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The Joker X Reader “Best Friends”

Mister J doesn’t understand the concept of having a guy-best-friend. He always gives you and Frost such a hard time. Dammit, this man needs to learn when to back out!Who are you kidding? He’s a lost cause… 

Best friends saga:

**** You were horsing around the penthouse with Frost, fighting with the Joker’s canes. You had his favorite purple one and Jonny the black one. You were trying to kick Frost, he ducked and you hit the wall so hard the cane snapped in two.

“Oh, crap!” you gasp, assessing the damage in disbelief.

“That’s not good,” Jonny sighs. “Want me to take the blame?”

“No, no way, it’s my fault.”

He took the blame. Mister J is pissed to the maximum.

“I’m so sorry, boss; I tripped and felt right on top of it.”

“Lose some weight, God dammit, you know that’s my favorite cane. Now I have to wait until my new one arrives. How am I supposed to look like a pimp without it?” J snarls at him, but he knows something is up.

“You don’t need the cane, baby” you smile, keeping your cool. “You always look like the hottest pimp around.”

“For reals? Hmmm… if you say so…” the Joker buys your flattery and you think Frosty is safe.  NOT!!!

At the club, Frost was getting ready to go downstairs and J tripped him. Man, that was a pretty nasty tumble! You let out a small scream and rush after him.

“Oh my God, Jonny, are you ok?” you try to help him up, worried to death. “J, did you push him?”

“Wha’????? Why would I do that?! I’m not that low,” the Joker defends himself but you have your concerns.

“Frost, did he push you?” you ask, annoyed.

“No, no, of course not,” he lies, knowing it’s better not to start any shit.

“See? I told you, he’s just clumsy, he falls down and…breaks things.” The evil glare in J’s eye makes you squint your eyes, suspicious.

**** Since J is not going to be home anytime soon, you get together with Frost for drinks, karaoke and movies. After you’re both very drunk, you really sound like goats jumping from a cliff, but you think you’re the best singers. You decide to watch something sad, you don’t really know what, but sure as hell you are both on the couch now, sobbing, heartbroken. Your head is resting on Frost’s shoulder and you sniffle, blowing your nose in your tissue again.

The Joker walks in and sees you both and he doesn’t like the fact that you are sitting so close to each other.

“What are you guys doing now?” he mutters, marching in front of the couch.

“This is so sad, Jaaayy,” you cry and Frost reaches his hand to wipe your eyes with his tissue.

“Don’t touch my girl!” the Joker grumbles and he punches Frost unconscious.

“Omg, Jaaaayy, you killed my best friend!” You start wailing, clenching to Frost’s chest.

“He’s not dead, let go!” J tries to take you away. You don’t bulge.

“Jonnnnyyyyy, I’m gonna take care of your kids,” you whimper even louder.

“He doesn’t have any kids, let him go I said! Jeez, how much did you drink, Princess?!”

“Jonnnnnyyy, I’m gonna take care of your wifeeee,” you’re bawling your eyes out.

“He doesn’t have a wife!”

“I don’t care, I’m gonna take care of all of them anywayyy.” You are so upset you won’t move.

“Fine, I’ll prove you he’s all right!” J walks over to the kitchen, irritated, grabs a bowl of water with ice and comes back just to throw it Frost’s face to wake him up. Frost opens his eyes, kind of jumping from the shock of the cold feeling. You kiss his cheek, then cuddle on his chest.

“Frosty, you’re alive!”

“I said don’t touch my girl!” the Joker snaps, punching his lights out again.

Poor Frost had to walk around with two black eyes for three weeks.
 **** Mister J will get revenge for that night. Frost has a date tonight and you are helping him with his tie.

J is glaring at you too, tapping his fingers on the glass coffee table.

“Can’t you dress yourself, Frost?” he asks, grinning, impatient it’s taking so long.

“Almost done, sir.”

“There” you back out a bit, satisfied. “I hope you never leave us, I don’t know what we’d do without you.”

You hear your boyfriend snarl and you continue:

“…and without J we would be completely lost,” you quickly add, winking at Jonny.

Before Frost leaves, J is trying to give him tips on how to behave on a date and some pickup lines. You roll your eyes, scoffing and when J leaves the room to answer an important call, you whisper to Frost:

“Don’t listen to him, he’s clueless to this kind of stuff. I’m with him for his looks, not for the wisdom he blesses us with every day.” Jonny snickers, amused.

“What are you guys talking about?” J inquires, coming back in the room holding a glass half full with whiskey.

“His girlfriend, she’s adorable,” you innocently smile. “A sweetheart, I’m telling you.”

“Hmm, oh well, old man, here’s some liquid courage for tonight.” The Joker gives the glass to Jonny and he drinks it all. He put sleeping pills in the whiskey. Needless to say Frosty didn’t make it to his date and you didn’t talk to J for days.

****  “Jonny, remember when we were kids and used to play hide and seek? Gosh, I miss those days. Hey, let’s play!” you clap your hands in anticipation.

“We’re grown ass people, Y/N,” he furrows is eyebrows, not in the mood.

“ So?! Stop being so serious. Come on, it will be fun, pleaseeee?” you beg, pulling his arm.

“Ok, but just one round, you hide and I’ll try to find you.”

“Yes!!! Awesome!” you jump up and down, excited. It’s late at night and J is not home yet so you gotta kill the boredom somehow. “Ok, turn the lights out, give me 1 minute and then come look for me,” you giggle, already knowing you will hide behind the curtain. You stay quiet, hearing noises around the penthouse. You feel like a child again, you missed the thrill of this silly game.

Suddenly, you feel hands grabbing your butt as you are turned around and you feel your lips being kissed. You panic:

“Jonny, what the hell???!!!” you yell and throw your fist in his face as hard as you can.

“Huhhh?”you hear Frost from across the room as he turns on the lights.

“Auchhh, are you crazy?!”
Oh, crap, it’s The Joker. With a bloody nose. Looking unhappy. Very unhappy.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” you cover your mouth, scared. “I didn’t know it’s you. Why did you sneak in like that? I’ll bring you some ice, hold on.”

“God, you have a mean punch, Pumpkin!” he snorts on his blood, holding the bridge of his nose, angry at you.

“Occupational hazard, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you keep on apologizing, feeling really bad about it. You didn’t have time to notice Frost widely smiling at his boss’s misfortune. Karma is a bitch.

**** You are out Christmas shopping with Frost for J . You have no idea he’s following you two. He keeps on creeping out from behind corners, with a hoodie on and jeans, totally incognito, watching you two like a hawk.

“Why is she holding his arm? Why are they laughing? Why is he touching my girl again?” J keeps on thinking, irritated. He sees some kids playing in the snow.

“Hey, you there,” he gets their attention, “wanna make a hundred dollars?”

* You suddenly get bombarded with a million snow balls, there are a bunch of children screaming and yelling, hitting you two from all sides, then they run.

“Wow, what was that?” you say, cleaning yourself up. And you hear it just for a split second, but you sure know that laugh.

“It’s that idiot!” you mutter through your clenched teeth, aggravated.

“Who, Mister J ?”

“That’s what I said, Frosty, pay attention,” you inhale, dragging him inside the little restaurant on your left. ”Come on, let’s get on the terrace! Hurry up!”

There is nobody on top with the cold weather and snow, of course. You duck behind the wall, watching the street.

“There he is!” you point at the Joker approaching the building, recognizing him.

“When he gets right under, we push all this snow on him, ok?” you elbow Frost, making sure he’s going to follow the plan.

“Are you insane? He’s going to kill us.”

“Bullshit, he won’t know it was us. I won’t tell if you don’t,” you bite your lips, waiting for an answer.

“Ok, let’s do it!” Jonny softly chuckles, grateful he can get a bit more payback to his boss for all the crap he has to endure.

“Wait for my signal,” you peak again and…”Now, now!!!’ you both push the huge chunks of frozen snow and you hear a loud thud then J cussing and having a temper tantrum. You both laugh like crazy, covering your mouths and you slowly get up and run, taking the stares to the south side of the restaurant.

**** You are in front of the fireplace, listening to a song with Jonny on your mp4. He has one earbud and you have the other.

“Wow, awesome song, Y/N,” Frost nods his head as a thank you for sharing.

Oh, hell no! The Joker thinks when he sees you two. He walks behind you and smashes your heads together as hard as he can.

“Auucch, wtf, baby?! It really hurts!” you whimper, rubbing the painful spot.

“Whoops, my hands slipped,” J grins, closing his eyes to take in the moment, feeling like he accomplished something good for the day.  Jonny doesn’t say anything; he is trying to be as stoic as ever. He just cautiously gets up and leaves.
*You and Frost got nasty matching red bumps and J is very pleased to call you:

“My little horn-y devils.”

**** You and Frost are waiting outside for the Joker so you can go to the club.

“Gosh, it’s so cold,” you shiver under your thin coat.

“Here, Y/N,” Frost offers you his coat, placing it around your shoulders.

“Thank you, you’re so sweet… Hey, J, what are you doing?”

Mister J yanks Frost’s coat and throws it on a muddy puddle that didn’t freeze yet.

“Baby, what are you doing?!”

“You don’t need his coat, I’ll give you mine, “ J pouts, puckering his lips while placing his purple coat around you.
That was so uncalled for; he really needs to knock this shit out.

The car is parked half a block away so you bend your knees more to make sure the bottom of his precious croc coat gets dragged in all the puddles and slit you can walk in.

He has a fit when you give it back to him but you  candidly point out he gave it to you and it’s not your fault you’re shorter than him.

**** “How in the world did my Lamborghini got a flat tire? Are you kidding me right now?” J gasps, kicking the sidewalk exasperated. ”Get someone to fix it!” he shrieks at Frost.

Yeah, I wonder how it happened…

Frost gives you an inquiring glance and you wink at him, letting him know you got his back.  

What are best friends good for anyway?

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kittyneska  asked:

Hi!! So I’m looking for some help here. I am new to watching anime and I’m looking for some suggestions on what to watch next. I have watched Naruto and a few other popular ones but I’m open to anything and don’t mind if it’s subbed or dubbed. I just started getting into this about a year and a half ago so I am still very new to it all. I appreciate the help!!

Hmmm… well, I dunno if I like a certain type but usually when I’m looking for something new to watch I try to start with shorter series… Durarara, Noein, Noragami, Maria the Virgin Witch… were all short (complete or only a few seasons out) and I ended up loving :) Check out their summaries to see if they sound good!

And I always have a few auto-recommendations (all, also, only a few seasons each)…

Mushishi - it’s one of those episodic ones, rather than a series with a starting and ending point. If you like beauuutiful scenery, a quiet soundtrack and interesting little stories pretty much contained to one episode each - check it out :)

Samurai Champloo - If you haven’t heard of it, ya should! Mix of Edo period japan and hiphop soundtrack that ya wouldn’t maybe expect to be awesome but it is. Lovable trio, great story, endless re-watches for me!

And if you wanna get attached to wolves and cry a lot - Wolf’s Rain. Pretty, kinda slow but you can’t stop watchin! Plus, it features Johnny Yong Bosch before he became the screaming-constantly Ichigo. >_>

*cue the replies and reblogs of others suggesting titles* ;)

samsterfx45-deactivated20150821  asked:

Hi Molly! PAX is coming up, and I am excited to meet you guys (I'm going), but I am also extremely shy and nervous when meeting new people, especially ones who I look up to (it's something that's come up). Do you have any advice for shy and/or nervous fans?

Hmmm lets see….

First I gotta say don’t feel like we’re going to judge you for being shy or quiet. All of us have been fans of someone and been shy and awkward meeting them so we can personally relate to how you’re feeling. Plus we’ve all been to enough conventions to realize that people will be shy at first. We all do our best to try to make you guys feel comfortable so you can enjoy the moment. :)

Make sure if there’s anything you want to say to, as Shia would say, JUST DO IT!. xD I know its easier said then done, which is why we try to make sure you guys are feeling comfortable and less shy so that its easier to ask for pictures and signatures and such. You have to remind yourself too that this may be a once in a life time thing, so if you want pictures, signatures, and such you have to be brave and go for it. Its always sad to go on social media after conventions and read about people who didn’t say what they wanted or didnt get pictures because they were too shy or because they felt awkward asking. Its a lot better to deal with a few awkward feeling moments then to have to go home without having said and/or done what you wanted to do.

ALSO, there are going to be fans way more comfortable going up and talking to us then others…..and sometimes I’ve noticed the shy/awkward fans struggle sometimes to try to get attention or try to get a word in because the outgoing fans seem to not stop. I can’t speak for the others but Wade is very good about making sure everyone around him has gotten a chance to speak with him and such. 

Any hey, you know who we are, but we don’t know who you are, so let us know if you’ve ever interacted with us or what your username online might be….or heck just introduce yourself with your real name. xD Its weird for us because we can’t say “Hi I’m [name]” because you already know us.

Make sure you have lots of fun at the convention itself too! I’m sure meeting everyone is a goal but make sure you go out and enjoy everything the con has to offer. ^^

Pretty Little Liars 4x17 'Bite Your Tongue' Review

Okay let’s just say that I think that this is yet another great episode. 4B has REALLY been impressing me so far, and I’m so glad that the show is feeling just as exciting as it felt in Season 1 again. Overall I am just super happy with the way it’s all going.

Now I just want to point out some things in the episode that I loved most.

1) Intro to the Episode: Aria, Emily, Mona, Mike’s party.

  • I just want to say that I thought this was an awesome start to the episode. It threw us RIGHT into the drama, instead of taking 15 minutes to build up. 
  • Loved the way Aria was trying to take charge of Mike’s dumb party.
  • Loved the dynamic between Aria and Emily, when Emily was clearly still so pissed at Spencer, and Aria was really trying to be there for Em, while still not taking sides. 
  • And Emily yelling at the couple making out on the desk? Haha, hilarious! (*slap* “MOVE IT!”)

  • I seriously love how fearless Aria is towards Mona. She just doesn’t care… the attitude she gave her.
  • But seriously, what was Mona doing there? She definitely either took something from Aria’s room, or she planted something in there. The way she zipped her purse back up before walking away… That wasn’t put in there for no reason.
  • And Mona’s comment to Aria about the wallpaper? Is that some kind of a weird clue? Or just a snarky Mona comment?

2) The Outcasts: Detective Hanna and Spencer

  • The fact that Emily is still so mad at Spencer, is sad. Especially since it is now causing conflicts between Hanna and Emily. I get why Emily is angry, but they will never figure out the truth if they aren’t all in it together.
  • I love how smart Hanna was being… Using Crime novels to influence her to think like a criminal, in order to get more in tune with what A is up to or what happened to Ali? Genius. A little out there… but hey, still Genius. I commend her for her thought.

3) Insensitive Mike:

  • For a guy who usually has his sisters best interest at heart, he sure doesn’t seem to care too much about her or her feelings now. What the hell is up with that?
  • “I’ve done a lot of crap that I’m not proud of” Hmmm, Mike… is this just about your past of breaking and entering? or Is there something more to this?

4) Irrelevant Maggie scene:

  • Seriously, I’m SO over Maggie and her story line. Go away!
  • Although, the feelings it triggered for Ezra… Very interesting. “People get what they deserve, Eventually…” Shady, shady… Mr. Ezra Fitz.
  • Also, when he said this, it said England behind his head on the chalkboard. I know we’ve been told that clues can be found here sometimes, so would that be a hint towards Wren?

5) Detective Holbrook: A legitimately nice cop?

  • Is it possible we FINALLY have a decent cop in Rosewood?
  • He seemed genuinely concerned about how Hanna and her mom were doing, as well as being worried that he may have been the reason that they might be doing bad. Is it an act, or is he sincere?
  • I’m a little suspicious of his crime novel choice, though.

6) How do we know it was ‘A’ who shut off Emily’s engine?

  • When Hanna and Emily were talking in the hallway, Hanna made a comment about them not knowing for sure that it was A that shut down the car. At first I thought Hanna was just being naive, and I think that’s what we’re supposed to think, but maybe she has a point.
  • Hanna was very smart this episode, and the reason she said this was because of her sudden interest in figuring out 'A’s motives by reading crime novels.
  • She said “The sociopathic mind feeds on intricate patterns.” She also said, “If A did kill your car, wouldn’t he own up to it by now?
  • She has a point, because A loves rubbing it in their faces when he/she does something to them. So the fact that this person didn’t do that, it may not be A. We definitely seen someone in a black hoodie who restored the car’s system back to normal… but we are pretty sure that Ezra is the one that set them up to stall right by his cabin. So maybe Ezra is working with someone in a black hoodie, but they are their own team. Maybe they really aren’t A… Something to think about.

7) Major Hostility:

  • Emily slamming the locker door and ignoring Spencer, then proceeding to walk away… HARSH.
  • Mona and Aria’s feud… I seriously love when these two go head to head. But Mona hanging with a new crowd now? Uh oh, Mona’s A-Team: Round two.

8) New Alliance?

  • Ezra and Mona? JUST, NO.
  • I liked their last scene together from 4x14 when it seemed like he basically shot her down… Is he changing his mind now? Is he recruiting Mona for help?
  • And also, she needs to wipe that smirk off her face! She seems way too pleased that Ezra is asking her to talk.

9) It always comes down to the teeth:

  • This kind of makes me suspicious of Det. Holbrook, as much as I want him to be a nice guy.
  • This basically leads us to believe that the reason Ali got away with people thinking she was dead, was because someone switched the dental records, or the teeth themselves. So was it Ali? Or did she ask someone to do this for her? Or is there someone else that wants everyone to think she is dead?

10) Jesse: Another Cute Faculty Member

  • This Jesse guy is kinda cute, in a nerdy kind of way. Not complaining though.
  • He seems pretty nice, but so naive about who Mona really is and what she has actually done.
  • He made an "Educated Guess” that Aria was talking about Mona… so Mona must have told him about the feud between her and the liars? Did she tell him the WHOLE truth? Is he her newest ally, to the point that the girls can’t trust him either?
  • “If two students form a bond, it’s usually because they found common ground.” Okay… so what Is Mike and Mona’s common ground? Mike is seeming awfully shady to me now…

11) Ezra and Emily’s Dad: Did Wayne just clue him in?

  • The scene starts with Ezra texting to someone “There’s been a set back re: Alison”. re: usually means “in regards to” or “about”. sooo… there’s been a Setback regarding Alison. Hmmm, what does this mean?
  • Now am I the only one that noticed how surprised Ezra seemed to be that not only was Emily staying in Ali’s bedroom at the Dilaurentis house, but also that Mrs. D seems to act like Ali may “walk through the door again”?

  • If you ask me, that is definitely a look of surprise… Did Wayne Fields just clue Ezra in to a new lead? That maybe Mrs. DiLaurentis actually knows that Ali is alive? and waiting for her return?

12) Here comes the Drug Problems: Spencer

  • Very disappointed in Spencer for even allowing herself to try something like this, but at the same time, I’m glad that the show is bringing new and real life teenage problems to the table.
  • I love Spencer and Toby together, but I do really like Andrew. I feel bad that he came over with hope and that Spencer shot him down. so sad.

13) Emily Almost Stabs Her Father

  • I think this whole scene is a great symbolization of how much A and Ali turning out to be alive has REALLY messed with Emily mentally and emotionally. She is clearly extremely paranoid, and doesn’t feel safe in the walls of her own home.
  • AND FOR GOOD REASON, because that Hand print on the window sill was creepy as shit!

14) Spencer and Hanna devise a plan:

  • I’m so glad that Spencer is working so hard at decoding these diary pages.
  • That flash back SCREAMED Ezra from the very beginning! I mean, beer? stories? writing? love and death? metaphoric advice? Hollis Bar? Come on, Ezra.
  • When Spencer goes to Hanna’s house at 4 in the morning, did you notice how fidgety she was? Drugs are already hitting her hard.
  • I love that they are both coming up with these plans. Hanna to the Dentist, Spencer to the pub. Ready? 1, 2, 3, BREAK.

15) Aria and Maggie Catfight.

  • Seriously, this whole thing was so ridiculous. I’m sure the “Aria is A” theorists were eating it up though!
  • Aria going from hostile to sorry in two seconds flat… Whoa. Her hostility was very apparent throughout the WHOLE episode… Towards Mona, Mike, and Now Maggie… even a little towards Jesse.
  • When she went to talk to Emily about what happened, I definitely think Emily is finally getting suspicious about Aria and Ezra still being together. She said, “ It’s not like you two are still together,” and she totally noticed Aria’s awkward facial expression afterwards.
  • But the sound of throwing up when the Screen was still showing Mona and Mike making out? HYSTERICAL.

16) British Pub and Board Shorts

  • Well first of all, if “Hart and the Huntsman Pub” Didn’t clue you in, then the british flag definitely should. This is a BRITISH PUB… nod to Wren?
  • But of course… who is here? Eating BOYSENBERRY PIE? EZRA FITZ. OMG. Really?
  • When Spencer asks him what kind of pie, he says Boysenberry at first… then he quickly says, “or actually it might be blackberry, I don’t know, I’m going off the recommendation from the waitress.” Then he quickly grabs the waitress and CANCELS the rest of his order and hurries out. (also he picked up his phone really fast when Spencer approached).
  • Then the waitress brings the rest of his order anyway… Beer. So obviously, Ezra didn’t want to sound like he himself had ordered the boysenberry, and he didn’t want Spencer to see him with the beer. But that plan backfired because the waitress brought it over anyways, and she even made a comment about how she thought the combination of the two was gross… so, she obviously didn’t actually give that recommendation. And it is none other than BOARD SHORTS ALE.
  • SO… Ezra = Board shorts? It appears so.

17) Dental Work: Poor Hanna

  • Whoever did this to Hanna, was DEFINITELY a guy.
  • This person was completely flat shaped. And had no boobs whatsoever… and the only girl that we know on the show that is that flat chested is Spencer, but she was at the pub.
  • Whoever it was knows how to use that syringe to give someone a numbing shot though… possibly Wren?

18) Was 'A’ going to hurt Emily?:

  • The whole situation of Emily in the school totally freaked me out.
  • I have no clue who this could be at the moment.
  • Ezra was supposed to be there with her, but he wasn’t (or was he?). We never saw him again after he left the pub… Maybe too obvious though?
  • Music was scary as shit, and this A was VERY vengeful
  • Act Normal, Bitch? Really? WTF.
  • And what I want to know is what A’s plan was… was he/she going to hurt Emily? It certainly seemed like a he. But he certainly seemed like he was trying hard to get in that room with her… usually A never straight up attacks like that… A tries to stay under the radar so no one can see who he/she is. So it kind of makes me wonder if this was actually A, or if this person really wanted to hurt Emily.

19) Episode Conclusion: Reconciliation, Creepy A message

  • I’m SO pissed that A took that dental sign in sheet out of Hanna’s purse! All her hard detective work for nothing! She was so smart this episode and instead of it helping, it just hurt her.
  • So glad Spencer and Emily FINALLY made up!
  • This was by far the most psychotic thing A has ever done to the girls. Really? Performing Dental work on Hanna? Shoving a little tiny A note into her tooth? WTF.
  • And something else: The message said, “I told you, dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking”. For one: this person REALLY wants these girls to stop looking.. they’ve said it on more than one occasion. and Two: “I told you..”? When Emily got the original necklace with the teeth that said “Dead girls can’t smile,” Toby was the one helping Mona while she was in Radley… so is this the same person? Could it really still be Toby? (theory/idea from prettylittlealisondi)

20) C. Cavanaugh:

  • I already posted what I think about this. But basically I think It’s definitely C. Cavanaugh that we are supposed to be questioning.. not Chris Vail.
  • You can find my theory about this right here.


  1. So is Ezra really Board shorts?
  2. Is Detective Holbrook trustworthy?
  3. And Jesse? Can the girls trust him?
  4. What is going on between Mike and Mona? What is their common ground?
  5. Who was trying to attack Emily at the school?
  6. Who worked on Hanna’s teeth?
  7. What did Ezra and Mona discuss?
  8. What was Ezra’s text about?
  9. Were all the British/English nods really hints about Wren?
  10. Who is C. Cavanaugh?