#47 [Roman Reigns]

Requested, #47: “Dogs don’t wear clothes!” (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is silly and pointless. That is all.

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That last pretzel shot may have been a bad idea.

“Ya think?” You moved your head from the car window where you’d been resting it, looking over to Roman with wide eyes. He was currently driving your car through the night on the mostly deserted road.

How had he read your mind? When did he get that superpower?

“You said that out loud,” he explained, glancing over and reading your surprised face for what it was, before looking back to the road.

“I regret nothing,” you proudly declared, grinning widely to yourself. “‘Twas a fun, funnnn night.”

“Lemme know if you still feel that way in the mornin’,” Roman replied.

“You’re pretty. Have I told you that today?”

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“Coffee and Brooklyn”

Summary: Bucky meets a woman who would change his perspective on relationships. And they meet in the strangest of circumstances; coffee, a chocolate muffin and Brooklyn.

 Warnings: A few cuss words

 Words: 1,636

 Pairing: Bucky x Character of Color

 A/N: While sitting on a cruise ship this past weekend, this story came to mind. I’m thinking about  Part Two. I’d love to continue their blossoming romance. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


For some people, love is a given. You meet, date, fall in love and so on. But, for James Buchanan Barnes, he never imaged love would come his way. At least not until Y/N.

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Little Kitten Kou X Reader

This was done for @xxlacie  as part of a Diabolik Lovers secret Santa!
This is the corrected and edited version.
None of the characters belong to me they belong to their respectful owners Rejet and Idea Factory.

Everything was extremely dark,cold, and eerie around you. The wind was blowing softly, just enough to give you some goosebumps. The moon was completely covered by dark clouds, making it impossible to see very far ahead. You knew that you were in one of the rose gardens but not exactly which one or where in the garden. Somehow you got yourself locked out of the mansion and now you found yourself wondering in the darkness trying to find a new way inside. Those stupid vampires inside were probably laughing at you, with their sensitive hearing they obviously had heard you fists bang on the door. They purposely chose to ignore you and leave you outside.

Lost in your thoughts of finding a way to the warmth inside the mansion and of finding a way to get revenge on them without them murdering you, you didn’t notice the small rock in front and managed to trip over it.

Damn it!”

There on your left foot a cut formed and droplets of blood started oozing from it. The pain wasn’t huge but it still stung and made your foot ache. Today was truly not your day, starting with being late to school, then having to listen to Reiji for two hours about discipline and punctuality, moving on to Ayato stealing your lunch, and been locked outside and now this! UGH maybe staying in bed and risking a longer lecture from Reiji would’ve been better. Your eyes drifted back to the small drops of blood on your feet.

“Well maybe this will change their minds and let me inside.”
“Hmmm what is this delicious smell in the air? OH? A lost kitten?

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Returning from the docks

The third part of my ‘Return’ series… My thanks to @mybeautifuldecay for continuing to be a prodder and working through my ideas.

1st part - My Return to Paris

2nd part - My Return to Boston

And an adjunct - A return to half of myself

Exhausted. Drained. Frayed.

Jamie’s usual trip to the shore had exhausted him beyond belief.  A life of physical exertion meant a tolerance to long bouts of activity but the years were catching up with him and each day brought constant pain.  The physical he could deal with but as time was wearing on, the emotional toll was beginning to make itself evident.  

It was late.  The lamps had been out for a long time, and the only people walking through the streets were tavern revellers and those on night watches.  With a heavy sigh, he turned up the lane towards Madame Jeanne.  This was the easiest place to be right now.  He needed to sleep, he needed to eat and some time alone to move away from being Jamie Roy.  Tomorrow brought a new customer who had ordered a large print run and Geordie was away.  This potential new business could send much needed money back to Lallybroch, and to Balriggan. 

The room was exactly as he had left it.  Outside there were the moans of the customers and the laughter of the girls.  Company enjoyed, paid for and given.  Odd, he thought, how this room, surrounded by people gave him the solitude he craved.  Now, more than ever.  The cave had given him time away, to grieve and to retreat with those blessed moments back to Jenny and Ian. Ardsmuir bought the constancy of people and the lack of privacy.  Helwater, more heartache and then finally back to Lallybroch.  In truth, as time wore on, he longed for the cave for this was where there was no judgement, no meddling, nothing to take the feeling of Claire away from him.  But he also knew that this not the answer.  It would not put food on the table.   Slowly he walked towards his cot, carefully placing his coat and breeks on the chair.  As he took off his stockings he inspected a new hole that had started to fray and he picked at the end to try and do a makeshift mend.  Sighing, he placed it with its companion on top of the other clothes.  

Mechanically, he moved to the washstand, watched the water as it flowed into the bowl and splashed his face, neck and hands.  Like unbidden tears, the water streamed down his face and splattered onto his chest.  As he picked up the makeshift toothbrush a small smile escaped his face.  It was the small things that kept Claire in his everyday life.  The way he washed, the cleaning of teeth, how he would boil utensils to make sure they were clean and rub them with alcohol.  The small things that others would notice and after a while stop trying to change.  He had been careful to not push it on others, but he could feel his actions had not been welcome at Balriggan.    

 He stared hard in the looking glass and at the reflection in front of him. 

Time was passing, for him and he hoped for Claire.  What if, by the love of God, she were to come back?  Would she notice the passing of time on him, on his body?  She had known his body as he had known his own and hers.  She had loved each part of him unconditionally and whereas others had winced or been afraid of his scars, she had not.  He glanced at his leg and thought of the scar there, one that would be unfamiliar to her.  Would she love this too?  He shook his head to try and rid himself of the thoughts. 

He had reached the point in his life where he did not know whether to think of Claire bought more comfort or pain.  In truth it bought both and chasing that presence whenever he could gave a small moment of respite from the reality of life.  But tonight felt different.  When he thought of her, there was no expectation of pain, only a calm that he not experienced before.

‘Mo graidh, how I long for you, be safe, you and the child.' 

Stiffly moving into his cot, he began to feel an odd sense of comfort, as if he were resting on Claire herself.  Her arms seemed to circle him and gently he fell into a deep sleep.

He had found a nice secluded spot up on the hillside.  Lying his woollen plaid down he rested himself on the scratchy plaid the leaves underneath cushioning his weight.  The sun was dappling through the trees and he reveled in the seclusion he had found.

He turned to see an abundance of dark and light curls lying next to him,strawberries strewn around, inviting him to taste.    

'Hmmm these are delicious, taste them’ A ripe strawberry was placed into his mouth.  The sound of laughter rang out to be replied by blessed quiet.  They were alone.   

He wanted more, like a hungry man at his last feast with a great urge to devour.  Despite this immense hunger, he knew that if he began to taste ever part of her, hidden and seen, he would not be able to stop.  He wanted this to last, and as always the fun was in the teasing, for both of them.  From his vantage point, he began to kiss up her leg.  Tasting the tang of the strawberry on his lips, the soft flesh of her legs gently yielding to his touch.  He rucked up her shift to allow him to greater access and he moved his head into her inner thigh.  Softly sighing, he reached for her breast and began to move his hand in circular movements, revelling in the feeling of her hard nipple against the linen shift.  Smiling, he continued kissing until he reached he reached his goal, the heat overpowering him with lust.  The urge to taste and feast greater than ever.  Without thought, his tongue took over, lightly tasting around her, until he could take it no more and with one motion, took her within his mouth.  Soft as an oyster and just as salty. Growling, lott in her body, he began to suck and lick until he could her whimpers gaining strength.  He didn’t want this to end.  

He heard a loud gasp and looked up, a lopsided smile coming from his face.  He felt triumphant.  She was his, body and spirit.  

‘Sassenach, I’m all yours, I always will be, come find me’

And with that, he woke with a cockstand has he had not had in many a year.  His hand moved deftly along and with quick and definite strokes relieved himself.  This time, instead of the pain of losing her, Jamie found her closer than ever.  

There was no way he could find her but she could find him, if she looked hard enough.  He began to make a plan.

The Corkery (Part 2)



Finished your chocolate?

hmmm… yes, sadly. Delicious… he was right, it’s the best i’ve tried so far.

Maybe they sell this brand on the market.

Ohh.. you’re right! Maybe.

Shall we go?

Come on.


Thanks kiwisims4 for all the magic.

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aaaand done! Here you have Chapter 4 of Danfiction :)

*man that was exhausting to write… 

warning:  this one turned out super smutty … like… quite strongly. Don’t read if you’re not into that. And it gets a bit emotional too.

you should probably read part 1-3 if you haven’t :P * 

You wake up with Dan’s arms still loosely wrapped around you, as bits of memories from last night creep their way into your head. He had canceled your hostel bed and taken you to his flat where you ended up having what you’d call the best night you’d ever had. The thought of having him around for 2 full days, 24 hours, added to the excitement he brought on by his actions under the sheets. For a brief moment you doubt if it was real or not, but as Dan’s arms tighten around you slightly, all doubts disappear.

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╰(⊹◕۝◕ )╯RADIO THE GAZETTE TRANSLATION (2016.05.06) #1(6)
  • *Talking about foods they had overseas for the world tour*
  • Ruki: Hmmm, was there anything delicious that I liked?
  • Kai: You really liked the jalapeños didn’t you?
  • Ruki: Oh yeah jalapeños!
  • Kai: You kept eating them while you were saying how spicy they were.
  • Ruki: Yeah
  • Kai: And Guacamole
  • Ruki: Ah, and guacamole and avocados
  • Kai: I can’t eat avocados.
  • Ruki: HUH?
  • Kai: Ahahaha, I don’t know why.