so how much do you want to bet that isak finds the movie tonight, at 21.21? after he’s been in the park and had some beers with his boyfriend and all his friends and he’s happier than he’s ever been and a bit sappy and emotional. and at 21.21 he’ll think back to the night of their first kiss and how they ended up in that pool and it’ll all click.. 

also i need isak to tell even he’s too good for him in that message!

not-screaming  asked:

you know the lgbt kids are desperate when these things keep happening it's just sad, putting that aside I'm now very curious about the story behind the other characters Rookstar very included, you've enticed me Duxie!!! Tell me, are you planning on making their stories a patreon thing?????? I'm sure you've mentioned it somewhere but I'd enjoy knowing how much money I'll need to give you to satisfy my curiosity!!!

You know what, that’s actually a swell idea. I think character posts’ll be on the 5 dollar tier now. I’ll just have to say less here, but that’s doable!

Here’s a message to Christians and Catholics, from a Catholic born kid in a Catholic majority country

If you put heaven above your own life on earth, you are ungrateful. You are spitting in God’s face. He made this world for you and all the people in it and you’re saying “nah, I don’t like it, fuck it, I’ll wait for better”. 

Worse still is convincing people the world is a terrible place you can ignore and abandon instead of doing what you can to make it better. 

That’s not Christianity. Christianity is being a steward of creation. Taking care of the world God gave you. Taking care of people. If you think you’re gonna get into heaven by ignoring the world you’re supposed to be taking care of, I can assure you wholeheartedly that you’re gonna get in death what you gave to others in life: 

Absolutely nothing. 

You have been given the greatest gift–life. And wasting that life on prayer and hopes instead of good action and service and help? Well, you know the story of the talents? If you’ve had bible studies, I’m sure you remember. 

The man who buried his talents in the ground, who did nothing for nobody, was punished.

If you truly believe yourself to be a Christian, waiting on heaven and not doing your best to make the earth better, whether environmentally or socially, means you’ve failed as one. 

Kindness doesn’t need a religion but religions are nothing without kindness.