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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week - Day [7/7]
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“I want something more, a life worth fighting for
I don’t need a reason, to set the world on fire
And burn a little bit brighter now” 

- Against the Current

I think in Bright, they could have easily added more to the story through more diverse and better background characters. Like the centaur cop, or the way we were first introduced to the elves. Just minor characters going about their day to day lives.

Like were are the dwarves? Fauns and Satyrs? Are their mermaid fishermen? Siren singers? Demons and spirits? Goblins and ghouls? What up with that dragon? Is there a stigma against interracial couples?

There is so much that could be expanded upon in this world, that could all be done so subtly you wouldn’t notice at first.

I don’t need a reason to set the world on fire and burn a little bit brighter now.
—  Brighter by Against the Current

Warning: Spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Brighter

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Song: Brighter

Artist: Against the Current

Anime: From Up On Poppy Hill (film), Kiki’s Delivery Service (film), Spirited Away (film), Howl’s Moving Castle (film), Ponyo (film), Princess Mononoke (film), When Marnie Was There (film), Sanzoku no Musume Ronja, The Secret World of Arrietty (film), Tales From Earthsea (film), Castle in the Sky (film), My Neighbor Totoro (film)

Category: Drama

Theres this inner light
That I see when I look at you
And I dont know if you know or care
That in the end
Youre going to take down your world
Piece by piece
Subtly and let it fade away
Because I know that while you are the one to build
You refuse to let anyone or anything take apart your life
When light flares in your heart
I pray the world pays attention
Because you are one of the brightest, complex beings of stardust they will ever see