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Nissi, I'm so sorry to bother you, but do you know where I could find that gif or vid where JK walks up to Suga and Jimin who are standing next to each other during some award or event thing during the BS&T era and literally grabs Suga's shoulders and moves him to the side so he can stand next to Jimin instead? TYSM I love how kind and helpful you are to everyone, you are a true blessing to us all <333333

0:28 here !! and stop omg im blushing ty for saying that

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A fast food employee hmmm? What a tiresome job. No doubt with a boss who doesn't appreciate you properly- yet. You can make them all appreciate you, you know. You can MAKE them appreciate you, and you have all kinds of tools in the back to do it. Knives, hot grease, that sort of thing. I think you know what to do, so why not go do it?

Clean knives and fresh oil (we don´t use grease). MY kitchen is the cleanest and purest there is in this town. Even if my boss didn’t appreciated me (which he does) I love keeping my work station clean. <3

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Do you know of any sh blogs that try to stay out of drama as much as possible?

hmmm there’s always some drama, isn’t there? even if we’re trying our best
(definitely try blacklisting discourse or sh negativity or sh criticism because most of people use at least one of those tags so it’s easier to avoid drama and just focus on the good things)

well, i’m about to work on my follow forever so you could always check those blogs out because i definitely love all my mutuals (even if some of them enjoy taking part in discourse haha)

but from the top of my head…

you should definitely check out (in no particular order)

@magnuslightswood @thirstyalec @jacehvrondale @lightwoodclan @mrspotterblack05 @daemonya @magnusfray

(i’m gonna put maaany more in my follow forever ^_^)


when you have to stop a wedding, you wait for the right moment, right?

I was tagged my @leehyvnwoo thank you~

~Rules: Answer the eight questions then write eight new questions of your own 

1. Bananas or pears?
2. What city/country do you really want to visit?
all the ones my tumblr friends live in and then a few more~
3. Favourite show at the moment?
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!
4. What would you name a puppy if you could name one right now?
5. What’s something you have that not many people have?
well that’s a hard one… i didnt know what to answer but apparently a group chat with @miniminsu and apparently even more so with @chuhyeokjin
6. Favourite Disney movie?
hmmm Up? or Lilo&Stitch maybe
7. What’s the first thing u’d buy if you had a million dollars?
anything my family members wanted
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?

i tag @miniminsu @skangjun @riripandalili @chuhyeokjin @tvngoblin @kiwivega @notvoldemortprobably @wandernitka @hyvens

*My questions:
1. What is your favorite book (series)?
2. If you could have any pet animal and be able to take proper care of it which animal would you want to have?
3. What if the prettiest landscape in your opinion?
4. Favourite memory?
5. Is there at least one good thing you can tell yourself everyday? What?
6. What would your ideal vacation be like?
7. Did you watch Power Rangers as a kid? Which ranger was your fave?
8. What else did you watch as a kid? Does it bring back good memories?
9. If you could do any job (even “fictional”) for a living what would you choose?
10. Is Pluto a planet?

anonymous asked: don't have to confirm or contradict this if you don't want to because I know you like keeping certain things about yourself private and I respect that so I just though I'd say that first! Hmmm whenever I think of you I always assume that you're in your high teens, and you're quiet and reserved irl but really friendly! Annddd hmm you seem like you really like music and maybe reading?

Dang you know me pretty well. I’m not going to confirm or deny the age, cause, you are right, I do like to keep some things private XP. I am kind of quiet and reserved, and I like to think of myself as friendly. I love love love love love love music and reading so yeah. Pretty spot on! 

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Hey! Since you are into Katie and a GoT enthusiast, which three GoT characters do you see Katie playing (irrespective of gender)? I dont know if you have answered something like this before, if you have then ignore this ask. Also sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.. And before I go, you have a wonderful soul so have a good day! ❤ -s

S!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you my love. You’re really good at this whole making me smile thing (also your English is on point, just saying).

Hmmm, I have low key been dying to have someone ask me to sort her characters into the major Houses of Westeros. I did that for Lena and the Super Friends and it was so fun. Other than that, not many GoT asks.

Let’s see. Three characters. I usually imagine her as a Stark. I mean she has the look and I know so many people fancast her as Lyanna. I have imagined her as a gender bent Jon Snow. That would be amazing because of course I would need to keep my beautiful sword fighting queen. And imagine her standing next to Ghost! Ugh! Love!

After analyzing Oriane a few times and while I was working on my Katie/Natalie Ship Storm, I couldn’t help but imagine her as Cersei Lannister. Give her blonde locks back for that one. Though it may be hard to handle because I would probably always see Lucy and my heart would probably break every time.

And maaaaybe… Yara Greyjoy? Yara is a bit of a badass with the perfect amount of attitude. Plus she’s wlw so I am pretty sure my heart would explode after seconds of seeing that. And I would get to see two of my faves together because Emilia Clarke is my sweet summer child.

Oh how nice it would have been to see Katie McGrath on GoT!!

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What's your favorite... you know, this moment during the day when you feel most relaxed. What objects do you like to surround yourself with? What kind of music do you like then? You can describe all these little things around you. Something that makes you feel good.

Hmmm I really had to think about this!! I really like the time of night where it’s quiet outside but it’s not too late, and that’s when I tend to take a bath and then sit on my bed and write.  I usually listen to music or nature sounds - I have a few different playlists (you can see them on my spotify) and I choose depending on my mood/that of the scene that I’m writing.

{ send me ‘what’s your favorite…?’ asks }

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I'm curious as to why you don't like fang/serah (if u feel like elaborating). I've looked it up and it doesn't really seem to be a thing (?) I'd also love to hear about your ow ships :)

Well, it isn’t a big thing, that’s for sure, it’s just common in fics when Light and Vanille are. I just simply don’t like it the same reason I do like Fang and Light - I like ships where they are on the same coin, are on the same level. Extending each other, rather than completing. But hey, if people like it.

Hmmm as for OW. I’m currently so into Mercymaker someone help. I love love love the idea of pre-talon Amélie having a thing for Angela. When will I finally finish writing this fanfic. … Have you read Do No Harm? Read it, you will know what I mean.
I love Pharah and Mercy too, they are good and healthy and I’m just @ blizzard what are you doing.
I freaking love the idea of Sombra and Widowmaker, the talon bffs need to stick together. I just want them to hold each other after a mission tbh.
I also love to make jokes about Sombra and Katja Volskaya, lmao c’mon Sombra, a “friend” right right.
Symmetra and Sombra, man I would looove if they had canon story together, like Sombra having something against Vishkar in her hands and juuust, please.
Zarya and Mei?? goooood shit goood shit right there, give me.
And I guess Tracer and Emily should be obvious by the stuff I post, they give me a warm fuzzy feeling, they are good and fluffy. Bless.
Also post-talon Widowmaker and Tracer/Emily. Just because I enjoy this idea lmao. Blame fanfics. (You need to read Better Angels of Our Natures, this thing is so cute I wanna fling myself in the sun)

Hmm yeaaah I think that’s it :D Thanks :D