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Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Alisa Haiba? HER BIRTHDAY IS ON MARCH 5th!! (And also ukai's) AND IM DEAD I CANT WAIT TOSEE MORE ART OF HER LIKE EV ER YWHERE

happy birthday alisa!!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


Favourite female character: Lacie Baskerville  

I’m usually not much of a fan of female characters, but I love Lacie. She’s so whimsical and pretty and wise. 

Truth or dare? // Luke

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W/C: 1.349

warning: I’m sorry this is awful, but i didn’t have any good idea.

It was a Friday night, and as so many others you’d spend at Ashton’s house, with the entire band. You’ve been friends with Ashton since you were both kids, and when he met the boys, you were the one who encourage them. You knew how amazing they are, and you knew they would make it.

Now that they were about to start the tour, they’d be gone for so long, and all you want to do, is enjoy as long as you can. So you, Calum, Michael and Luke were at Ashton’s, when Michael came up with an idea.

“Hey guys, why don’t we play something?” He said, with a devilish smile on his face.

“What are you thinking about Mikey?” Calum asked. “Well, maybe truth or dare?” He answered. “No! There’s no way I’m playing truth or dare with you guys!” I practically shouted. “Why not?” Ashton asked, looking suspiciously excited. “Because, I’m the only girl here, and you’ll be mean with me.”

“Oh (Y/N), we won’t tell you to do nothing that you don’t want to” Calum said, when he blinked at you. The boys were planning something, you just didn’t know what all of this was about. “Well, you guys want to play, but no one is asking Luke’s opinion.” You said, hoping that Luke would support you, and you wouldn’t have to play this stupid game. “So, Lucas, do you want to play?” Ashton asked the blond boy. “Actually, I don’t-“ Luke was saying when Michael cut him off. “Shut up, Luke! Let’s play the game”.

“Should I get a bottle or something?” Luke asked. It was obvious that he didn’t want to play the game, but the boys didn’t let many options for both of you.

“No. We are going to play in a different way. Each one of us, chose a person, then we play” Calum said. “It’s way more interesting like this”.

“And, if someone don’t accept the dare, one week as the victim of all our pranks” Michael added, with that devilish smile again.

“Everyone agree?” Ashton asked. “Okay, let’s do this” You said while Luke just agreed. You’d teach that boys a lesson.

“As we are at my place, I’ll start” Ashton said. “Luke! Truth or dare?” Luke didn’t seem very comfortable. “Common Lucas, you know you can’t choose truth” Calum said, smiling. “Just deal with it Luke, and play the game” Mikey said, laughing. You didn’t understand anything, but you knew the boys were just teasing Luke about something –as always- probably it was just some stupid thing.

“Dare” Luke said. “I dare you to put a biiiig hickey on (y/n)’s neck” Ashton almost screamed.

“Are you kidding with me?” You had a huge crush on Luke, you really liked him, more than a friend, and you were scared that if that happened, you might never be able to get over it. You wanted that, but not as a dare. “I don’t think the two of you have options” Mikey said, blinking at you. “Yes (Y/N), you don’t want the party videos on twitter, do you?”Even Ashton was doing this.

So Luke just pushes you to the other room. “I’m really sorry, but let’s just finish this, please!” he was looking so nervous. “What is this about Luke? I’m worried about you.” “They are just being idiots; just help me end this stupid game.” He begged you. “Okay…” Then he gently puts your hair back, he softly kisses your skin, and then suck it. You couldn’t control yourself, and moan. The he leaves your neck and kisses your cheek. “Thanks (Y/N)” He smiled at you, and when back to the room, where the others boys have been waiting for you.

“Soooo, I heard a moan… Something to tell about that (Y/N)?” Michael asked. “Were you actually hearing behind the door?” You just couldn’t believe it. “Got ya! So there was a moan!” The red hair boy screams. “I hate you” You immediately answer.

Everyone kept playing the game, and while all focus was on you and Luke, the two of you tried to make Calum, Mikey and Ash do stupid things too. But they were always choosing truth. Apparently, you and Luke were the only ones hiding things. But what could you do? You didn’t want the boys to make you blush because of questions about your sexual life and stuff.

While you were playing, Ash dared you to put on, one of Luke’s shirts, which was on Ash’s house – you wonder why. Luke had to give you a massage, what was awkward, since the two of you had an audience, but the massage was great! The boy had talent!

Then pizza arrived, and you thought you’d have a break, but no with Michael there. So you had a great dinner. On Luke’s lap. The two of you were blushing so much, and it was so embarrassing, that you promised yourself that after tonight, you’d never look at these guys again.

After a few more rounds, it was Calum’s time again. “Hmmm, who will be the next..” He said, looking around the room. “Like we don’t know.” You answered ironically. “Mikey! Truth or dare?” You looked at Luke, and you realize he was just as surprised as you. “I’ll change a little bit Cal-Pal, dare!” Michael said. “I dare you to kiss (y/n), like a real kiss”. You got stuck in you place, what the hell was going on? You really just wanted to murder these boys, like what the fuck they thought they were doing?

“There is no way this is gonna happen!” You stood up, and looked at them, you couldn’t believe they were doing this. “What do you thing I am?” you were really angry now, and upset. They were using you as some kind of toy.

“So, you can do, all of that things with Luke, but you can’t kiss Mikey?” Aston asked you. Now you were feeling like an idiot. It was all about this. They realized that you had a crush on Luke, and they wanted to make you admit it. You knew Luke didn’t like you back, so what were they thinking? That they would humiliate you? There was no way you’d let this happen. You looked at Michael. “Okay, Calum dared you. Do it.” Michael got closer, and placed a hand on your waist. You close your eyes, then you feel a big hand hold your wrist, and pull you. You hit against a tall boy’s chest, and when you feel the perfume, you knew who that was. Luke put one hand on your face, and the other one, that was before holding your wrist, is now on your waist. You open your eyes, and before you close them again, you see his beautiful blue orbs.

You felt his soft lips against yours. It feels so right, and you just feel so happy. And the moment was perfect, until the three dorks, start screaming. Then Luke leave your lips and rest his forehead against yours. “I’m really sorry I made you pass for this, but I couldn’t choose truth, they’d ask me if I liked you, and you always know when I’m lying. So now you will know I am saying the truth, I really like (y/n), and I know that I’m about to leave, but I’d like to try and see if things work”.  He says, rubbing your cheeks. “I don’t mind giving it a shot. It’ll worth it.”

“Well, please guys just say that I’m a genius!” Michael says, while separating the two of you.

“Thank gosh one of you did something, I thought we’d have to make the two of you have sex before someone admit it” Ashton said.

“Just keep in mind that we’ll be the best men.” Calum said.

“I guess you are my girl now?” Luke asked you, with a smile crossing his face.

“Just after a proper date Hemmings, I’m a good girl.” You said, blinking at him.

“You ate pizza on my lap, what else do you want?” He said, before hugging you.