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you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”

danse macabre; m

As a newborn vampire, you still have a lot to learn ― fortunately, someone is very happy to teach.

“Step number one: pick your prey.”

➤ Taehyung x Reader | Vampire!AU

You will find: light angst, smut

Beware of: explicit gore, violence, mentions of death, blood play

Word count: 13,437

Author’s note: Welcome to my very first fanfic here on tumblr! I have a certain weekness towards these supernatural AUs, and this work is one that truly marked my days back in my old persona haha

This has been edited and adapted to Bangtan. Every piece of feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you for giving my story a try >.<

Under the heavy raindrops of a decaying city, the raven sky of dawn crawled away slowly, giving its place to a kind morning semblance, a pale shade of pink that originated in the horizon. The streets found themselves in the transitory state between the ebullient sibilation of night encounters and the gradual awakening of a mundane day, utterly relinquished beneath the consolidated ashen clouds.

Despite all that, not every aspect of that stationary instant was permeated by peace. Somewhere amidst the grey buildings and endless traces of monochromatic asphalt, a reticent scream was muffled in trepidation and fear; eyes blown wide in absolute panic. The man’s fingers were already faithlessly gripping to the asperous brick wall behind him, clothes bathed in the deepest of cardinal as he merely watched, impassive and hopeless, as his life was drained from him, dripping down his figure and accumulating in deep, ruby puddles around his trembling feet.

She could hear a strong, booming pulse around her, a frantic heartbeat that fought to keep living on as it echoed inside her skull, reverberating in her chaotic thoughts and sending waves of heat through her ecstatic body. It was not her own, and the woman had no idea who it belonged to. In fact, there was no reasonable facts within her that could call her back to the perceptions of reality, for in that dark alley, the beast was absolutely overtook by an unknown euphoria, moved by the most absolute carnality of her existence. The amative, enticing aroma of blood involved her very personality in an embrace of sadism, engendering her to carve her canines even deeper inside the stranger’s bloody flesh.

Under the heavy raindrops of a decaying city, she could feel everything.

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hey cuties!! i was tagged by @dlmples @jhopej @itschims @love-wishes @soymilkpal @1oveful and @jinspumpkin (and i think a few others omg i’m srry if i forgot u) to do either the selfie tag or some variation of it!! so here it goes!! 

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some old outfits i had lying around :V planning on doing a discount version of the pink one for a fandragon. haven’t tested any of these outfits on not-sd mannequins so good luck with layering….



i spent like 2 hours on these…there are so many dr girls im jfhkjsdgkd

I love this series sm

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What are your favorite nesta archeron fics?

THIS MULTICHAPTER MASTERPIECE BY @pterodactylichexameter There’s a lot of nessian in it but it’s all Nesta’s POV and deals with her character, arc, and relationship development so, so beautifully. If ACOWAR is anything like this I will die a thousand deaths and count myself blessed for every one of them. Like seriously, if you love Nesta/Nessian in any way shape or form and you haven’t read this you’re doing it wrong

AND ALSO THIS WHICH I’VE NEVER EVER RECOVERED FROM AND NEVER WILL BY @valamerys in which Nesta is Made as an Illyrian and grows her wings. and it’s like….legit dude I read this thing literal months ago and I still remember chunks from it to this day because it’s just…..stunningly written and beautifully in character, and perfectly Nesta and SOMETHING YOU SHOULD ALL GO READ RIGHT NOW. okay I’m done. 

All That Matters

Title: All That Matters

Summary: People always told you that loving someone can hurt just as much as it can heal. You never believed it. And then you met Dean Winchester…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Haley (OFC, briefly), John Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Bobby Singer (briefly)

Word count: 5621 (I know, I know. But I hope it’s worth it…)

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Very light smut. Some language. Mentions of abduction, blood, tortures and death (nothing graphic). 

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @frickfracklesackles 1000 follower celebration challenge. Natalie, congratulations on your incredible milestone and thank you for letting me participate and for being so patient with me, I had a great time planning this fic.

Special thank you to my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for helping me figure out plenty of things about this.

Now about the story: My trope was “feisty strangers to lovers”. The storyline starts two years before season 1 (when Dean is 24 years old and the reader 22) and it follows the timeline of the show through flashbacks that are included in italics. The entire fic is loosely based on Ed Sheeran’s Photograph (I am so in love with this song tbh)

I hope you all enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed writing it <3

Countless photo albums were scattered around the floor, old photographs thrown here and there, creased and torn and faded. Empty whiskey bottles littered the corners of the dark room and fast-food wrappers stained the carpet but you didn’t care. Nobody minded.

Dean would have minded.

There it was again, that annoying little voice in the back of your mind that wouldn’t shut up. You could hear it every time you drank a little too much, every time you got a little too reckless, every time a guy tried to flirt with you, not knowing that it was pointless because your heart belonged to someone else already.

Dean. Dean. Dean.

Most of the times you were able to shake it off, tune the voice out, and reach for another bottle of Jack Daniels but today that was physically impossible. The hunt had drained all the energy you had left and the memories of Dean were far too many and far too painful to just go away.

And, besides, the little voice was right.

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Soup With A Side Of Irish (Finn Balor) One Shot

Originally posted by celebrity-imagines-17

Characters: Finn Balor X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @isawthesights

51: “I want to take care of you”
180: “You have no idea what you do to me”

Warnings: So much fluff that you will feel like you ate a full meal.

Word Count: 2.2k

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Please let me know if you would like to be tagged! I’d be more than happy to add you! :)

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Why do old dudes have to be creepy? I tell this guy his total, $131, and he says "for that much money you should come home with me". I'm like ha ha, obviously uncomfortable. "I don't see a ring on that finger... Hmmm...." I gave him his receipt and got the fuck out. Like whyyyyyy. And the ring thing happens quite frequently.

The ring thing pisses me off. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Never had wedding rings. Too expensive and I lose shit. But I’m still married. I don’t need a tag to tell anyone that. Fucking disgusting old men shouldn’t need what basically equates to a label that says “mine not yours” in order to not be creepy scuzzballs. -Abby


You’ve got a goddamn nerve


this isnt a life or death emergency but!! a friend ive known for a long time has the chance to visit and do something really special so!! im opening commissions!! 

halfbody sketch: $5 +$3 every extra character; halfbody colored: $8 +$5 every extra character

fullbody sketch: $10 +$9 every extra character; fullbody colored: $13 +$12 every extra character

halfbody line: $15 +$9 every extra character; halfbody colored: $18 +$12 every extra character

fullbody line: $20 +$15 every extra character; fullbody colored: $25 +$15 every extra character

i WILL NOT do: 



i WILL do:



-cute fulffy stuff

-p much anything 

send me a message if you’re interested and ill give you my info!! also as a precaution i will not show you the art until youve payed in full thank u

details abt whats up under the cut

EDIT: i changed the prices and added linework to the commissions so!! yay!! also please reblog this version not the other one thank you! <33

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