dat feel when you need 3 days to draw a one shit

aka free time where are you come back i`m dying here! 

aka (x2) something from my dream. Yeah, I`ve been playing P4 for so long that I`m having a dreams  with characters form it now. Er… my memory is a shit so the only thing I can say that Yu is like… er they think that he was dead, but he is not, just hurt a little and they happy that he isn`t dead… probably it was something like that.

aka (x3) it`s something like a shipping doodle, `cuase I ship Yu with these two… and Izanami. But I`ll draw them together later… probably

Sirius Black totally loved his long hair. He loved it blowing in the wind, or when it fell in his face and covered his eyes. He loved it because he could run his fingers through it, comb it and just twirl it around his fingers. Sometime in sixth year he started wearing it in a man-bun. He got many confused looks from not only peers and his friends but also the teachers. Only he and one other person knew why he started doing this. That person was Remus Lupin. Remus totally had a thing for the man-bun and would literally swoon and then proceed to push Sirius against a wall and snog him senseless.