domestic jamilton

domestic jamilton (plus lil philip) headcanons

✩ they rush around all day, only having time for quick kisses, until night. then they get to have long cuddles on the couch just relaxing

✩ half of the time it ends in someone’s hair being pulled

✩ the other half of the time philip jumps on top of them to join in on the cuddles

✩ about pip… in the beginning of their relationship, thomas was so worried that he wouldn’t get along with/like philip

✩ pip on the other hand is in awe of thomas it’s the cutest thing. it took some time, but thomas came to adore philip just as much as alex

✩ thomas pinches alex’s stomach fat when he ignores him. it usually turns into them play wrestling except that most times someone actually gets hurt

✩ que apologies and many, many kisses

✩ lots!!!! and!!!!! lots!!!!! of!!!! bubble!!!!! baths!!!!!

✩ seriously they can spend hours in the tub together either relaxing or intimately

✩ philip likes to hang onto thomas’ arms as he lifts him up and down/spins him

✩ alex gets so nervous he thinks pip will go flying and break something

✩ they’re the gross couple who is way to handsy when out with friends

✩ which is lowkey hilarious cause they talk like they’re worst enemies but then smooch????

✩ first date: thomas was punched in the jaw

✩ second date: alexander insisted on paying so thomas bought the most expensive meal what a petty bitch

✩ they can’t watch the news together. they just can’t

✩ they act like Those Moms who obnoxiously cheer on/brag about their kid and will Fight™ when something goes wrong for their kid

✩ pip gets soooooo embarrassed but he still always greets them with big hugs when they pick him up from school/games

✩ constantly trying to outdo each other (“i can cook dinner better than you” “i can fix that better than you” “im a better kisser than you 💋❤”)

✩ they live for mornings they can sleep in and lay together tangled in blankets and each other’s limbs. its just so warm and loving and comforting they never want to leave

My Saigenos Headcanons

You know, I’ve come to realize that I have certain headcanons that almost always appear whenever I write a Saigenos fic. It doesn’t matter what I’m writing, whether it’s angst or fluff or smut, this stuff shows up. So, I decided to write that shit down and share it with y’all.

  •  Genos’ equivalence to blushing/being flustered is steam coming off of his arms. I call it “the tea kettle thing”. Dude’s ruined so many shirts.
  • Genos’ eyes are bright and they glow in the dark. They remind Saitama of stars (which is why I use [inter]galactic/stellar/celestial/etc to describe them)
  • Saitama still has bouts of depression   
  • Saitama likes to run his fingers through Genos’ hair and he thinks his hair is wonderfully soft
  • Genos’ core kind of sounds like a laptop running. The sound drifts louder or softer as time goes on
  • Genos doesn’t exactly use ‘Sensei’ all the time. He typically uses it when he’s excited/worried/serious/etc.
  • Saitama likes how warm Genos is and he thinks his temperature is akin to a low running heater
  • Genos sings to Saitama sometimes, whether to help him sleep or cheer him up
  • Sometimes Saitama gets struck by how down right gorgeous Genos is and he’s caught staring at him sometimes
  • Genos has slight spikes of anxiety that he thinks he knows how to handle. He doesn’t 
  • Genos furiously cleans when he’s upset or frustrated
  • It’s become kind of routine for Saitama to go looking for Genos after a battle 
  • Saitama likes to be the big spoon


John Mayer – Moving On And Getting Over (The Ellen Degeneres Show)

kiss me over the garden gate (Persicaria Orientalis)

pairing: ontae

words: 875

When Taemin enters the classroom after the new semester begins, he finds Jinki sleeping.
This isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s a recurring sight - like the trees losing their leaves in the winter, the elder boy could always be found huddled up by the radiator at half seven. It’s the reason Taemin wakes up at five and leaves his home at 6, cheeks flushed red as the rising sun kisses him in greeting.
As always, he approaches the body. Today the elder is in blue - a blue jacket over his grey blazer, blue gloves, blue sneakers. Taemin remembers that it’s his favourite colour as he finds his seat, smiling to himself as he angles the chair towards the boy. Morning sunlight finds it’s way through the tinted windows and showers the Jinki in light, winding itself around the curls of his hair, the transparent screen of his glasses. It’s a pretty sight - one that stops Taemin from starting his homework for the next day - a chapter of math. He doesn’t know long he stares, how long he’s also dragged into an open dream - a place for only the two of them. But soon enough the low hum of chatter fills the room with life. Suddenly Minho - the class prefect - is greeting him, followed by Taeyeon and a flurry of other students, chatting and laughing after a month of silence. He re-positions himself -  not before catching Jonghyun enter the room with a flourish. The elder boy walks up to Jinki and grabs his shoulder, shaking, whispering; pulling the boy from the clutches of sleep.

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I just spent two hours, with the help of my father, cleaning our filthy kitchen. Why? FOR Y’ALL!
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