right of course,” you laughed, reaching across the table and placing your hand over his. “You remind me of us. I know love when I see it.”

I can’t believe the hateration continues on

It never seizes to amaze to see all the people who truly want Silver and Madi to have a miserable life. They may not come out and say “I want them to have a miserable ever after,” but it’s in how they’re holding on to what one producer’s headcannon/opinion is. Keep holding on to that, but know this Silver is with Madi, not Flint and not Max! They are living “in comfort with [each other].”

But I wonder how long do you think Flint and Thomas’s relationship will last? If Flint manages to tell the love of his life the truth, the one man who is too good for Flint himself and doesn’t deserve him, all that he has done, how angry and possibly unforgiving will Thomas be with him?…hmmm?

Anyways, with how canon things are in the book; don’t jump for joy that Silver and his wife will be miserable, because after 20 years they’re still together and wealthy, and… ‘living in comfort…

And Flint dies a miserable, horrible, lonely death. Think on that, while y’all are at it.

AHA I finished this one!

Okay, I just wanna say that the SSLL fanfic of @tyranttortoise is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I don’t even have any other words to describe it beyond this.

I loved when Stretch sang Do I wanna know, the lyrics fit so well with his eagerness to receive any signal at all of the reader heheh. I just can say that for me he earned all the points that he needed with the reader in that scene (until, you know, the thing with HT!Sans XD).

Here’s the chapter that this scene happened! And here’s the first chapter if you wanna read it all :)

(PS. I finally could do something nice with shading on digital art! Phew, I’m kinda proud)

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"There is nothing ugly about you" is now my favorite line of the whole show, of all the episodes. It conveys so much. I can't stop thinking about it. I just love Alec and Magnus so much. I'm curious if you have a favorite line from the show?

Yessss. Especially when you take into account that Alec also said “I love this face.” before they had that talk in the evening. And then he starts with “I love you”, followed by “When things get crazy, don’t push me away.” Just let me sob in my corner. 😭😭

Hmmm, favorite line from the show? I think that will always be “In fact, I do you pro bono.” lol l dunno, it is just so sassy and salty at the same time and I kinda miss this kind of humor on the show. In general. Not just when it comes to Malec because I know there is not the right time for innuendos and such.

When it comes to Malec and fave line, I have to go with “When things get crazy, don’t push me away.” It’s just so powerful and meaningful, like it says so much with such few words. Like… hey, I am here, I will not go away, I will support you, love you, just let me stay with you, don’t turn your back on me, just have me around you and let me take some of your pain away, maybe not now but soon, just… don’t push me away, ever. I will thank Michael Reisz for all times for that one line alone. Bye.



Requested by anon: “Hi can I please can a twilight imagine for seth clearwater where the reader is like really short (4'11) and can’t reach something up high on a shelf in the kitchen”

I know that this was requested as an imagine but it’s a pretty short idea so I just wrote a drabble, hope you like it!

Word Count: 474
Requests are currently closed.

Most of the time I didn’t mind being short.  Sure, there were things which annoyed me about it, like being smaller than all of my friends and having them tease me about it.  But it was all harmless fun, and it didn’t really bother me.  Except, of course, when it came to times like this.

My favourite cereal had been finished, so of course I wanted to open the new box but somebody had put it on top of the fridge, just inches out of my reach.  “Seth!”  I called and waited, hearing a muffled groan in reply.  I pictured him, his face pressed against his fluffy down pillow, trying desperately to block out the light flooding in through the window, the tree outside spreading a pattern of shadows across the room.  “Seth!”  I tried again.  After a few moments I heard his weary treading of feet on the carpeted floor and the creaking of the bedroom door opening.  “Yeah?”  I rolled my eyes.  
“Come down and help me with something would you?”  I could see him in my minds eye, looking longingly back towards the bed before trudging down the stairs.  

I tapped my nails on the marble counter top, my growling stomach the melody to the beat I was creating with my fingertips.  “What is it?”  He ran his hand through his messy bed head, the hairs only sticking up more.  “Can you get the cereal down for me?”  He blinked thickly, rubbing the remaining sleep out of his eyes before a grin lit up his face.  “Why can’t you?  Can’t reach shortie?”  I huffed, folding my arms across my chest and leaning my back against the fridge door.  “Just get it down would you.”  Seth frowned.  “Please.”  He shrugged, turning to walk away and bury himself back under the covers.  “Come on, I said please Seth, I’m hungry.”  
“What do I get in return?”  I paused for a moment, knowing what he was asking for but being too stubborn to give in.  Suddenly, I had an idea and pushed past him to block the doorway.  “You get to go back to bed.”  We both knew he could easily push past me, but he smirked, playing along.  “Hmmm, while that sounds pretty good, I do know one thing that could make it better.”  
“Oh yeah?  And what’s that?”
“Come back to bed with me?”  I grinned, pointing to the top of the fridge where my cereal still sat, taunting me.  “I will, but food first.”   He sighed exaggeratedly, rolling his eyes jokingly.  “My, my, you drive a hard bargain.”  I giggled as I took the box from him, tearing open the cardboard, feeling the heat radiating off of him as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.  “I love you.”  
“I love you too, but right now I need food.”

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Hi, sweetie, how are you? I would love to know your secret to create a story as catchy and perfect as Rivals (I mean some tips, if you do not mind). Needless to say, I love each of the chapters that you upload and I look forward to it being April 16 to read the next one. Greetings from Argentina! (and sorry for my bad english)

Hmmm, writing tips is kind of a hard one because different things work for different people. So I’ll just go through how I did Rivals and hopefully that’ll be of some help!

I usually start by trying to come up with a basic concept. One of the easiest ways to do this is through tropes so I sat down and wrote out all the tropes I liked and wanted to read for YOI and then from there chose Rivals/Enemies to Lovers because there wasn’t really one in YOI at that time and it sounded like a fun challenge to create. Then I tossed about ideas for ages of how to make it work in a YOI setting and came up with Viktor unintentionally insulting Yuuri which changes his hero worship into hate (I didn’t think of the actual details of the incident until later). Then I thought about what themes and messages I wanted my writing to have (love, acceptance, being proud of what you achieve, maturing and growing as a person etc) and started to plan out how I could fit that all into a fic. I like working out key scenes first because I find it makes it easier so I plotted out all the moments that would drive the story forward and then afterwards worked out how to get all of those to connect. Once I had my basic plan together I wrote a more detailed version. Personally I find planning useful so after I had the full story plan for each chapter I did a detailed plan of all the events that were going to happen including expressions/movements etc to make writing it easier. These I only did just before writing each chapter though because stories develop as you write them so there’s no point doing it right at the very beginning. After that it’s just a matter of sitting down and writing, then editing. Write a first draft without stopping or going back to edit to keep the flow going and I find that helps get a good base to start with that you can improve on in later versions. I also find reading the story out loud is helpful because it helps you notice phrases that sound off and things that you don’t always catch when reading.

This is all just things I find that personally help but hopefully you find some of this useful too! 

You know what would have fucked with Scrooge more?
Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future that adopted his image…

But like, set in 2015.

He’s just this asshole CEO who was handed a fucktonne of money by his dead daddy or something, straight out of college.
He’s a Republican, never had to work a day in his life, and obviously believes that if you’re poor then it’s your own fault/you need to work harder!

He needs to relax in a jacuzzi more than his employees need a raise, or health insurance. That’s how the whole employer-employee thing works, right?
If they’re good enough, they’ll get promoted up the ladder… y'know, as long as they’re rich white dudes; he can’t even comprehend the idea of any'thing’ else making it that far.

Christmas rolls around, and maybe the company profits are up… but not the same as last year.
Completely ignoring the whole nationwide economical crisis; he realises that clearly the employees are slacking off, so in retribution, he has holidays and holiday pay removed. IF they can surpass the target set by last year’s sales, then he’ll consider it (he says in a company-wide statement); but he won’t, even if they manage it.

Sales double, because employees are desperate and the customers are trying to help out even if they hate feeding the greedy bastard on top of the tree. The target is reached, surpassed… employees begin to relax, they get christmas.
No need to try and find additional childcare, re-route family members… they get christmas.
No. No they don’t.  He does not reinstate holidays, there is silence from his office… he’s taken some of the surplus and gone on a trip to Hawaii for a few weeks.

Returning in time for Christmas.
To find employees striking… but many more still slaving at their jobs, because they need the income.
He has found an effective business strategy… he will use it again the next year.

Yeah, the ghosts aren’t having it.

“Listen up, fucknut…” reads the note that appears on the desk he has his feet resting on; shoes caked in mud (because he pays the maid s to clean, might as well make them earn it, right?). “Tonight, Xmas Eve, you are going to be visited by three spectres who really wanna kick your ass… but have to teach you right from wrong. So play along and you just might learn a thing.”

He scoffs and tosses it, it misses the bin. He pretends it did. He hates to lose.


So, the Ghost of Christmas Past turns up and it’s like, 2009-2011 him… the frat dude in fluro shorts who thought chugging several cups of beer in under 30 seconds was ‘fuckin 'A, dude!’

To make matters worse, the Ghost of Christmas Past still acts like mega-douchebag frat-bro him; and won’t stop using slang that makes him cringe. But still, even though he’s shown the error of his past ways (just by being exposed to this idiot); there’s no convincing him that having everything handed to him on a plate and taking it for granted (to become frat-bro), is in anyway a bad thing.

In exasperation, Past!Ghost flips him the bird as it fades out.
A lingering, “What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?” on the breeze.


Ghost of Christmas present appears, looks like him, current him.
He spends too much time checking out his own ass from behind to really hear the opening speech.

But basically, they go on a whirlwind tour of recent events; of him lounging about being a pampered little fuck with terrible ideas, and of the workers, desperately striving to reverse his decision. Rewarding him with hard work he did not earn from them.
There is no loyalty, only a determination to survive.

He gets smacked for making inappropriate comments about many of the employees.
“They’d have more food if she went on a diet…”
“Hmmm, I’m guessing he got in on the Equal Employment program the government rolled out?”
“Remind me to fire that one later… if I do it now, before she gets to eight months, there’s no maternity leave payout required.”
“Now that one I’d love to wreck… always had a thing for Asians…”
“Hey, since when do I pay maids to take a break in between department floors?”
“I’d fuck that guy, but I’m pretty sure he’d steal something on the way out, you know how those people are…”
“Maybe if they used some self-restraint they wouldn’t HAVE so many kids to feed on their shitty salary?”
“Mmmm, those are some nice tits… I should promote her to my secretary. She can take notes, my coffee order, and this dick all at the same time… well, if she’s literate. You never know with her kind…”
“Wow, look at this dump… why would people even live here? You know, if they actually put more effort into their jobs… they might make enough to move.”
“Pffft, if they’re so damn poor, why do they have a fridge? A phone? How can they afford the bus?!”
“Remind me to fire him later, bad enough he’s probably here illegally… but those fake 'panic attacks’ are being done on my time, and my dime. Go back to Mexico if you wanna pull that shit…”

And so on.

Present!Ghost is starting to think the guy LIKES being hit.
Current!Scrooge is not absorbing anything; sure, sometimes when he reflects on some of the shit he says, it’s not good… but that thought rarely enters his head.

“Can you fucking hear yourself?!” the Present!Ghost eventually snaps, grabbing him by the suit’s lapels. “Look at these people… stop seeing them as pawns, or things you own, or as the stereotypes in your fucking head… look at them as PEOPLE.
People fighting to get by on the shitty wages your company allows, while you frivolously spend it on yourself…”

Like before, they follow employees… and this time, Scrooge is silent. He’s watching, observing… but shoves away any sentiment stirring. They’re still just money-makers, easily hired and fired at will… his financial pawns.

But still, maybe he could make a little concession… maybe bring back the in-store creche/daycares. Maybe it would give the employees a stronger reason to work extra hours…

As if Present!Ghost could read his thoughts, they shake their head sadly and fade out.
“It’s not all about you…”


Scrooge scoffs as Future!Ghost arrives… he looks to be around forty, maybe fifty if Scrooge aged well. The hair is thinning but hey, he can always pay for it to be fixed…

“Sooooo… what? We gonna go see my spooooooooooky grave, huh?” he laughs, wiggling his fingers.

The ghost shakes his head.

Instead, they take a tour much like with Present!Ghost.
The stores, full of different employees, none he recognised; maybe they had worked harder… gotten promoted?
All were just as stressed, the stores bigger than before and fewer staff meant no slacking; an interesting innovation.

His office, empty…
His island beach house… there  he was.
A teleconference with shareholders, boasting record sales boosts; getting praised.

He has only aged physically, otherwise, nothing has changed.

He wasn’t seeing a downside.

And then, they did go to a graveyard… several, actually.
Half-remembered faces, older, more haggard, some wearing the uniforms of his company… most stood quietly weeping over gravestones or sites, they slipped into a funeral once or twice.

He was about to ask the relevance… when the reality strikes.

The children. They were the children of his former employees, older, with families and lives of their own now… burying the parents he knew couldn’t be forty, maybe sixty at most…

He starts checking the gravestones, calculating ages; trying not to see epitaphs of their lives ('beloved mother’, 'much-missed father’, 'dear brother who went too soon’, etc.).

Something wasn’t adding up, they can’t have all died young, right? He turns to the Future!Ghost for an explanation.

“You worked them hard, took away holidays, increased demand and work hours… but never reinstated their health insurance. Most died broken, if only in spirit…” the Future!Ghost points to one headstone, “There lies an employees who killed himself due to the stress of the job, whose panic attacks went unseen and untreated because you would not help.
And there, the young woman whose assets you believed to be 'fuckable’… and over there, the young man you would have slept with if only he was not of a race you considered thuggish… he actually died protecting his younger co-workers during a store robbery. Which could have been prevented, if you hadn’t let the store security go, to cut costs.”

And while all this happened… he was sitting in a remote island beach house, lapping up false praise…
It stirred something. Was this…shame? Horror?
He felt like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas… his heart was hurting; he needed to call his private… doctor…

The private doctor he had on call at all times, while some of his most in-need employees were turned away from the Free Clinics, because there were just too many to see.

There was literal blood on his hands. He could feel it… rubbing his hands on his clothing, as if it would come off; but of course, there was nothing there.

Without a word, Future!Ghost grabbed his arm and forced Scrooge watch himself, from only an hour prior… as he travelled with Present!Ghost. Listened in horror to the way he singled out certain employees, said such slanderous things…

His throat burned, in remembrance of the poisonous comments… spewed rapid-fire, thoughtlessly… not knowing, not CARING that the people below him were working as best they could under difficult circumstances. That they would die, because he thought them nothing but freeloaders, with physical attributes he either loved or hated…

God… he was an asshole, wasn’t he?

“Yes, Scrooge… you were a major asshole, but I think you’ve learned something tonight.” added in Future!Ghost, pring he WAS listening to the man’s thoughts.

“So… no visiting my grave, then?” he asks, almost knowing the answer.

Future!Ghost looks at him, scrutinising. “It would not have meant anything to you, Scrooge. You only care for the here and now.
Seeing the deaths you caused, however, was the one chance I had to reach you… for you to redeem yourself.”

Scrooge brushes sweaty strings of hair from his face, lost.
“So… what do I do now?!” he whines, confused. “I can’t fix this overnight…”

Future!Ghost considers it.
“How about… you start with re-instating their holidays and bonuses, and go from there? Just try to be less of an asshole in general… or you end up being me. The older you who is so set in his ways, who walks over the graves of employees without a second thought, if it means greater profit, greater praise.
You can change, so do it. Because if we have to come back, you will most assuredly not be treated so delicately.”

He blinks, and they are back in his office.
The computer is on, an e-mail to the entire company is ready to be sent…

URGENT MEMO: Holidays Reinstated

Hi all,

Sorry for the hold-up with the information, I was trapped in a foreign airport for over a week waiting for a volcano to stop spewing ash and couldn’t send this.

Christmas holidays have been re-instated, and you will have additional paid-vacation and sick days added to the coming year to make up for those extra ones you worked these holidays.
Good job on making the quota, we surpassed it by a wide margin; so everyone’s getting a bonus this year.

The next company meeting is in January, but the good news is that there will be a push to reinstate company-wide health insurance, security services, the in-store employee daycare and employee loyalty awards.

Happy Holidays,

CEO Scrooge


He was perspiring. That was a LOT to promise.

“You’re going to click Send,” Future!Ghost said, in a bland voice that meant neither threat nor praise. Just that he knew Scrooge would.

His hand finds the mouse… it shakes, but he manages to move it to the button. He clicked send, feeling ill for reasons other than illness or disgust, as the email disappeared.
It was a big order to fill… but he was going to do it.

Future!Ghost claps him on the shoulder.
“Good job. That’s Step Number One.”

He turns as Future!Ghost starts to fade out.
He wants to ask a lot of things, but nothing comes out.

Future!Ghost just smiles genuinely with his older face.
“Hey, just remember one thing, Don’t Be An Ass…ho…l…e…”

And suddenly Scrooge is alone again in his office.
He stands and goes to the door, hovering in the doorway like this was the most important step he would ever make in his life… and step through.

Leaving his office with an entirely different perspective than he entered it with.


The End

Chasing Cars

Words: 663
SONG FIC: Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Bruce Banner X Reader Song!Fic
Summary: After a particularly rough mission, Bruce is feeling down on himself. Reader goes to his room and offers to lay with him, just for a few minutes to forget about the rest of the world. Song Fic with lyircs from Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. (Not a request, but I needed a break from Steve, Tony & Buck.)

You found Bruce alone in his room. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You thought you knew what had him so upset. You’d both just come back from a mission where the Hulk had thrown a car into a nearby building. It hit a structural support beam and effectively reduced the entire first floor of a home to ruble. Luckily no one was hurt this time. The family that owned the place was gone on vacation, but that never lessened the doctors guilt.

You knocked softly on his open bedroom door. He’d had his headphones on, but happened to look up and see you. He gently tugged the over the ears headphones off and looked up at you sadly.

“I don’t really feel much like talking, [Y/N]. Maybe later.” He reached for his headphones, but you invited yourself into the room anyway.

“If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lay with me and just forget the world?”

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Now that most of my stuff has recently updated, (finally) I find myself incredibly indecisive on what to write next! Also, I have a ton of asks in my inbox I should answer (thank you to everyone who’s said such nice things! I really love getting comments and it absolutely makes my day!)

I should also probably update my fic masterlist, it’s, uh, not very up to date.

Anyway, some of the projects I guess I gotta get on:

Confessing It and Raised Spirit’s next chapters
Reincarnation stuff??? Maybe?
A bunch of prompts/answers, hoo boy, that’s a big backlog to tackle
Zeph meeting Max’s family
That next semi-smutty thing where I haven’t even named the characters yet
Something Else, depending on what catches my eye

Anyway, thanks for following my blog! And reading my ridiculous writing. I appreciate it and I’m gonna try and kick out more work in the second half of this year. It looks like I’m mostly out of my slump. crosses fingers. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


when you have to stop a wedding, you wait for the right moment, right?