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Family (Part 2) - Sirius Imagine

A/N: So, this imagine wasn’t requested, but I noticed that a lot of people enjoyed my Sirius imagine entitled “Family” so, I thought maybe you guys would also enjoy a part 2? In any event, I decided to write one, so let me know if you enjoy it! Here is part 1. 

It had been two months since you and your friends had returned from Christmas break, and since you told Sirius about your family. You didn’t know if Sirius had told the rest of your friends the entire story, but he had surely told them enough for them to stop asking you about your break. Since returning, you had slowly got back into your normal life at Hogwarts. You were smiling and laughing, back to your normal, energetic self.

Sirius was ecstatic to see you back to normal, but he never forgot the brokenness in your eyes when you told him what your family had done. Although he never brought it up to you,he often thought about different living arrangements that he could find you so that you would never have to return to that dreadful house. At the moment, Sirius was living with the Potters, having been kicked out of his own house as well. At the very least, he knew how  you felt.

Sirius was sitting on the common room sofa, his usual spot, with James beside him. Remus sat across from James, both of them engrossed in a high-stakes game of wizard chess. Sirius dragged his mind out of its turmoil and looked at James.

“Prongs?” he asked, his brow furrowed in thought.

“Hmmm?” James hummed at Sirius in response, not looking up from the chessboard.

“I was thinking, you know, since things with Y/N have gotten-”

“Check-mate! Better luck next time, Prongs!” Remus interrupted Sirius, jumping up from his seat and pointing his finger at James, pumping his other fist in the air. He settled back down in his chair, crossing his legs slowly, a smug smile on his face. James rolled his eyes at Remus, muttering a low “whatever,” and giving the chessboard a shove. James turned his attention back to Sirius.

“I’m sorry, Padfoot. Some people don’t know how to be polite when someone is talking,” he said dramatically, looking pointedly at Remus, who returned the comment with a smirk.

“It’s fine,” Sirius said exasperatedly, “Listen. What do you think your parents would say about Y/N coming to stay with us? It would only have to be for the Summer, I wouldn’t mind staying here with her next year at Christmas break. And I’m sure after seventh year I would be able to find us both a flat, if I got a job.”

James’ face broke into a wide grin. “Pads, of course Y/N can come stay with us. I’m positive my parents won’t mind, especially since she’s your girlfriend and you’re practically their favorite son,” he laughed, shoving Sirius’ shoulder.

Just as James finished speaking, you made your way through the portrait hole, spotting the three boys by the fire and bounding over to them. You plopped yourself down on the couch next to your boyfriend, grinning widely up at him, his arm moving to rest on the couch behind you.

“So, I’m guessing the library was a success?” Sirius said, looking down at you, laughter in his voice.

You nodded quickly. “Definitely a success. I found both of the books I needed for potions, and I found that book that I’ve needed for about a billion years for charms.”

Sirius smiled. “Good. So, I have a bit of a surprise for you,” he said, now turning his body to face away from James and towards you. His eyes twinkled with mischief and excitement, giving you the feeling of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You propped yourself up on your knees so that you were eye level with him.

“Yeah? What would that be?” you asked, smiling widely. You noticed James give Remus a signalling look, and watched as they both quietly took their leave.

“Well,” he began, “I was just talking to James, and we both thought it would be a spectacular idea if you came to stay with us at the Potter’s for the Summer. There’s a spare bedroom downstairs, and he said his parents would love it if you came.” He spoke softly, fearing upsetting you if you thought about leaving your parent’s house.

You sunk back down into the couch, still looking at Sirius, a small smile still evident on your lips, but a stray tear snaking its way down your face. You wiped it away quickly, but it was soon replaced by another one.

“Seriously?” you whispered, not quite believing how much you loved your friends and how loved you felt by them in return. Sirius let out a chuckle as he took your hands in his, and whispered back,

“Yes, seriously.”

You giggled at your inadvertent pun, quickly engulfing Sirius in a bone-crushing hug. Sirius fell backwards onto the sofa, laughing jovially, and you were laid on top of him, giggling along.

“Oi! Lovebirds! None of that in the common room, please,” James shouted from across the room, a grin on his face as well. Your head shot up in his direction, and you quickly jumped off of Sirius to run and attack James in a gigantic hug. James hugged you back, happy to see you so happy, glad that you would be far away from your horrid parents. You pulled back from the hug, whispering a meek “thank you,” and James whispering back “no problem.”

Soon you found yourself back on the sofa in front of the fire, this time surrounded by the entire gang. You were snuggled into Sirius’ side, his arm holding you close, a blanket draped over the both of you. You all stayed in that spot until the early hours of the morning, joking and laughing together. As you sat there, nestled in front of the fire, surrounded by these beautiful friends, you couldn’t help but feel so proud to call these people your family.

~Extended Ending~

“Y/N!! Did you take my gray hoodie?!” Sirius called down the stairs of the Potter home, just freshly out of the shower. He stood at the top of the stairs, awaiting a response, but he did not get one.

Sighing heavily, he made his way down the steps, walking lazily over to your bedroom door. He knocked gently, and not hearing a response from within, turned the handle and walked in.

In front of him laid you, snuggled in his gray sweatshirt, a book clutched in your hand, asleep and under the covers of your bed. Sirius smiled fondly at you, quickly turning around and rushing back up the stairs to his room. He returned to your room shortly, wearing only his pajama pants. He grabbed the book softly from your hands and set it on your desk, turned off your lamp, and climbed into your bed with you. You instinctively snuggled into his side, as he pulled you closer. He placed a kiss on your forehead, then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, smiling at the feeling of you laid safely and contently next to him. 

Hmmm I wonder if we should pay more attention to the previous series Voltron DOTU???

I haven’t watch DOTU but I have read a bit on wiki about Lotor the prince ofthe Galra empire and how he is half Galra half Altain. From what princess Allura has told us Altains can alter their appearance to look like another species.

With season 2 coming about and how the VLD (Voltron legendary defenders) is its own thing it still keeps the core of what Voltron is ( well thats what i think but I think DOTU fans would have a better perspective and say than I do lol). 

I personally think that they might ( key word might) combine Keith and Lotor’s character, it would make sense why Keith is an orphan and how he could have fit among humans. This would be due to his Altain Dna matching up to what a human would be like, and with living on earth for so long he wouldn’t really know how to be another species other than human. Plus add to the episode where his hand gets burned and the episode where he loses his anger at  Haggar and we hear the comment “you fight like a Galra soldier” (it was something along these lines.)

So all in all my theory is that Keith is combined with the character  Prince Lotor and might be the son of Haggar and he is both Altain and Galra. 

Though this is just a theory but I personally think us Voltron LD fans should watch DOTU or at least read more about it, there are sectrets in the old show that will either be twisted and made new, old and true or not true at all and wont appear.

anyways hope you like my theory! reblogg and add on to it or if you have any input on this or any other VLD theories.