Just thinking that maybe the reason why the keyboard says ‘Mike’ on it is because Afton left that note there for you, Micheal, to specifically type that name into the keyboard, so that HandyUnit could recognize who you are and help you out. But because that didn’t happen, (purposefully or not) ‘Eggs’ had to work there so he could at least have access to the facility and help Baby.

It’s kind of equivalent to the idea of leaving a note on the fridge for your kids while you’re gone…

you tongued the treachery of time
& spat out a metallic disillusionment;
you cursed the sands of a whore
who left you spinning & shaken, with grains in every crevice.
you laid blame to imbibed momentum,
the hops still linger over your tastebuds;
you wonder how it is you ever
believed in time.
a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down:
you engorge yourself on cotton-candy palliatives,
you take saccharine love after saccharine love,
till you feel silly & swollen with sweetness
—perhaps you’ll burst! like an inflated ego after a fall; yes—
equilibrium disproportioned,
the world is sick, sick
puking out all putridness that she transferred
when you put her tepid tongue into your mouth;
that faithless hourglass whore
swinging her hips to those chords, the ones
that pain you to this minute—

oh god, nostalgia is a fucking liar.

cryptic poem iv


Watching the steven bomb this week ive noticed all pearls belonging to the diamonds have thier pearl in the same place as thier diamond and the only diamond that we know of to have thier gem on thier head is white diamond, was our pearl once white diamonds pearl?

(The moving diamond murals were taken from vivertido and please excuse all spelling errors)

it’s hard for me to say that i like being alone because there are two different kinds of alone. there’s that cold, empty alone where you feel unwanted and you’re not entirely sure that you’re real at all, when no matter how much you reach out you’re still left behind. it’s an alone that’s not something you chose for yourself, but was forced on you. but, there’s a lighter and easier kind of alone too. the kind you come home to after a tiring day, where you’re finally able to relax and there’s no one you have to please or entertain but yourself. it’s the feeling of an empty house that you can fill with music and dance as badly as you want to in. you can be genuine and vulnerable and you don’t have to worry about anyone else. i guess that that’s what i mean when i say i like being alone.