hmmm the smell of coffee in the morning

Imagine the morning after with Dean

Charakter: DeanxReader
Words: 170
Warnings: none
Summary: imagine the morning after with Dean

A/N: just a little quickie ;)

You smell coffee, as you gently open your eyes. On your bedside table stands a cup of coffee and a single rose in a vase. You smile as you think about last night. Dean leans over you and kisses your neck. “Good Morning beauty, did you sleep well?” You smile dreamy. “Hmmm.” Dean nibbles on your earlobe. “Breakfast isn’t delicious, as you.” You turn around and kisses him deeply. “Maybe we should skipped breakfast.” “Dean..” You push him away from you. “What is (Y/N)? I just enjoy my appetizer.” Laughing you turn away and grab his shirt, which lies on the floor. You smell at the rose and smile at Dean.“ Thank you.” You prevent yourself down to him and kiss him lightly. Before you can react, Dean grabbed you and pulled you back into the bed. “Breakfast can wait (Y/N).”