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• hmmm fuckboy jaehyun seems to be a very popular concept on this website lmao

• i wonder why…for real though this was kinda hard to write but i hope it was what you were looking for!!

• anyway here’s to the prince of ruining everyone’s lives with a smile

• let’s gooooo

• (also this is mildly nsfw but i’m sure the title implied that)

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I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 100 - The King & Queen of the Saviours

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 100- The King and Queen of the Saviours

[At the Hilltop, Blake proves herself to be more than just a scared and beaten-down woman…for Negan has built her into much more than just that these days…]

Author’s note: I cannot believe I made it to chapter 100, guys! It’s a long one. Enjoy.

WARNING: Mentions of smut/nsfw/violence and Blake being a badass

“After you, Peaches” murmured Negan in a husky voice into her ear as he held open the door to the large and looming building.

Blake instantly wrinkled her nose, shooting Negan a smirk as she slid easily by him, stepping inside and gazing about at the large entrance hall.

The inside the house itself, set upon a slight mount in the centre of the Hilltop, the interior was grand and impressive. And although perhaps it was a little stuffy for Blake’s taste, it was still beautiful all the same, with its winding staircase, oil paintings pinned to the panelled walls and high ceilings adorned with carvings and chandeliers.

“Wow, now this is a bit different from the Sanctuary…” she breathed, her green eyes flickering about the room.

But almost instantly, she felt Negan’s tall, broad form reach her shoulder, his fingers entwining neatly with hers once more.

He gave a loud scoff.

“Pfft,” he said waving his hand dismissively. “Shit like this is all well an’ fuckin’ good when you’re tryin’ to impress, Sweetheart. But heatin’ a place like this must be a goddamn nightmare. An’ hell, those doors ain’t keeping out a horde of those dead-shits for very long.”

That was indeed true. The fortified factory she and Negan lived in, was indeed far better protection in this world, than a place like this, but even so-

“I don’t know…” said Blake in a goading voice, giving a hefty sigh. “I still kinda like it.”

She glanced Negan’s way.

“What do you think?” she purred, nudging him with her hip as they strolled forwards. “Vacation home?”

And at this Negan presented Blake with perhaps the widest grin she had ever seen, gazing at her in utter awe.

“Now that is an idea I can fuckin’ get behind, Doll-face,” the dark-haired Saviour growled back. “You, me, a queen size, and a hot tub out back. Phew, I can think of a million fuckin’ reasons to love that.”

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*A very smutty fic drabble, might be my smuttiest/rudest (cringey) one yet for Jonsa. Coz these two are just soooo …HOTTT*


“Are you ready yet?” Arya called out to her from downstairs. Sansa rolled her eyes and smoothed down her hair before flipping the light switch in her room. Jeez, I only said ten minutes..

“Yes, yes I am,” Sansa answered as she walked down the steps to her impatiently waiting sister.

“You look fine Sansa, you know Marge’s waiting for us now,” Arya huffed as she took her crossbody mini satchel and slung it across her chest. Sansa couldn’t help but grin at how adorable and pretty her sister looked, all dressed to the nines and prettily made up. It was a first for Sansa seeing her like this. And Sansa cherished it. Probably an evening to remember for them both since it was Arya’s last night as a single lady and Sansa’s night out in ages. She was quite certain it was going to be unforgettable if Arya was involved.

The deep house bass beats pounded through the speakers as Arya led Sansa into the doors of the Red Keep, the new Goth-Steampunk themed nightclub that Arya had been desperate to get in for ages. How she managed to get onto the guest list was beyond Sansa but who was she to refuse a girls’ night out?

“Hey, Arya, Sansa! Over here!” Sansa saw a familiar face and a hand stretching out to wave frantically at them amidst the large crowds in the club. “Hey Marge!” Arya cried out excitedly and Sansa followed her to where their table was.

“This place is amazing! Oh my god, so happy I get to have my hen’s night here! I am gonna get so drunk!!” Arya gushed as she bounced up and down excitedly. Sansa giggled just as excitedly, happy she was able to be a part of it all.

“I know right? It pays to know people I guess,” Margaery nodded with a knowing smirk. “Yeah, I bet you know the important ones well!” Arya teased laughingly.

“I’m going to get us drinks, just have fun and let loose okay?” Margaery yelled over the loud music and disappeared into the crowds.


“Soo.. I know it’s my hen’s night but Margaery and I were just talking the other day and we think you should be the one getting laid.”

Sansa almost spit out her vodka lime.

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Hi I just wanted to ask you an opinion about what device should I buy for digital art... I'm a beginner and I really don't know what buy haha p.s. love your art!!!!!

Hi! And hmmm. I don’t think I’m the best person to ask that question to since my first tablet was given to me by my best friend. So I’m not really sure? My first one was a wacom bamboo:

It was small but good! Though, I would recommend looking into other tablets online to see what artists think when it comes to which tablets are more advanced than others (I’d start with a simple and easy to use one). And thank you ! <3 I wish you luck!


S U M M A R Y : “ Just tell me… Say anything. Anything hurts less than the quiet. Just tell me… Say anything… ” A relationship with silences which causes Dean to question it 

G E N R E : Angst 

Originally posted by jongdabae

The night had been lively for you and your boyfriend, Kwon Hyuk also known as the R&B singer Dean in the world of music.

Dean had taken you out for a lovely dinner where, he had even went all out to buy almost everything you liked and to take you to your favorite restaurant that the two of you went to when being together for a year

Funny thing is, tonight wasn’t the anniversary for you two being together for 4 years now.. No no, Dean only planned this event because he thought it would break through to you, someway or somehow. To be honest, everyone could see that you and Dean were having rocky situations that only became worst by the moment, causing distances to form between the two of you but in Dean’s point of view he had wanted to close that gap… The gap of distance and hold you in his arms like the good times.

“So Y/N…. How does the food taste? I made sure the chief made it perfectly for you.” Dean spoke excitedly, though his eyes said different from his tone - betraying him to sum it up, “Hmmm….”

Only a hum… A hum. It’s a hum so I can get her talking soon, right?” Dean thought to himself, feeling as if cracked you a little but he had been way far from doing so in reality terms

“You look amazing tonight.” He flashes his smile at you - in hopes you would smile and say ‘thank you’ but nothing… The whole night had only been Dean talking to himself.

Traveling back home was indeed tense, the atmosphere causing Dean to feel his spine tingle as well with his stomach turning in ways he hadn’t felt before - or at least never with you like the way it felt now. “You can’t let this go on forever.. It’s been months and shouldn’t go on forever, right? So try again.” The voice in his head tries encouraging the black haired boy who had been gripping and un-gripping the wheel of car - knuckles turning white as snow each time he tried to think of something to say, something to actually make you reply instead of giving the same facial expression that read; Just stop talking.

Dean had to be honest… Each time he looked at you, he questioned whether or not you had turned off you emotions - becoming an empty human shell with nothing but an cold heart who could careless about his kind one that loved everything about you. No matter what he did, you gave him those cold, doll like eyes that showed you had nothing to offer in return.

Were you broken or was he the one that had been broken for worrying about you, over thinking this maybe? No… You were the broken one. At the end, Dean hadn’t spoken a word in fear a fight could happen within the car - though of course it wouldn’t - and cause a car accident. 

When returning home, Dean had flicked on the lights while walking deeper into the shared apartment that held good memories and bad ones as well.

You walk inside as well, closing the door and slipping off the coat Dean had brought you. Placing the coat inside the closet containing other coats, shoes and a few traveling bags that weren’t able to fit in bedroom closet

The sounds of your heels click through the whole apartment as for Dean was busy pouring him a drink to calm whatever nerves that been gathering together in his body. 1 drink, 2 drinks, 3 drinks and more could have been his goal for tonight but once his eyes found your beautiful shape figure - he had wanted to touch you, to feel your skin against his hot skin but at last it was always the distance from letting him - making him actually wanting to work this out before deciding anything he would regret 

“Y/N, can we please talk.” He asked softly while you grabbed a wine glass and had soon began to head for the large rack of wines placed neatly by years 

“Y/N… Please. I think we should talk for once. This whole game of not talking has gone way too far. Our friends are getting worried about this whole relationship nowadays.” Dean admitted, “Do you hear me?” His hand waves into your sight of view

Still nothing… 

Dean didn’t know what to do. Keep the relationship and pretend your secrets didn’t affect him or he could walk out just to make you realize that you are giving up something that no one else would give you like him but deep down he knew if he left, Dean would only feel like he had made a choice that he would forever look back in and regret because he cared that much for you and had been willing to try anything to get you back to when you both fell in love with each other

Silences roams the atmosphere, causing such an unpleasant vibe to surface… 

Say something Kwon Hyuk! Tell her how you feel!” That inner voice comes back. Standing, his mouth had opened and closed like a fish until he finally just gave in - to stop trying to come off as gentle with his words and hide his true emotions.

“How long are you going to keep this up? Does is amuse you or something… Because I’m tired of this, tired of the secrets you keep,” He spoke aloud “Is this relationship some joke to you?” 

All these questions were thrown to you but you only lifted up the large glass of wine and placed it against your lips, ravishing the favor while glancing at Dean once or twice.

A large, dragged out sign had left Dean… “What should I say? What should I say?” He thought to himself “Stop trying to be kind! You are still trying to not hurt her with your words!! She barely has feelings so you might as well tell her everything without sugarcoating it! ” There went that inner voice in his head again

“Y/N… We have this time and space between us for some revelation and you don’t care to discuss it, do you?” 

Dean had basically called you, mostly implying that you have been keeping secrets which is probably why the relationship is becoming weaken, “I have noting to discuss with you..” You snapped, feeling as if he had overstepped his place with you. His eyes becomes smaller, mostly glaring at you before shaking his head.

Dean would admit, he had been thinking that you’ve been unfaithful but just wouldn’t come clean due to the fear of something or maybe you just didn’t want to say at all… To keep Dean guessing.

“I would rather be black and blue than know you are withdrawing from this relationship.” Those words had caused you to think, to think really hard and at the fact you’ve already withdrawn way before he even knew that this relationship of ‘love’ was heading deep down into the ground

“You pick physical pain over mental? Is that what I’m understanding?” You spoke once more before placing the wine near your lips and drinking slowly. Placing the glass down, before you could speak, Dean had beat you to it;

“Y/N just tell me. Say something, anything, because right now I can’t stand this this! I can’t stand not knowing how you feel anymore, not knowing if I’m the whole cause of you being like this.” Dean’s voice rose in anger or maybe it was sadness but whatever it was that made him talk louder than ever was something you couldn’t just push away or change the topic with so easily like you would normally do

As you hadn’t said a word, Dean couldn’t help but realize that being told that the relationship isn’t working out from you would hurt less than just being left uncertain. 

Always going back and forth to try and assume that you keeping secrets were for the better cause or maybe not, no one knows anymore. The relationship was a broken mess that neither Dean or you could handle anymore to be complete real about it

All he wanted was an answer…. Just one simple answer but you choose to remain silent, to not give Dean the pleasure of knowing the sins you’ve done when he was away. It would make matters worst, you assumed, it would only cause him more pain but hadn’t your actions now cause him pain already?

To you, no. It had zero pain to give him because keeping secrets away from him was for the better but to Dean…. Oh Dean had saw it as something like a life or death choice, You just kept playing with emotions over and over again. It was never amusing, you think, its always for the better to secrets from the ones you love - something you once heard from TV but hiding secrets from loved one only jacked up shit which made everything come crumbling down withing minutes. Hell! It was more like seconds if you really thought about the whole things without being stubborn and think TV words were actually the truth

“Doesn’t it weight you down?”

“And what would weight me down? I simply know nothing of what you speak of?” A classy tone is what you had given him, almost making it sound like you weren’t taking this whole thing serious which let’s be truthfully.. You weren’t really taking any of this whole thing serious.

It would only be something small. Nothing to really worry about since Dean had always came crawling back, wanting to be with you though you never exposed the words he had wanted to hear. Whether you told or not, you could tell Dean would do almost anything to keep you.

No other person could receive that same love Dean had given to you

“Stop acting like you don’t know…” Dean’s voice had become more stronger, more clear and demanding of your actions but before you could say anything smart back;

“Y/N I -”

A/N : This probably is short and I’m sorry but I plan to add more details to part 2 instead due to the fact I want to make this series better than my jjk series 2 part. I hope you enjoy and follow the series of The Quiet. Thank you <3

BTS Reaction to you bringing a puppy home


BTS reaction to you coming home with a stray puppy and asking to keep it.


Originally posted by baebsaes

He would be so fucking confused. Like he would love to keep the puppy but he wouldn’t know if you both could look after it because of your busy schedules but then he would think it was sooo adorable and that he wanted to keep it. So instead he would just stare you trying to logically figure it out. But of course, he would keep it because he is a softie.

“Can we keep him?!”

“Jagi… I don’t know”



Originally posted by bangtannoonas

As soon as he saw you with the puppy he would start shaking his head knowing what you are going to ask. He loves you and he thinks the dog is adorable but he just thinks that you wouldn’t be able to look after him properly. He would give in as soon as you pull out the ‘But you’re always out at the studio and I get lonely’ card and he just said yes straight then and there. Loving the way your face lit up when he said yes.

“I don’t think so Jagiya”

“But, Oppa, he will keep me company when you’re away”

“Fine but you’re picking up his shit”


Originally posted by booptae

As you walked in talking to the little puppy saying how much it will love it here and that your boyfriend is a little sweetheart he couldn’t help but giggle and blush at your adorableness. So how was he supposed to say know to you giving him puppy dog eyes and the puppy giving him puppy dog eyes, either alone would be hard to deny for him but both was just evil. So it’s safe to say you are definitely getting that puppy.

“You’ll love here I swear. We will take good care you”

“Who are you talking to?”

“This little fella” *Gives Chim Chim the puppy*

“We are keeping him”


Originally posted by averageoppa

As soon as you walked in he ran towards you prying the puppy out of your hands and sitting down playing with it. You didn’t even get a hello from him so you were sure that this puppy was staying with you guys now. You knew you would be the one feeding it and taking it for walks, though.

“Tae, you have to promise to walk him sometimes?”

“Hmmm” *not paying attention, giggling at the puppy*

“Okay. Looks like I’m going to be doing everything”


Originally posted by jinkooks

He would find it hilarious as you walked in and put the dog down and it started to run around the house. He laughed watching you chase the dog around the house watching your giggling figure run behind a tiny little puppy would be the highlight of his week. Of course, after this scene, he fell in love with the puppy so you just had to keep it.

“Go Jagiya! Catch him!”

“It would be nice of you to help!”

“But it’s funnier over here”


Originally posted by jiminb

He would scream so loud when you came over to him with a ball of fluff in your arms. After he realised it was puppy he would laugh and go to stroke it and you happily let the puppy like your boyfriend to death as he laughed happily. You knew that this bonding time would definitely secure your chances in keeping the puppy.

“Ahhhh. Why is it licking me?!”

“It likes you! Maybe we should keep it!”

“I guess we’ll have to if he likes me this much.”


Originally posted by forjimin

He could hear you laughing when you came in so he expecting something to happen but then he heard a bark and his smile vanished wondering why you would bring home a puppy without consulting him first. When you came in with a hand in your jacket and a lump at your side he couldn’t help but smile knowing you were trying to hide it from him. When he asked you about the bark pretending not to see the obvious lump in your coat, you insisted that it was you who barked and then m=started barking cutely at him.

“So it was you who barked then, not a puppy or anything?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes, Jagi, we can keep it”

-Helmet Girl

anonymous asked:

13, 15, 22, 39

13: Name one movie that made you cry.

Hm this question is potentially embarrassing  bc i can get pretty easily caught up in an emotional soundtrack …. i ll admit that i did cry at the end of Secondhand Lions, when the kid runs back to live with his eccentric uncles and they live happily ever after….for one thing i m a sucker for two brothers who are best friends through thick and thin, that’s something that anyone could make me tear up with, Plus, a happy unconventional family living together, and the film’s message about choosing to believe in Good even though it often looks like there’s no such thing….. i m sure someone else might sneer at the movie but i hold it p dear in m memory.

15: Things about someone that you find attractive?

Hmmm…. One specific person? Hm well, he has very lovely blue eyes, and I like how it sounds when he laughs, and I really like trying to impress him with cool story concepts because he’s able to come up with really awesome ideas and it’s especially fun spinning out thoughts and ideas with him and generating narratives out of it all, i m glad he s my friend tbh… ha i ll stop there bc i m getting embarrassed.

22: Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?

it turns out that that list has two 22s, and i answered the other one already, so here s this one!

Yes! I like a good few of my mutuals, and I think they’d be fun to hang out with. I always get a little disappointed when i look up their About and they live in Norway or a small rock orbiting Neptune. Making internet friends with someone who lives within 100 miles of me would be pretty dang nice to be honest

39: What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Hoo WELL, I am on a quest to create the perfect pizza, and I know it probably sounds boring to other people but a simple pepperoni is all I need, and the /best/ pizza I ever had was in a church square somewhere in Italy, a hot delicious one that was a margherita and thinly sprinkled with rich cheeses and italian pepperones and had an egg on it and it was a delight, I could not believe it at the time, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had and I grew up with homemade pizzas made from scratch by my own sainted Mother

So, my favorite kind of pizza is the hypothetical Ultimate Pizza that I will one day create (from scratch, natch) that will not merely echo that one sainted church square pizza, but will in fact Surpass it. That final pizza… it will be wonderful, and I might have to retire and become a cave system hermit afterwards, making pizza in a naturally formed brick oven somewhere in the kentucky cave system


@willowaus asked for Klaroline telling each other “I love you” for the first time.  Heads up: this is likely as close to canon as I’m ever gonna come again in this fandom, due to recent… events.

               Their story starts when she’s seventeen.  She’s dying, and it’s all because of him, but when he sits on her bedside and tells her about genuine beauty in a tone that’s so intimate it makes the rest of the world disappear… for that moment, she’s not thinking about how he nearly killed her.  No, she’s just thinking about how she doesn’t want to die.

               It’s not the most romantic start, but it’s still a start, and when he talks to her in terms of centuries and forever, all she can think about is three months down the road, and it seems so impossible, because he does such awful things.

               And then he’s gone, and he comes back once for a quickie in the woods… and then it’s over.

               No build up, no big climax, just over.

               And she moves on.  

               Her mom dies, and she turns off her humanity, and then she has sex with Stefan.  She turns it back on, and she still has sex with Stefan, because he’s always been so good.

               Except that he’s not.

               He’s not bad, either.  He just… is. As inaccurate as it might sound, it turns out that Stefan is human, and that means he’s flawed.  And in the end, his flaws and hers, they don’t just mesh. Because he falls off the wagon, and expects her to understand, and part of her does.  Only understanding doesn’t mean she’ll tolerate it, and in the end she has to leave.

               She leaves behind Mystic Falls and her best friend in a coma, and she decides that it’s time to live her life.  So she does.  She travels the world, and sees amazing, beautiful things.  She sees the cities, and the great art and music and food, and it’s almost two decades later when she explores the Himalayas.

               And there she sees a hummingbird.

               She’s thought of Klaus over the years, of course. Something like that doesn’t just end, never to be thought of again.  It haunts you with what-ifs, and when she had looked at a painting in the Hermitage, she had known it was his, even though it was labeled as anonymous.  She would have recognized his painting anywhere.  

               But it’s not until she sees that hummingbird and remembers his words all those years ago, and for the first time she looks beyond where she’ll be in three months.

               Because it’s been over twenty years, and she finds that she isn’t angry at him anymore.

               It’s her first taste of immortality since genuine beauty, and Caroline thinks she likes it.

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Adam’s script tease reminds me of Chapter 4 of “Naughty and Nice Vibrations”.

Behind closed eyelids she saw the glow but she didn’t let it distract her as they were trembling, drawing out their orgasms for as long as they could while writhing in each other’s arms, holding onto to each other for dear life; the room filled with the sounds of their enthusiasm, unadulterated cries of pleasure and of wet flesh.

As Emma pressed her lips to the crook of Regina’s inner thigh, smelling her, savoring her, taking it all in, she slowly opened her eyes and was in for a shock. She moved her head back a little more to study what was happening. Their bodies were glowing in hues of red and silver. An even bigger shock awaited her when she turned her head slightly. What the hell?!

Regina was happily exhausted, kissing Emma’s soft folds, then her thighs.

“Regina…” she heard Emma alert her, softly. “Are your eyes open?”

“Hmmm?” She chuckled, “No, Miss Swan. I am exhausted and well satisfied.” She lightly ran her tongue over Emma’s slit.

Emma gasped at the contact and the brunette was sorely tempted to give her another tongue lashing.

“Regina, open your eyes.”

“I don’t think I could,” she chuckled.

“No, really, open your eyes.”

“Hmmm? Why?”

“Because we’re levitating.”

She wasn’t sure she heard Emma right. “What?”


When Regina felt Emma’s arms circle her tighter, as if holding on for dear life, she opened her eyes with a frown and noticed her hair hanging down between Emma’s legs and the bed a good 3 feet below them.

“What in the world…” Regina looked at her skin and saw that it was glowing along with Emma’s, shimmering between shades of red and silver. “It’s our magic.”

“It’s creeping me out… just a little,” Emma amended with the last part. “I thought we didn’t have magic here.”

“We’re not supposed to, though our magic lives inside us. At least that is what I always thought. I don’t think we can use our magic here since this is the non-magical world though, but… I don’t know how this is happening… this doesn’t make any sense.” Regina looked over Emma’s body at the bed and floor below.

After a few beats of silence, Emma asked, “So… how do we get down?” The more seriously they thought about it the glowing lessened and then just as suddenly, they came crashing down onto the bed with a great thud, Emma being the one on the bottom, received the greater impact, but since the bed was between them and the hard floor they should probably consider themselves lucky.

Regina made a sound of surprise when they had hit the bed. She looked back at Emma hidden beneath her. “Are you alright?” She felt Emma mumble against her folds, tickling her slightly and spiking arousal yet again. She raised herself off the woman, who was staring up at the ceiling. She couldn’t help but chortle a little at the sight of the shocked blonde. After years, decades, of being surrounded by magic, nothing surprised Regina anymore. “Are you ok, Miss Swan?”

The beautiful younger woman glanced at her then with a grin and joked, “I think I just, literally, got pussy-whipped.”

Read the story HERE.

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From Ashlyn's tweet about being in the doghouse, would love an A team one shot about Ashlyn and Ali arguing and Ash being in the doghouse with Ali...

Ok so this is slightly longer than anticipated because I got carried away so I’m going to post it on Ao3 too but here it is :) I took some liberties and stuff to fit with what I wanted to write. Hope you like it!

Ash wakes up to the sound of her phone buzzing incessantly under her pillow. Groaning, she turns to try and retrieve it but immediately regrets it, her head pounding at the slight movement.

“Fuck”, Ash curses quietly, keeping her head still as she fumbles around with her hands to stop the incessant buzzing, thankful her phone is permanently on vibrate mode.

 It’s Crystal and Ash’s eyebrows shoot up, wondering why she’s calling this early on a Sunday morning. Although early might be a stretch; it’s 11:30 a.m as Ash swipes to answer the phone.

“Ash! Finally, I’ve been trying to get hold of you for ages girl, you need to sort your shit out.”

“Well hello to you too Crys, and as much as I love to hear from you, I currently feel like there’s a eighteen tonne truck reversing in my brain so if you could make this short and sweet I’d appreciate it.”

Ash can hear Crystal smirk and she lets out a snort into the phone.

“Well it’s certainly not going to be short and sweet when you speak to your girlfriend.” Ash almost hears the amusement in Crystal’s tone.

“Why would Alex be pissed with me?” Ash asks, brows furrowing in confusion. Then it dawns on her.

“Oh fuck, last night.”

“Yeah, last night Ash. Last night. Look she knows you’d never cheat and god knows she knows how hot you are, she says it enough herself. Every practice it’s ‘Do you remember how good Ash looked in this kit? This is Ash’s shirt, she looks better in it blah blahhh blaaaaaah.’” Crystal trails off and now it’s Ash who can’t hide her smirk.

“I can’t help it if Ali finds me irresistible. If all women find me irresistible.”

“Hmmm sure Ash.” Crsytal laughs into the phone. “Seriously though Ash, you need to speak to Ali, she phoned me incredibly pissed off at 8am this morning and you know I don’t need to be waking up that early on a Sunday.”

Ash groans. “This is about last night and me being too drunk and this pictures with the girls who weren’t wearing very many clothes isn’t it?”

“Nail on the head Ash, nail on the head. You are seriously in the doghouse. Please phone your girlfriend and do whatever you to do with each other to fix things. I don’t want a grumpy Kriegs at training tomorrow.”

“Your wish is my command. Oh and Crys?”

“Yeah?” Crystal replies?

“Thanks, for giving me a kick up the butt. You know how much I love Alex and I’d never cheat on her, I just don’t want to be rude to these girls you know?”

“Ash, yeah I get it. But just be careful ok? I know Ali isn’t as public about this stuff as you are, but she’s also head over heels, annoyingly, obsessively in love with you and it’s almost breaking her being apart from you so she’s just a bit more on edge, a bit more possessive lately. Humour her, ok?”

Ash’s heart sinks. Of course she is. She feels the same. Being this far away from Ali, not waking up to a mass of brunette locks splayed across the pillow, soft breathing and peaceful snores echoing her beauty is almost breaking her too.

“Of course Crys. Thanks, I’ll speak to you soon, you’re the best.”

Crystal laughs “I know, I know. I’ll be ready and waiting for a gushy Kriegs tomorrow morning. Bye Ash”

Ash nods, more to herself than anyone else. “Bye Crys.”

Shit shit shit, Ash curses under her breath and she half rolls, half crawls to the kitchen to brew some coffee and get her head straight before calling Ali.

Although she woke up with a pounding head and a feeling that she probably shouldn’t stray too far away from a bathroom for the rest of the day, last night’s events are clear in her brain. The bar, with Brek and some of the Orlando City guys. It had been harmless really and it happens quite a lot. She knows girls find her attractive. Straight, gay, whatever. It doesn’t really matter. But she’d never ever do anything. Hell she hasn’t even really thought about another woman since Ali, and even when they broke up every thought, every touch from someone else could never match up to her. Ali knows that, Ash thinks, and she can’t help feeling slightly annoyed at how pissed Ali was at her. Sure she’d had a few too many glasses of Old Fashioned, and there had been pictures of her with some girls. But that’s all it was, pictures. Sure they were standing too close to her for her own liking, let alone Ali’s, but what was she supposed to do? Push them away? She’d strategically placed her hands on their waist. Not too high, not too low to purposefully avoid this. Ali has always been the jealous type and secretly Ash loves it, often teasing her about it. Well, when she’s not pissed with her. It makes Ash feel loved, in a strange way, knowing that Ali cares that much to get pissed at silly things. Like this. A few pictures with a few too scantily clad girls standing too close.

Ash swigs the last dregs of her coffee and grits her teeth as she dials Ali’s number.

Ali picks up on the first ring, the end of the line silent, waiting for Ash to say something first.

“Morning baby” Ash starts, slightly hesitant.

“It’s 12:30 Ash.” Ali replies and sighs.

“Good afternoon baby.” Ash replies, hoping to get a laugh or any other response from Ali that is not seriously pissed off.

“Not today Ash.”

“Ok. I’m sorry Alex. Look I’m sorry about last night, you know it meant nothing. Those girls just wanted a picture and kept edging closer to me and I just…I didn’t want to be rude and push them away but I swear I kept my hands in appropriate places. Baby, you know you’re the only girl I ever want to touch. I get why you’re pissed. I did have too much to drink, I should have declined the photo, I know they were trying to be flirty, but. Oh fuck Alex I’m an idiot aren’t I. Forgive me please?”

“Ashlyn listen to me. I am pissed, and it is kinda because of the photos. Yeah I would have preferred you not to take the pictures but I’ve been out with you enough times to know you have that effect on women. I’m just pissed Ash! I’m just really fucking pissed.”

Ash swallows, knowing that when Ali swears like this she really is pissed.

“Tell me baby. Tell me why.”

“I fucking miss you Ash. And I hate you for going to Orlando and leaving me here, and I hate every girl who gets close to you that’s not me. I know that’s unreasonable, but it’s how I feel. The photos just pushed me over the edge last night. And I hate that we’re so much in the public eye and I can’t just grab you and kiss you when I want to. Because god I want to. All of the fucking time Ash, and I’m just pissed. Ash. I’m pissed at you, and at everything.” Ali is crying now, heaving sobs heavy in Ash’s ear.

“Baby. Alex baby listen to me” Ash soothes, wishing she could hold Ali in her arms right now. “I know baby, I hate me too. I hate this situation and I fall asleep every night wishing you were there, with me. Naked and soft, pressed into my front. And I’d stick myself in the doghouse for months if it meant you came to Orlando faster than next season. But those were just pictures Alex, and I’m sorry, but next time can you talk to me about this first? I mean I know I’m in the doghouse quite frequently with you. But usually it’s because of something slightly more mundane, like actually begging you for a dog. I love you so so much baby.  I would never do anything to jeopardise us. It’s one more season and it’s all going to be worth it. I promise you that. I love you so so much baby.”

Ash hears Ali choke back more sobs as her breathing softens into the phone. “I’m sorry baby” she breathes out.

“Don’t apologise Alex, just promise me that you want this as much as I do. This distance, this everything is all for our future. For our house here, where we can get married and teach our kids to surf and play soccer?”

Ali snorts and Ash breathes a sigh of relief, knowing the sound is a sign of Ali’s improved mood.

“No surfing until they’re teenagers remember?” Ali laughs.

“Yeah, yeah sure Mrs Overprotective Mom.”

“That will be Mrs Alexandra Blaire Krieger-Harris to you.”

“I cannot wait for that day” and Ash’s breath hitches as she thinks about Ali in her dress, Ali as her wife.

“Me neither baby. I love you and I’m sorry I just, yeah. I was just pissed and I miss you.” Ali sighs.

“I miss you more. I love you more.”

“Impossible” Ali giggles into the phone and Ash’s heart bursts. “I have to go and meet Crystal for lunch, but Skype at our usual time?” Ali asks.

“Of course.” Ash replies. “I’ll see your beautiful face later. Bye baby. I love you”

“I love you too. Bye babe,” and with that Ali puts down the phone.

Ash stares into her empty coffee cup, wondering how she ever got so lucky. She makes a mental note to make sure Ali’s engagement ring is still safely tucked away in her underwear drawer. Soon. She’d be Mrs Krieger-Harris soon.

“hipster high school stuff” for elin

Dean’s studying his schedule, frowning, when he first runs into the kid.

Runs into being completely literal.

At least he doesn’t knock him down.

“Hey,” the kid—scratch that, the insanely hot hipster kid—frowns. “Look where you’re going.”

“Sorry,” Dean says dumbly.

The kid rolls his impossibly blue eyes and straightens his sweater. “Whatever.”

He walks away, and Dean tries really hard not to notice the curve of his ass in those skinny jeans, because he seems like he’s kind of an asshole. This fails extraordinarily.

Damn it.

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honeydewlemon-deactivated201505  asked:

Do you know any fictional philosophical books? I mean I know a lot of books are philosophical if you think about them, but do you know some that are a bit more obvious? I'm still not very good at delving into books..

Hmmm, I think I know what you mean! Don’t be hard on yourself at the delving into books. It takes practice to pull out meaning if it’s really woven in there. I’ve learned that the hard way for sure! Here are some books that are clearly trying to teach you something, though! If that’s not what you were looking for, let me know, and I will amend my recommendations! 

1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein - had to add it haha. It is such a good lesson. I can’t believe it used to be a banned book!

2. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch 

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

4. Wonder by R.J. Palacio

5. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Thanks for the question!